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  • CryptoSlate - 20 February 2019, 3:50 am

    Thirty people in Bangkok filed complaints with Thailand’s Technology Crime Suppression Division after they were allegedly scammed by cryptocurrency cloud mining company CryptoMining.Farm, the Bangkok Post reported. A total of 140 victims were allegedly scammed out of more than $1.3 million. The allegations state that the investors were swindled out of 42 million Baht—about $1.34 million. […] The post Purported Crypto Cloud Mining Ponzi Reported to Thai Police, 140 Victims Allegedly Scammed Out of $1.3 Million appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 20 February 2019, 12:41 am

    Bitmain, the largest mining hardware manufacturer in the world, has launched a new 7nm ASIC mining chip which achieves new levels of performance, chip size, and energy efficiency for mining Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). New Chips For Mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Chinese mining giant Bitmain has launched a new generation of ASIC […] The post Bitmain Launches New Energy-Efficient 7nm ASIC Chip for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 19 February 2019, 11:29 pm

    Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers in the US, has acquired Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence startup based out of Italy. The move is a potential acquihire to augment Coinbase’s analytics talent. In a bid to expand its offering of crypto assets, US giant Coinbase has acquired a blockchain analytics startup Neutrino. […] The post Coinbase Acquires Blockchain Analytics and Intelligence Startup Neutrino appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 19 February 2019, 1:44 pm

    NEO announced it has established a foothold in the US market with a new office in Seattle, Washington. In an interview, Da Hongfei explains what separates NEO from Ethereum and Bitcoin—and he asserts why he believes NEO could become the number one blockchain by 2020. Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, announced at NEO DevCon […] The post NEO Establishes US Foothold in Seattle, Mission to Become “Number One Blockchain by 2020” appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 17 February 2019, 10:55 pm

    An analysis of RChain Cooperative’s October balance sheet suggests the organization is insolvent with its liabilities greatly exceeding its liquid assets. To meet its liabilities, the organization may need to liquidate a large portion of its RHOC holdings or find another way to renegotiate or refinance its obligations, giving credence to allegations that the organization […] The post RChain Cooperative May Need to Liquidate RHOC Holdings to Remain Solvent appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 16 February 2019, 10:56 pm

    The SEC filed a complaint against Blockvest and its founder for allegedly making unregistered securities offerings and using the SEC seal without permission. On Feb. 14th, the US District Court of California entered in a preliminary injunction against the firm. Accusations Against Blockvest The Feb. 14th complaint filed against Blockvest LLC details that the company, and […] The post Preliminary Injunction Against Blockvest for Fraudulent Securities Offering and Illegal Use of SEC Seal appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 16 February 2019, 8:59 am

    Luxembourg lawmakers passed a new blockchain bill into law, giving transactions completed via distributed ledger the same legal status as those done via traditional means. Luxembourg is one of the more forward-thinking in terms of blockchain adoption. Now, the country has taken a significant step in providing financial market participants with more transparency and legal […] The post Luxembourg’s New Bill Affords Blockchain Transactions the Same Protections as Traditional Ones appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 15 February 2019, 9:27 pm

    Binance announced today that it will be delisting CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB, and WINGS from its trading platform, citing reasons ranging from “commitment of the team to project” to “fraudulent conduct.” The move comes after the exchange’s removal of BCN, CHAT, ICN, and TRIG last October, and may indicate a broader industry trend. Binance Delisting Projects […] The post Binance Removing CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB, and WINGS: Industry-Wide Delisting Trend appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 15 February 2019, 11:20 am

    Aragon, an autonomous Spanish region, has seen its government pledge over €12 million ($13 million) to develop what it has dubbed “4.0 industries,” including blockchain, AI, and a host of other emerging technologies. According to the local newspaper La Vanguardia, the amount being put forward is more than double what was initially stipulated. The initiative […] The post Autonomous Spanish Region Puts $13 Million towards “4.0 Industries” Including Blockchain appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

  • CryptoSlate - 15 February 2019, 8:36 am

    Nasdaq, the second-largest stock market in the world, will bolster its crypto offering with new Bitcoin and Ethereum tracking indices on Feb. 25th. The Indices will offer real-time price updates, in thirty-second intervals, on the two cryptocurrencies for clients using Nasdaq’s Global Index Data Service. The two indices are the Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and […] The post Nasdaq Will Provide Real-Time Bitcoin and Ethereum Index Information appeared first on CryptoSlate.Read More

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