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  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 10:30 pm

    Caitlin Long, Co-founder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, recently spoke about Facebook’s entry into the cryptocurrency space with the introduction of Libra, in an interview on WhatBitcoinDid. Long spoke about the primary market the coin would be playing a major role in, and the effect it would have on its competition. Long stated that Facebook’s […] The post Facebook’s cryptocurrency will have a negative impact on PayPal, says Caitlin Long appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 9:30 pm

    As numerous developments continue to change the face of the cryptocurrency space, IOHK’s CEO Charles Hoskinson shared Cardano’s latest innovations in its ecosystem through another one of his AMA sessions. While the entrepreneur expanded on the expected launch of its Haskell and RUST testnets, the AMA was also focused on sharing his aggressive plan to […] The post Cardano’s focus is on staying loyal to ecosystem’s scalability & interoperability, says Charles Hoskinson appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 8:30 pm

    Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, CEO of Binance, organized an AMA and addressed rumors regarding the recent shutdown of Binance for U.S.-based users, while also talking about the announcement of Binance U.S. Binance recently updated its internal policy which made U.S. users and any other users violating these terms unable to deposit funds or cryptocurrencies on […] The post Will Indian users be next on Binance’s ban list? appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 7:30 pm

    Thomas Lee, Head of Research at Fundstrat Global, spoke to CNBC about Facebook’s Libra Blockchain. He also opined on how it would affect the cryptocurrency space, especially Bitcoin, stablecoins, and the field of decentralized finance. Lee said that Facebook’s announcement was a “complete validation” of the fact that institutional eyes had shifted to cryptocurrency, contradicting […] The post Despite convertibility issues, Facebook’s Libra will be a dominant stablecoin, opines Thomas Lee appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 6:30 pm

    Bitcoin Cash was under the spotlight back in 2017, when it split from Bitcoin after a hard fork. Bitcoin Cash had an increased block size and at the end of its first day in the market, it became the 3rd largest cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin Cash is back in the news now, after Roger […] The post Bitcoin Jesus dismisses rumors of Bitcoin Cash’s impending collapse; calls it fake news appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 5:30 pm

    The crypto-industry has recorded unprecedented milestones this year, including substantial value recovery, mass adoption, integrations and partnerships. And while growing trust in crypto has led to an increase in investments and trading value of the BTC-dominated market, the predominant Asian crypto-linked stock market has surprisingly missed out on the spike. The same was revealed by […] The post Is Bitcoin’s recent price rally leaving Asian crypto-assets behind? appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 5:00 pm

    Recently, RippleDrop released an extended video of its latest episode, with the main focus being on RippleNet’s software update, the global payment settlement network. In the episode, Craig DeWitt, Director of Product Management, was asked how the software update on RippleNet improved customer service. To this, DeWitt stated that the software update offers a “bunch […] The post RippleNet’s new software update offers ‘bunch of functionalities’ to partners, claims Ripple executive appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 4:30 pm

    Primed as the “next big thing” in the intersection of the payments and technology industry, Facebook’s foray into the cryptospace took the market by storm, following its unveiling on June 18. As more and more layers of Project Libra are peeled off, the more positive does it look for the social media giant, with many […] The post Facebook’s Libra has the downside of volatility without the upside of investment, claims ex-Coinbase CTO appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 4:00 pm

    Crypto News – 19 June – Brad Garlinghouse on Facebook’s Libra, CZ on Binance U.S and more Don’t forget to follow us for our daily videos#facebooklibra #Binance #Ripple #cryptonews #cryptocurrency #Facebook #Crypto #Libra — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) June 19, 2019 Crypto News – 19 June Bancor follows Binance, Bittrex’s footsteps: Decentralized trading platform, Bancor, recently announced […] The post Brad Garlinghouse on Facebook’s Libra, CZ on Binance U.S and more appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

  • AMBCrypto - 19 June 2019, 3:30 pm

    June 20th 2019 Milestone Token Offering [MTO] Planned for Storecoin This Regulation D and Regulation S securities offering sets out to bring in over 500 new wallets, and up to $4.97 Million of Treasury into the project. Storecoin is a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower, […] The post Storecoin’s Third Milestone Token Offering Launching, Ari Paul and BlockTower Capital are Early Backers appeared first on AMBCrypto.Read More

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