Bitpanda and SOS-Kinderdorf goal achieved


    It was announced today that the Bitpanda and SOS-Kinderdorf goal achieved the raising of 1 BTC. Austrian based cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda, promised to match the target of up to 1 BTC when announcing the charity initiative on Dec 8th last year.

    Bitpanda and SOS-Kinderdorf goal achieved

    Update (January 11th 2019): SOS-Kinderdorf achieved its goal of raising 1 Bitcoin and actually collected more than that in total. Bitpanda will double all donations up until 1 BTC, which means we contribute 1 additional Bitcoin. You can still donate BTC, ETH or XRP on kryptospenden (german) and donate-crypto (english).

    With 1 Bitcoin 50 girls in Uganda can go to school for 1 year. Donations will be used for school fees, school material and raising awareness of the importance of education.

    In Uganda, young girls are often denied the option to go to school. Families have little money and if in doubt, boys are usually preferred to go to school. “Girls get married anyway…” is often the guiding principle. To improve this situation, SOS-Kinderdorf currently allows 2,473 girls a school education in Uganda. However, the demand is much higher, which is why support is essential to allow a school education for more girls.

    For this reason, Bitpanda is supporting the SOS-Kinderdorf in collecting donations for school project in Uganda in form of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).

    Bitpanda will double donations until they reach 1 Bitcoin. Donations will still be accepted beyond this point and 100% of them will go to SOS- Kinderdorf. The donated amounts will be converted into euros on a weekly basis. The goal of this project is to collect a sum of 1 Bitcoin (currently around 3,500 Euros), with which 50 girls can visit a school for 1 year in Uganda.

    In concrete terms, SOS-Kinderdorf sensitives parents in family strengthening programs to the importance of their daughters attending school. In addition, scholarships and school fees are taken over and the female students receive school uniforms, books, school supplies and toiletries. „People who own cryptocurrencies can now support our work in Uganda and allow a school education for more girls“, says Nora Deinhammer, head of communications and fundraising at SOS-Kinderdorf.

    The donations will be handled free of charge by Bitpanda, the Vienna based broker for Bitcoin and Co. There has been a cooperation between the SOS-Kinderdorf and Bitpanda since spring 2018, which however was not communicated publicly until now. On the specially designed websites kryptospenden (German) and donate-crypto (English) you will find more information and wallet addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, to which you can send your donation directly. Bitpanda ensures that 100 percent of the donations will go to SOS-Kinderdorf.

    “SOS-Kinderdorf is a innovative NGO, which we gladly support in accepting cryptocurrencies as donations,” says Eric Demuth, CEO and co-founder of Bitpanda. “We are happy to support the SOS-Kinderdorf in this important project.”

    About SOS-Kinderdorf

    Founded in 1949 in Innsbruck, the SOS-Kinderdorf spans a humanitarian arc around the world — across more than 135 countries, all religions, cultures and societies. The SOS-Kinderdorf was initially built in Imst and in 1951 the first children could move into their new home with their SOS-mothers. What began as a “village for 70 children” has developed into an international organisation over the past seven decades, employing a variety of social and family empowering programs for about 600,000 needy children and teens from particularly poor and vulnerable families — and also loudly raising their voice for children(rights) and giving them a voice.


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