Britains Got Talent slot

Britain’s Got Talent

5-Reel 20-line Slots

The objective of the Britain’s Got Talent slot is to obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels.

To play the game:

  • Line bets are chosen by clicking + and – below Line Bet to increase or decrease the amount.
  • Paylines can be activated and their shapes displayed by progressively clicking + and – below Lines. Paylines can also be activated by using the numbered buttons on either side of the reels. Selecting a high payline includes all the lower ones too. For example, selecting payline 6 also activates paylines 1 through 5. Only active paylines can register wins.
  • Your total bet per game round equals your selected line bet multiplied by the number of active paylines. The total amount you have bet will be shown in the Total Bet box above the Autoplay button.
  • Clicking Play spins the reels with the current selection of lines and line bet.
  • Reels can be spun automatically using the Autoplay function. Note that you must first set the Autoplay limitations. Click here for more information.
    Click on the Autoplay button to display the list of options. Select the number of spins to be played automatically by clicking on it. Clicking Play starts the Autoplay function. During Autoplay, the number of spins remaining is displayed in the Win field at the bottom of the game window. The mode ends when the reels have been spun the number of times you have determined, when you do not have sufficient funds for the next spin, or when a bonus round or the free spins feature is triggered. You can end automatic spins early by clicking Stop, located below the Total Bet box.
  • Wins are calculated according to the paytable. Your line win will equal your line bet multiplied by the corresponding value according to the paytable. The paytable can be accessed via the Info page.
  • On a given payline, only the highest payline winning combination pays. Simultaneous winnings on different paylines are accumulated.
  • In case of a winning spin, the Win field at the bottom of the game window displays the accumulated winnings, as well as which lines register wins.

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Info pages:

  • Clicking Info opens the reference screens that describe different game components. Clicking on the buttons with page names at the bottom of the window enables navigating between the different screens. Alternatively, you can click on the arrows located to the left and right of these buttons.
    • The Payouts screen shows all winning combinations.
    • The Live Show Bonus pt. 1 and Live Show Bonus pt. 2 screens explain how the bonus round is triggered and outline its rules.
    • The Free Spins Bonus screen describes the symbol combination necessary to trigger the feature and explains its rules.
    • The Win Lines screen illustrates all possible paylines and explains the rules for calculating their wins.
  • Clicking Reels exits the reference screen and returns to the game.

About payouts:

  • Payouts are listed on the Payouts screen on the Info pages. To find the possible win amount, the line bet must be multiplied by the payout.
  • If two payline winning combinations occur on the same line, the higher of them is paid out. If more than one active payline has a winning combination, the winnings are accumulated.
  • Winning combinations must start from the leftmost reel, and the symbols have to be consecutive.

Maximum Win Limit

The maximum win in the game has an upper limit. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions section.

  • The reels can be spun automatically. Note that you must first set the Autoplay limitations. Click here for more information.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except for the Bonus and Free Spin scatter symbols, to make the best possible winning combination. There is also a separate payout for 3 or more Wild symbols on an active payline, as seen in the Paytable. This is paid out instead of the regular symbol win if the win amount from Wilds is larger than the win from the regular symbols (by Wild standing in).

Bonus Symbol

The Bonus symbol in the game is . If it appears simultaneously anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 after a main game spin, the Live Show Bonus is triggered. More information on the Live Show Bonus can be found here.

Free Spin Symbol

When the Free Spin symbol appears simultaneously anywhere on reels 2, 4 and 5 after a main game spin, the Free Spins feature is triggered. More information on the Free Spins feature can be found here.

Live Show Bonus

The Live Show Bonus is triggered by the simultaneous appearance of the Bonus symbol anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 after a main game spin.

Before the bonus starts, you will be prompted to select a type of act, which you will take through the whole bonus round. There are 3 options: Musical Act, Dance Act and Novelty Act. Each category contains 8 contestants.

Once you have chosen a type of act, clicking Continue will take you to a wheel with the characters from that category.

Clicking the Spin button spins the wheel. It will land on one of the character images and this will be your contestant throughout the Live Show Bonus.

The bonus has 3 stages: Audition, Semi-Finals and Finals. Each of the stages plays out as described below.

A video of the act is shown during the stage. The louder the audience applauds your act, the higher the Applause-o-Meter to the left of the reels will rise. The higher its level, the higher the multiplier you will win. Your winnings from a stage will be your total bet multiplied by that multiplier.

While the act is playing, judges may press their buzzer and light up one of the Xs on the screen, which will lower the Applause-o-Meter. If all 4 Xs are lit, the bonus round will end. If the current stage finishes before all 4 Xs are lit, then you will proceed to the next stage. The progress of a stage is indicated by a progress bar at the bottom of the video.

After each stage, a screen summarizing the winnings from the current stage is shown.

The Audition stage may award a multiplier from 7 to 25.

The Semi-Finals stage may award a multiplier from 12 to 100.

The Finals stage may award a multiplier from 50 to 1000.

After the whole bonus round has finished, the winnings from all stages are added together to form the total winnings from the bonus.

Click OK to return to the main game reels.

Note: While the bonus is being played out, the Skip button can be pressed to automatically end the bonus. You will be taken to the winnings summary screen and then to the main game reels.

Free Spins

Free spins are triggered by the simultaneous appearance of the Free Spin symbol anywhere on reels 2, 4 and 5 after a main game spin.

Each Free Spin symbol will reveal a random number. These numbers are added together to give the total number of free spins won. The highest number of free spins you can win is 20. The lowest is 7.

Before free spins begins, the Britain’s Got Talent star logo will fly across the reels and land on a random number (between 3 and 5) of symbols. These symbols will be turned into Wilds and will remain “stuck” in place for the full duration of the free spins round.


During free spins, the reels are spun automatically using the same bet per line and number of lines as on the spin that won the feature.

The Free Spins Total Win field shows the accumulated winnings from all free spins played so far. The number of free spins left is shown at the bottom of the reels.

After all Free Spins have been completed a screen appears showing the accumulated winnings from all free spins. Click OK to return to the main game reels.

Return to Player

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 92.52%.

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