Atari Asteroids instant win casino game

    Atari Asteroids instant win casino game

    Asteroids Instant Win –   Game Help –     version 1.2

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    1.  Game flow : How to play:
    2.  The Pay-table
    3.  Game Controls – Desktop
    4.  Mobile Control
    5.  Reality Check
    6.  General Information

     Game flow

    Asteroids is a match 3 out of 9 game set in the futuristic space.

    The game goal is to shoot 9 asteroids, collect all gems and match 3 to win.

    How to play:

    • Place your bet, by choosing the amount on the ‘Bet’ Plus and Minus buttons.
    • To start a round click the button marked “Play”.
    • To shoot the coming asteroids, place the target over the asteroids and press the left mouse button.
    • In mobile version, click the asteroids with finger.
    • Any asteroid that is hit will explode and reveal a Precious gem stone.
    • you can shoot up to 9 asteroids.
    • Match 3 similar gems to win.
    • A text message “You win!” pops up in a win scenario.
    • A text message “Try again” pops up in a lose scenario.
    • Incomplete games will be either completed automatically or will be in pending state until the player re opens the game.
    • Malfunction voids all pays and plays

    When a player first launches the game, or not engaged in a round, clicking on any symbol will result in an arrow flashing next to the “Play” button for 3 sec.

    The Pay-table

    The Pay-table in this game acts like a key, explaining the value of each symbol in the game. The win amount is determined based on bet amount x the pay-table multiplier.

    Precious gemMultiplier

    The displayed value on the screen will be the result of the current bet X the multiplier

    Game Controls – Desktop

    PLAYStart around – buy a ticket
    REVEAL ALLreveal all 9 gems
    Bet DisplayBet Display , increase and Decrease.
    WIN Display
    Balance Display
    Open Auto-betopen Autobet Panel
    HomeExit game
    CashierOpen acount page
    Full ScreenFull Screen togle
    SoundOpen sound panel
    HelpOpen Help page
    PaytableDisplay Paytable


      Auto Bet – Enables playing the game automatically for a predetermined number of spins at the current line bet configuration.

    To use the auto bet a player clicks the auto bet icon next to the “Play” button and opens the auto-bet panel

    To set number of rounds click the bet round limit panel

    and then select the desired value of rounds.

    To add limits open the setting panel using the [+] sign

    Each setting can be set to on or off using the on/off switch.

    Some limits require a numeric value that must be entered before auto-bet activation.
    Limits without a valid numeric value will turn off once auto-bet is activated.
    To close the setting panel click the [-] button.

    To start an auto-bet session, click the PLAY button.
    To Pause an auto-bet session, click the Pause button.
    To exit the Auto-bet mode click the [X] button

    During Autobet play, the setting panel is closed

    Auto-bet in the UK.
    Players from UK who want to use the auto-bet feature must set a loss limit before engaging the auto-bet.
    Any attempt to start auto-bet play with no valid value set in the loss limit field, will be denied and the message “set loss limit” will flash in the limit text field.
    The Loss limit is on all the time and cannot be disabled.
    The Loss limit is visible for UK players all the time the auto-bet panel is open.

    Mobile Control

    PlayPlay a round (=spins the reels)
    Reveal allReveal all symbols
    Auto-betOpens Auto-bet settings
    Pay TableOpens the pay table pages
    Home/LobbyExit game to home/lobby of host.
    SettingsOpens Settings page of game
    BetDisplay the stake for the current round.
    When clicked, opens the bet value drop box
    BalanceDisplay player balance
    WINDisplay current round total win
    CLOCKDisplay time of current player session

    All game settings and info pages such as help and paytable are accessed by clicking the settings icon.

    Setting Auto-bet – Mobile

    The player need to click the auto-bet floating icon, right above the spin icon, in order to enter the auto-bet settings page.
    Auto-bet settings can also be reached through the game settings (Settings=>Auto-bet)

    Auto-bets Limits:

    • Loss limit  <Numeric value>- Pauses the auto bet function (see below) when the total loss of the user so far (SUM(bet)-SUM(win)) >= <Numeric value>
    • Single Win <Numeric value>- Pauses the auto bet function (see below) when a single win payout >= <Numeric value> or more.
    • Win Limit-<Numeric value>- Pauses the auto bet function (see below) when the total Win of the user so far (SUM(bet)-SUM(win)) <= <Numeric value>
    • Stop on win – When any single round results with a win of any size, auto-bet deactivates.
    • Each limit can be turned on or off by clicking on the check box next to it.
    • To set the number of auto-bets rounds, the player picks the desired value from the top list of optional values by clicking on the desired value. The selection mark is set on the last settings.
    • When a limit is reached and the Auto-bet stops, a message pops in the center of the screen reading according to the limit:
      • “WIN REACHED”
      • “REACHED A WIN”

    Message will fade out after 5 sec or on any tapping (screen or button pressed)

    To exit the auto bet panel, the player can:

    • Start the auto-bet rounds by clicking “START”.
    • Exit auto-bet completely by clicking the “return to game” button on the right

    Auto-bet active view:

    When the auto-bet is activated, the player is returned to the game view.
    The spin button is replaced by a counter displaying the remaining auto-bet rounds.
    The auto-bet button is changed into “Stop auto-bet” icon.
    Clicking on the “stop auto-bet” or on the counter, stops the auto bet and returns to regular game mode.

      Game settings page

    Setting sound – Ambience Sound – enabling or disabling background music.
    Setting sound –Sound effects – enabling or disabling sound effect.

    Generic game setting, may change from game to game or between platforms

    Reality Check

    The reality check is a message window informing the player of the time he spent on the current game session.
    The reality check is reappearing every set time interval.
    The time interval are set at the player account, on the hosting web site.
    The reality check screen displays the time spent from the start of the current game session.
    The player is offered three options:

    • Continue – return to game.
    • Go to account – opens account web page.

    Quit game – exit game and return to host web site

    General Information

    Game Type 3×3 Scratch card
    Number of symbols 9
    Return to Player 94.9%

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