How do you advertise crypto?

Some studies claim anywhere between 10% and 25% of people own some cryptocurrencies. Other studies claim less than 1% are crypto holders. I personally believe the figure is the latter at best. Talk to any of your colleagues, friends, family or even people in the local pub, sports club, supermarket, etc. From my own personal experience if you bring up crypto the numbers are about:

  • 10% will tell you you are insane for buying into that hyped up worthless Bitcoin crap.
  • 5% will say they considered investing in crypto but never got around to it or did not do enough research.
  • 1% either hold or have held crypto in the past.
  • while the remaining 84% have no clue what the hell you are talking about.
  • Of those 16% who have actually heard of crypto, most have no idea there’s any difference between “worthless Bitcoin crap” and the handful of real projects with real world use cases, adoption and potential.
  • Even within geeky ICT circles these figures remain roughly the same. Nobody cares!

Ok, the whole Facebook Libra coin debacle did push cryptos back into the mainstream media limelight for a day or two, but that has passed and a great percentage of people these days are too busy posting selfies on social media to pay much attention to what is going on in the world or do proper research into anything of any real meaning.

This has of course all played into the hands of Bitcoin maximalists who control a very large proportion of crypto media websites, Youtube channels and even post numerous paid for “guest” blogs on giant media outlets like Forbes, Huffpost, etc. But that is a story for another day.

Advertising Wise Cryptos to new, fresh faces

An idea we thrashed around a while ago was how to spread the good word of cryptos out to the masses? We investigated the traditional crypto media outlets but these are extremely expensive and not value for money. That aside they are also far too pro Bitcoin and we would struggle to get a foot in the door. The biggest problem though is that advertising in any shape or form within the existing circles is not going to reach any new people. So we thought outside of the box, investigated a great many options and initially we decided to have Wise Cryptos sponsor PDC darts professional Matthew Edgar who we are now shirt sponsor for the 2019 and 2020 seasons. The results of the sponsorship are already very positive as we see from our Google Analytics stats every time he plays anywhere.

how do you advertise crypto_

How do you advertise XRP?

With the aforementioned points about Bitcoin being far more known to the outside world than the real projects like XRP, we wondered how to advertise the likes of XRP to the world? With it being the most decentralised digital asset on the planet, there is nobody that can actually advertise it though.

Ripple could advertise their services, R3 can advertise their Corda system, MoneyGram, Santander, SBI, Forte, Xumm and all the other hundreds of banks, companies, payment providers, etc can advertise their products which will utilise the XRP ledger, but none can advertise the magical XRP themselves.

Crowd Sponsoring

We had a thought that crowd sponsoring would be a way to go. There are a great many people invested in XRP, what if everyone donates a tiny fraction of their holdings and together we start spreading the word via well researched, quality sponsorships. Getting as much bang for our buck as possible… only one small problem…

Advertising cryptocurrencies is also very much a grey area worldwide considering the governments and regulators are taking their sweet time figuring things out. I remember in 2018 VR crypto Vibe pumped hard on their announcement they would be featured in a SuperBowl half time advert. But at the last minute their segment was pulled by the main advertiser exactly due to the regulatory uncertainty.

So what to do? How can any cryptocurrency advertise itself safely? At the moment it cannot, but suddenly out of nowhere came the lightbulb moment when we got talking to who were interested in what we were doing. Advertising a crypto information portal like Wise Cryptos or is fair game. and Wise Cryptos team up for multiple sponsorships

Together Wise Cryptos and have already teamed up to have also sponsor darter Matthew Edgar and we have a second sponsorship deal in the works to be announced soon. We are always on the lookout for other potential sponsorship opportunities too.

Wise Cryptos is thus gaining exposure for cryptocurrencies in general whilst is getting the XRP logo and information out into the public conciousness as well.

Together we are stronger

The XRP Community is strong, vibrant and huge. Do you have other ideas for spreading the word of XRP to the masses? Do you have sponsorship ideas? Do you want to sponsor a person, team or project on behalf of in order to support a good cause or spread the word of XRP? Or do you have any other ideas you want to share with the community?

Let us all get our thinking caps on and see what we can do as a team.

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