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The internet is full of bloggers, and, with their public awareness growing rapidly, cryptocurrencies are becoming ever more popular. Welcome then to the Wise Cryptos – Crypto Blog.

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Wise Words – Cryptocurrency Blog:

From time to time we will be writing our own blogs and opinion pieces – Wise Words, if you will. As this website aims to be unbiased and independent, via our Cryptocurrency News section we will not be sharing our opinions on any specific crypto project no matter how strong (positively or negatively) our personal feelings toward that project may be. This is what blogs are for and blogs should never be confused with news.

In our crypto blog we may let our guard down and sometimes slip in some personal opinions or speculation. It should be noted that these are our opinions only and should be taken with a grain of salt. The opinions expressed in our blogs are ours alone and not intended as investment advice.

We cannot state enough how important it is for every investor to do their own extensive research and due dilligence before making any financial investment.

With that all having been said we do hope that we can still bring all of you some intersting, entertaining and occasionally insighful articles on the state of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We do not expect everyone to agree with everything we write – in fact we will probably be way off the mark with a lot of our musings.

Wise Friends – Cryptocurrency Blog:

If you want to blog about crypto but have nowhere to post your thoughts then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to share your thoughts here – be they positive, frustrated or even if you just want to rant about something. From time to time we will also be conducting interviews with friends of Wise Cryptos which will also be featured in this section.

We will accept most serious guest blogs you may want to submit (and publish them in our Wise Friends section), though we will not accept outright shilling, fake news or FUD.

Promoting scam projects will also not be tolerated.

Thanks once again for all your support and welcome to all our Wise Friends, new and old.

Crypto Blog Feeds:

Due to the huge number of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, most good (ie, those that fully research what they are writing about) bloggers centre their musings on one cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

On Wise Cryptos we offer you a selection of those bloggers we find interesting, and those that in our opinion do research before writing, and those that we feel offer insights which might not be clearly visible on the surface of the subject.

What we have recently noticed however is that a great deal of crypto blog sites sometimes use “pay per word” writers whose quality and research ranges from average to very poor. Even the very biggest names in the industry occasionally use these services to churn out posts (probably for SEO purposes). Indeed, we have even seen one of the very largest names come out with a weak copy of one of our crypto blogs just a few hours after we posted ours.

Disclaimer: As with any form of journalism, blogs are subject to a certain degree of bias, and, are the opinion of the writer. Wise cryptos does not reccomend investing in any product, be it blockchain, cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds etc based solely on information found in one source.

Covid-19 Corona Virus – Truth or Conspiracy?

Before we start I should point out that nobody in any way should take this “pandemic” lightly. Take your vitamins, eat properly, keep yourself hydrated and maintain good personal hygiene. But these things should be part of your daily routine and go without saying. If[Read More…]

Understanding the Tezos Ecosystem in Depth 

Whenever the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies comes up, the word mining is bound to appear. This is, however, not always the case, as proven by Tezos, the unique blockchain network that does not support mining of its digital token known as Tez (XTZ) or[Read More…]

Blockchain Technology in the Automotive Industry

Since the inception of the automotive industry 1885, the industry has undergone an extensive transformation, all attributed to the rapid development of technology. Cars in the 21st century are still evolving with onboard sensors, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, among other techniques. Point in case, integration of[Read More…]

Kittens and Corona Virus

The Corona Virus news epidemic has gone crazy with the lock downs now spreading out far and wide. After incubating the virus in hot spots in China then locking down cruise ships we now have a hotel in Tenerife closed off from the outside world[Read More…]

Impact of Recent Global Events on Bitcoin Price

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding what exactly drives Bitcoin price. That said, historical trends seem to indicate that the cryptocurrency markets get swayed by global events and geopolitical tensions. The “BTC as a haven narrative” is an old tale, and many discussions have been[Read More…]

What Are Crypto Trading Bots? Do They Work?

Getting started with cryptocurrencies can be challenging. However, once you’ve gone through the learning curve and got the hang of it, then it is safe to invest in it. The cryptocurrency market can be stressful because, unlike the stock market, it never closes. This means[Read More…]

FUD or Fact – Is SEC Set to Call XRP a Security?

The controversy surrounding Ripple regarding whether or not XRP can be categorized as regulated security has hit the crypto space for quite some time now. There have been mounting allegations against Ripple in regards to the XRP tokens with some alleging that Ripple used the[Read More…]

Crypto Adoption Being Driven the Wrong Way

Crypto is not dead, but it is certainly heading that way. Talk to any no-coiner… any of them… any one at all who isn’t already in crypto. Every single one replies the same way when you bring up the subject of cryptocurrencies: “Crypto? You mean[Read More…]

What You May Have Missed in the Crypto Space in 2019

From Facebook launching its debut cryptocurrency-Libra to China rooting for more blockchain adoption, 2019 has indeed been an eventful year in the world of cryptocurrency. The year was marked with numerous events that substantially shaped the crypto sector in regards to significant improvements and major[Read More…]

5 Crypto Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

As the year draws to a close, many will look back at 2019 as being rather eventful in the crypto space. One of the main moves for crypto was that the outgoing year would witness a rise in platforms that are faster and more scalable[Read More…]

Why we sponsor so many PDC darts players

Since the start of the PDC World Championships we have received a number of enquiries as to why we sponsor so many PDC darts players (apart from the obvious fact we have loved playing and watching since we were kids when the likes of Bullseye,[Read More…]

Wise ways to promote Cryptos on TV

Let’s make crypto FUN again! The cryptocurrency market might be showing the occasional week or two of volatility but for the general public crypto as a whole died in January 2018. Nobody out there in the real world is interested, nobody is talking about it[Read More…]

Luke Woodhouse extends Wise deal for entire 2020 season

Luke Woodhouse extends Wise Cryptos sponsorship for the entire 2020 season Having signed a short term sponsorship in November to cover the PDC Players Championship Finals and the PDC World Darts Championship, Luke Woodhouse has now agreed terms to extend the relationship to cover the[Read More…]

Matic pump and dump or exit scam via Binance?

Today we awoke to see an epic dump from Matic which within an hour dumped from $0.043 down to $0.011. The coin currently sits at just under $0.02 following a brave recovery from the epic drop. One could predict this is the calm before the[Read More…]

The Current Trends of Defi Applications in the Crypto Sector

Decentralized Finance commonly referred to as Defi is increasingly hitting the headlines in the crypto space. The enormous growth of Defi applications, as evidenced by the Nasdaq adoption, is set to disrupt the world’s traditional financial institution in the coming years.  The inevitable need for[Read More…]

The Fate of Cryptocurrency Industry 

It’s fair to say that the last two years have been an exciting period for cryptocurrency industry. From Bitcoin’s peak in December 2018 at £14,450, to new competitors such as Ethereum, Ripple, and BCH Cash entering the market, cryptocurrencies have been the darling of investors[Read More…]

The Environmental Cost of Cryptocurrency Mining

It is without a doubt that cryptocurrency mining comes at great health and environmental cost. While cryptocurrencies have significantly transformed the world’s financial systems for the better, their effect on the environment is alarming.  For beginners, crypto mining is the act of generating cryptocurrencies by[Read More…]

Wise Cryptos sponsors Krzysztof Ratajski

Here at Wise Cryptos we always endeavor to bring the crypto currency world to the attention of everyone. To further our spreading the word we are pleased to announce that Wise Cryptos sponsors Krzysztof Ratajski. Krzyzstof is one of the real rising stars of the[Read More…]

Cryptocurrencies in Latin America

This year has not been the best year for the economic status in Latin America. However, cryptocurrency growth in the continent continues to show great potential. According to a survey conducted by Statista, people in third world countries, are exploiting the benefits of cryptocurrencies more[Read More…]

Ripple unveils game changer: ‘RippleNet Home’

Cryptocurrency giant Ripple has unveiled a new product, “RippleNet Home,” that would allow customers to connect and partner with each other. Strangely the news has gone mostly unnoticed as XRP fans were hoping to see a massive announcement (an Amazon or Google sized partnership for[Read More…]

IOTA Partners that Leverage the Tangle Technology

IOTA is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and a platform that was created from the concept of the Internet of Things. Its technology is based on a new distributed ledger, the Tangle, which solves the inefficiencies in the current Blockchain networks and introduces a new way of[Read More…]

The Future of Gaming with Cryptocurrency

If you have been following the news, you must have caught Trump’s statement blaming video games as the cause of the rapid increase of mass shooting incidents in the US. Whether his allegations are true or not, his message stirred mixed emotions among the young[Read More…]

My partner wanted to buy some XRP

“I would like to invest some money in this new company.” – Is what he said at the end of 2016. “Oh no, here we go again.” – I thought. It wasn’t the first time he had said something like that. I must admit though,[Read More…]

Is Tokyo 2020 set to be the XRP Olympics?

With Usain Bolt retired, the Olympic Games being held in Tokyo next year will be looking for a new lightning fast hero – will it be the XRP Olympics Tokyo 2020? Instead of looking on the track, maybe we will witness something special happening elswehere,[Read More…]

Retail Investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales

Retail Investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales is not the title of an article you will see online very often. On the contrary actually, as most of the online crypto media at the moment are feeding the “retail investors feeling the pressure of Ripple sales”[Read More…]

Wise Cryptos and Xrp.Co to sponsor youth International

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Wise Cryptos and Xrp.Co (an XRP information portal) to sponsor youth International darts player, 15 year old Carter Guiney. Wise Cryptos has been sponsor of PDC professional darts player Matthew Edgar since the start of[Read More…]

Moneygram and Ripple are slashing fees

The announcement last week that Ripple had entered a strategic partnership with international money transfer giant Moneygram was just one of many significant news items in crytpo. Many are now seeing Moneygram adverts appear in their webpages and these seem to indicate that Moneygram and[Read More…]

What is FATF and what do they do?

As the leading cryptocurrencies show signs of significant recovery a lot of talk has centered around the question of what is FATF. Many attribute the rapid call to action by the FATF to the announcement of Libra coin by Facebook. Others see it is a[Read More…]

$4.5m bitrue XRP hack raising a lot of questions

Before I start this post let me be clear that I am not accusing Bitrue of anything untoward. Hacks happen and XRP in particular is constantly under attack, Take Wise Cryptos for example, any time we post some good news about XRP, within minutes our[Read More…]

How do you advertise crypto?

Some studies claim anywhere between 10% and 25% of people own some cryptocurrencies. Other studies claim less than 1% are crypto holders. I personally believe the figure is the latter at best. Talk to any of your colleagues, friends, family or even people in the[Read More…]

The Growth of Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions

Over the past few months, there has been a subsequent growth in crypto startups providing support services for the industry. One such sector that has witnessed significant growth is the cryptocurrency custody solutions. Cryptocurrency custody solutions are primarily needed in the crypto ecosystem to provide[Read More…]

Tron the home of illegal gambling

The TRON network boasts over 400 DApps with more being developed as we speak, with each of these DApps having their own TRC tokens. A huge majority of the DAPPS are gambling dapps and most, if not all are seen as illegal in most jurisdictions.[Read More…]

“Why I left Bitcoin” – All the best answers

Recently a Twitter conversation went viral among our Crypto Twitter friends, namely the question of “Why I left Bitcoin”. The hashtag #ReasonsYouLeftBitcoin had some joy but the conversation as a whole gathered more pace. Some answers were humorous, some sarcastic while more were actually deadly[Read More…]

Is SPEDN a step backwards for Crypto

Day one of the 2019 Consensus conference saw the launch of a new Cryptocurrency payment solution SPEDN. Bitcoin maximalists, and owners of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were proudly allowing pictures of themselves to be taken Spedning at Consensus. We ask the question[Read More…]

My first cryptocurrency transaction

Crypto Currency: My first transaction (last week) was receiving 100 Euros in Ripple (XRP). It was quick, less than one minute from end to end, maybe just a few seconds. Today the amount is 131,88 Euro (Ʀ380.000000). The transfer was initiated using a smart phone,[Read More…]

More hype or will Justin actually deliver

True to form Justin Sun has taken the upcoming Consensus conference as an opportunity to create some TRON hype. Will this announcement of an announcement result in value for the hard suffering investors, or will it once again have as much content as a Eunuch’s[Read More…]

Binance hacked Justin Sun to the rescue

Never one to pass up a marketing opportunity, Justin Sun has stepped into the breach to offer CZ and Binance a helping hand. I can see the comic book headline “Binance hacked Justin Sun to the rescue” getting kids around the world admiring this new[Read More…]

Crypto (the movie) – Will it have any affect on the market?

Crypto (Movie 2019): Rating: R Genre: Film, Crime, Drama, Thriller Release Date: 12 April 2019 (USA) Stars: Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth Director: John Stalberg Jr. Tagline: “Fear is the Ultimate Currency” Crypto Movie: “Fear is the Ultimate Currency” Crypto the movie stars Kurt[Read More…]

Questions about Bitcoin from a complete Noob

Is Bitcoin a legitimate currency? Are thieves the main users of Bitcoin? Can I make money using bit coin? Is Bitcoin Handled on the legitimate markets? Can I generate Bitcoins? What is the technology behind Bitcoin? Where can I cash in Bitcoins? Bitcoin a legitimate[Read More…]

Open letter to Justin Sun

As we have previously reported the Tron foundation is one of the most active of cryptocurrency platforms in terms of news updates. This news is significant for investors in TRX as it shows significant transparency in terms of progress and development. Justin Sun is highly[Read More…]

Why hasn’t Kucoin de-listed Tether USDT yet?

Tether, or USDT, is a currency traded on many crypto exchanges under the moniker of “stable-coin” has come in for much criticism recently (well pretty much always). With public sentiment ranging from it’s a scam to “Meh its safe because their website says so” we[Read More…]

Why hasn’t Binance delisted Tether USDT yet?

Tether, or USDT, is a currency traded on many crypto exchanges under the nomer of “stablecoin” has come in for much criticism recently (well pretty much always). With public sentiment ranging from it’s a scam to “Meh its safe because their website says so” we[Read More…]

Binance just can’t win

It would appear that Binance just can’t win with the crypto community. Today they announced a scheduled system upgrade and now the twitterati and telegram trading groups are awash with messages that the entire crypto market is going to crash. System Upgrade Notice Binance 11/03/2019:[Read More…]

Bitcoin Lightning Network is a Dead End

As we head into March 2019 we are seeing more and more publicity about the Lightning Network which is hoped to finally bring Bitcoin a real world use case. I don’t think we need to get into the controversial layer 2 off-chain and centralised nature[Read More…]

Crypto trading competitions: who benefits

Opening up the trading app or browser version of many cryptocurrency exchanges will more often than not, result in you seeing a banner with a crypto trading competition. We aim to address the question “Cryptocurrency trading competitions: who benefits, and the issue of competitions in[Read More…]

Stay away from White Label Crypto Exchanges

Why you should stay away from white label crypto exchanges: In this blog we detail how your money & assets may be at risk at many white label cryptocurrency exchanges. What are white label crypto exchanges? The term “White Label” originates from the record industry[Read More…]

Launch of the Binance DEX testnet

Today saw the eagerly anticipated launch of the Binance DEX testnet. Always willing and eager to give his customers as much of what they ask for as possible, Changpeng Zhao has been busy behind the scenes with his team for a number of months. The launch[Read More…]

8 Reasons JPM Coin is fantastic news for XRP

The middle of February 2019 saw a number of high profile FUD articles pointing to the newly announced blockchain token from JP Morgan as a so called “Ripple Killer”. Bloomberg, CCN, Coindesk and of course CNBC and most other Bitcoin backed crypto “news” sites all[Read More…]

QuadrigaCX and the epic $190m exit scam

Well this story is one hell of a can of worms isn’t it… a very difficult one to blog about whilst being both sensitive and at the same time investigative. But I will try my best not to let cynicism get the better of me.[Read More…]

Wise Cryptos joins team Edgar darts

Today we are delighted to be able to announce that Wise Cryptos joins team Edgar darts for the duration of the 2019 PDC darts season. Matthew Edgar is the current PDC world number 68 and as an official shirt sponsor, Wise Cryptos will be represented[Read More…]

What does official news tell you about a cryptocurrency?

At Wisecryptos we always strive to bring you official cryptocurrency news straight from the source. When we refer to the “source” in this case we actually mean those responsible for the currency. Primarily these will be press releases. In some cases there are companies that[Read More…]

Twobitidiot loves Ripple and XRP

If you follow crypto twitter a headline reading “Twobitidiot loves Ripple and XRP” is probably one of the last things that you would imagine reading. However, we are of the firm belief that twobitidiot, aka Ryan Selkis has a secret love affair with both. Twobitidiot[Read More…]

Forbes, crypto, hacking and the fake news epidemic

We started Wise Cryptos because we were fed up with the fact that crypto news websites never distinguished between opinion pieces, real news straight from the source and sponsored advertorials (in a recent investigation 80% of crypto news sites were happy to post paid articles[Read More…]

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