China’s cryptocurrency rankings list updated with Tron – What does that tell us?


China’s CCID has just released their latest update to the already infamous “Chinese Cryptocurrency Rankings” list. The only new entrant this time is the long awaited addition of the Tron TRX cryptocurrency. Much to absolutely nobody’s surprise Tron has landed straight in at number 2 on the list (actually I think a lot of people were expecting it to land at position 1 but we’ll forgive the CCID for making it not look like too much of a fix and simply wait till the next update where no doubt Tron will rise to top spot).

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I don’t feel like there is much point going over the individual scores and rankings from a technical standpoint as there appears to be no basis for any of the scores whatsoever. But ever since the first CCID rankings came out we have been waiting for the addition of Tron as a major signal that the Chinese government is getting ready to make an “official” big move on the crypto space. And with this long awaited addition of Tron we could finally be close to seeing that happen. The timing of the addition is also noteworthy with numerous global stock exchanges getting ready to roll on crypto and in particular with the United States and Wall Street making some big plays. We could be set for a roller coaster summer folks!

China’s CCID cryptocurrency rankings list updated with Tron the only new entry

To view the entire CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (aka Chinese cryptocurrency rankings list) please see the below link for the official website:

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