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The internet is full of bloggers, and, with their public awareness growing rapidly, cryptocurrencies are becoming ever more popular. Welcome then to the Wise Cryptos – Crypto Blog.

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Wise Words – Cryptocurrency Blog:

From time to time we will be writing our own blogs and opinion pieces – Wise Words, if you will. As this website aims to be unbiased and independent, via our Cryptocurrency News section we will not be sharing our opinions on any specific crypto project no matter how strong (positively or negatively) our personal feelings toward that project may be. This is what blogs are for and blogs should never be confused with news.

In our crypto blog we may let our guard down and sometimes slip in some personal opinions or speculation. It should be noted that these are our opinions only and should be taken with a grain of salt. The opinions expressed in our blogs are ours alone and not intended as investment advice.

We cannot state enough how important it is for every investor to do their own extensive research and due dilligence before making any financial investment.

With that all having been said we do hope that we can still bring all of you some intersting, entertaining and occasionally insighful articles on the state of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We do not expect everyone to agree with everything we write – in fact we will probably be way off the mark with a lot of our musings.

Wise Friends – Cryptocurrency Blog:

If you want to blog about crypto but have nowhere to post your thoughts then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to share your thoughts here – be they positive, frustrated or even if you just want to rant about something. From time to time we will also be conducting interviews with friends of Wise Cryptos which will also be featured in this section.

We will accept most serious guest blogs you may want to submit (and publish them in our Wise Friends section), though we will not accept outright shilling, fake news or FUD.

Promoting scam projects will also not be tolerated.

Thanks once again for all your support and welcome to all our Wise Friends, new and old.

Crypto Blog Feeds:

Due to the huge number of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, most good (ie, those that fully research what they are writing about) bloggers centre their musings on one cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

On Wise Cryptos we offer you a selection of those bloggers we find interesting, and those that in our opinion do research before writing, and those that we feel offer insights which might not be clearly visible on the surface of the subject.

What we have recently noticed however is that a great deal of crypto blog sites sometimes use “pay per word” writers whose quality and research ranges from average to very poor. Even the very biggest names in the industry occasionally use these services to churn out posts (probably for SEO purposes). Indeed, we have even seen one of the very largest names come out with a weak copy of one of our crypto blogs just a few hours after we posted ours.

Disclaimer: As with any form of journalism, blogs are subject to a certain degree of bias, and, are the opinion of the writer. Wise cryptos does not reccomend investing in any product, be it blockchain, cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds etc based solely on information found in one source.

Bulls versus Bears 2017-2018

As 2018 winds to a close, we take a quick look back over the past 365 days. In bulls versus bears 2017-2018 we address the top-10 coins as per market cap. Bulls versus bears 2017-2018: On the 30th December 2017 the crypto market was riding[Read More…]

Official Ripple News

Information contained on this page comes directly from the Ripple Insights official news feed. This news covers Ripple corporate news, official news concerning Ripplenet product developments and updates, and it’s native cryptocurrency XRP. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic license[Read More…]

Tron Weekly Journal

Tron Weekly Journal is a new blog site which focuses on the Tron cryptocurrency as well as crypto in general. With TRX being one of the most utilised blockchain projects having already passed Ethereum’s daily transaction volume, wallet holders and active dapp numbers it is[Read More…]

Wall Street Journal US Business News

The Wall Street Journal is a U.S. business and financial international daily newspaper based in New York City and owned by media giant News Corp. In part due to its worldwide popularity, the WSJ is the largest U.S. newspaper by circulation and the third largest[Read More…]

Reuters Business News

Reuters is a multinational and multilingual news agency formed in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter and since a 2008 acquisition has been the media division of Thompson Reuters. Their reporting of cryptocurrencies is slowly improving and becoming more frequent as well. Disclaimer: As with any form[Read More…]

Reuters Wealth

Reuters is a world famous and highly respected multinational and multilingual news agency formed in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter and since a 2008 acquisition has been the media division of Thompson Reuters. Their reporting of cryptocurrencies has improved markedly over the past 12 months[Read More…]

CNBC Finance News

CNBC is one of the worlds most famous business and financial news networks with their own television channel and websites. Despite being at times somewhat controversial – particularly within the cryptocurrencies community – they do still feature some of the best interviews and coverage available[Read More…]

XRP Community Blog

Wietse Wind is a prolific developer, programmer, webmaster, ceo and more. Most xrp holders past and present should have heard of him or one of his many products like the xrptipbot, FudBingo or countless others which can be found on his official website He[Read More…]

Amb Crypto News

AMBCrypto, like Wise Cryptos, is an independent cryptocurrency news publishing platform with a comprehensive ICO listing page, a dedicated real-time live cryptocurrency price ticker page and a blog section with a reach of over a million users worldwide. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some[Read More…]

Ripple Coin News

Ripple Coin News is one of the world leaders in Ripple XRP News, Price Analysis & charts. Information on Ripple Blockchain and Ripple Coin latest news “XRP”. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic license and potential bias should always be taken into[Read More…]

Bitcoin Mag News

Bitcoin Magazine is one of, if not, the oldest source of news, information and expert commentary on Bitcoin, blockchain technology and the digital currency industry. Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has provided analysis, research, education and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology. Disclaimer: As with any form[Read More…] News

Bitcoin News is one of the world’s premier 24/7 news feed covering everything bitcoin related. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic license and potential bias should always be taken into account when reading news articles, and wise cryptos advises against investing based on information garnered from one[Read More…]

Ethereum World News

Ethereum World News aims to provide breaking news regarding topics with relation to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cryptocurrency, start-off ICO’s and the Blockchain ecosystem. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic license and potential bias should always be taken into account when reading news articles,[Read More…]

Crypto Slate News

Crypto Slate is a popular destination for blockchain researchers — featuring cryptocurrency news, coin rankings, a product database and blockchain events. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic license and potential bias should always be taken into account when reading news articles,[Read More…]

Coindesk News

Coindesk is a leading digital media, events and information services company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. Its mandate is to inform, educate and connect the global community as the authoritative daily news provider dedicated to chronicling the space. It is worth noting[Read More…]

CCN News

Ccn is a Norwegian based crypto news site aiming to provide the latest cryptocurrency news, including cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NEO, Litecoin and ICOs. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic license and potential bias should always be taken into account when[Read More…]

Dash Force News

Dash Force News is currently the most popular website specifically focusing on the Dash digital currency. The website is a project from the Dash Force team and is funded by the Dash DAO treasury. Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic[Read More…]

Cardano’s goals for Africa and the developing world

In a press release issued today, Cardano, the company behind its native cryptocurrency ADA, outlined its vision and goals for for Africa and the developing world. 24th February 2018: The London School of Economics has a long history of links to Africa. Founded in 1895 four[Read More…]

High Gas Price is Killing Large-scale Ethereum Projects

Andrey Zamovskiy from Ambisafe has raised his concern on the Ethereum forums about the rising gas price. Ambisafe is a company that created the first live Ethereum currency, Elcoin and is currently building the next government voting system for Ukraine using the Ethereum blockchain. According[Read More…]

Bitcoin Project leadership

Companies and open-source software projects alike have CEO, lead developers, or other forms of leadership. And that leadership exists not just to provide a face for the, but to make tough, even controversial decisions when needed. Apple has a long history of introducing controversial, disruptive changes to[Read More…]

Bitcoin needs a visionary and a leader

Q: What do Linux, Apple and Microsoft all have in common? A: They each were started and led by a strong leader, who had a vision for where they wanted their projects and companies to end up, and the perseverance to make it happen. Linus[Read More…]

Not Bitcoin related: Shallot tutorial

I’ve been interested in internet-related privacy issues for quite some time, and in fact have had interest in Tor for almost as long as it’s been in existance. No, I’m not a user of Darknet Markets such as Silkroad, I just think that services like Tor[Read More…]

A primer on investment vehicles.

With Bitcoin entering the publicly, I think the community would benefit from a basic explanation of the different types of investment vehicles which they could potentially utilize to invest in Bitcoin. The vehicles I’ll touch on are as follows: Open-end funds Closed-end funds Exchange traded[Read More…]

GBTC bagholders are nearing an interesting point.

Let’s face it, the fact is that the publicly-traded Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCBB: GBTC) was devised as a way to create liquidity for shareholders of the privately-traded (through SecondMarket only) Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT), and not as an investment suitable for those who purchase from[Read More…]

BIT holders are sitting on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Current GBTC ask: $41/sh (equivalent to $410/BTC) Current BTC price: $238 In late 2013, Greyscale Investments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barry Silbert’s SecondMarket, launched an investment fund called the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT). The trust was designed to act like an open-ended mutual fund, buying[Read More…]

NASDAQ and the blockchain

Yesterday, an announcement from NASDAQ put Bitcoin on the front pages of many financial news sites. No, Bitcoin is not going to be traded on NASDAQ. What’s happening is that NASDAQ Private Market is going to be utilizing “blockchain technology” to assist in their record[Read More…]

Conducting business with Bitcoin

I am not an auditor. Let me just preface with that. And this blog post isn’t too thought out, it’s a stream of thoughts that just hit me at 1 in the morning last night. But regardless… Bitcoin and audits. Bitcoin sucks from a controls standpoint. A[Read More…]

Making introductions using Bitcoin

When we think of ways to expand on the Bitcoin ecosystem, it invariably involves introducing vendors to the concept of Bitcoin, explaining its pros and cons compared to whatever other payment systems they’re using, and if all goes well, integrating Bitcoin as a payment option[Read More…]

Intuit loves Bitcoin? Not so fast…

Last week, there was a little excitement in the Bitcoin community, when it was announced that Intuit would be supporting Bitcoin in Quickbooks, its flagship accounting package. As happens far too often, someone made a small finding and twisted it into a story that was far more[Read More…]

What happens if crypo wins? One scenario….

WARNING: I apologize in advance for the length of this article! There exist a lot of people who seem to be of the opinion that Bitcoin is an all or nothing proposition – that for it to succeed, other currencies, even countries, must fail. That itself[Read More…]

The Rise and Rise Of Bitcoin – The Sequel

Despite it being several months since “The Rise and Rise Of Bitcoin” was released to the world, there is still a considerable amount of interest in the film. Which is understandable – to my knowledge, it’s the first real attempt to make understanding Bitcoin accessible to[Read More…]

Mystery in Bitcoinland…. the disappearance of FriedCat

This one doesn’t seem to have gotten picked up by any of the bigger news outlets, despite it being several days old. FriedCat has, apparently disappeared. Who is FriedCat? He’s the driving force behind ASICMINER, the first company to develop ASIC’s for mining Bitcoins. Some will[Read More…]

Bitcoin Investment Trust poised to start trading.

While the Winklevoss twins have been mired in regulatory issues in trying to launch their Bitcoin ETF, another Bitcoin fund appears set to skip all past the bulk of the review process and could start trading in the next few days. On September 25, 2013, the[Read More…]

/r/bitcoin Hits 150,000 Subscribers

The time of Bitcoin only being refereed to as “Magic Internet Money” is gone. This year the mainstream media reckons that Bitcoin’s defects will hastes its demise. But the mainstream media usually reports far from the truth and often leaves out the important facts. The[Read More…]

Norwegian Banks Says No to Bitcoin Businesses

As the interest for Bitcoin keeps growing the big banks seems to become more afraid. Banks all around the world are starting to neglect bitcoin bussiness and refuse them to open bank accounts. Today most of the Norwegian banks have publicly stated that they do[Read More…]

What will happen when Ripple replaces ACH and SEPA?

Just this spring, I wrote a post titled “Ripple aims to destroy the ACH and SEPA systems.” Ripple Labs out-smarted me, though, when news broke earlier this month that Ripple is joining NACHA. For the uninitiated, NACHA (previously the National Automated Clearing House Association) is[Read More…]

Ripple price prediction (XRP)

Since this page seems to be one of the more popular pages, I’m going to update it regularly as I learn new information and change my ripple price expectations. Jed McCaleb confirms ripple sale 6/8/14: Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb has come public to confirm that[Read More…]

Search engine queries can predict bitcoin prices

Economists are licking their chops thanks to bitcoin’s public ledger and the fact that the cryptocurrency is completely digital. Perhaps, for the first time, they can see exactly how supply and demand affect prices. And they can correlate those price movements with various factors like[Read More…]

Should I sell my XRP?

I received two great questions from a reader last night: Do I believe Jed McCaleb is really going to sell his stake in ripple (9 billion XRP)? If so, should I sell my XRP before Jed does? Before I answer, let me reiterate that I[Read More…]

Ripple Labs to sue Kraken CEO?

When Ripple co-founder, Jesse Powell, announced he was resigning from Ripple’s board, he made the announcement on Reddit (see my post Ripple soap opera continues with board member’s resignation). Powell, who’s also the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, probably wasn’t expecting his move to devolve[Read More…]

6 things that could catapult Bitcoin prices higher

If we’re going to see much higher bitcoin prices, we need a serious catalyst. Here are six potential game-changers for the cryptocurrency. If any of them come to fruition, I expect bitcoin prices to surge. And perhaps we’ll see that fabled $10,000 bitcoin price that[Read More…]

Litecoin price prediction (LTC)

Litecoin has out-performed bitcoin over the past six months 5/10/14: Over the past six months, litecoin is up 490 percent, per Value Walk. That’s 3.5 times higher than bitcoin’s 140 percent gain over the same time period. It’s hard to say why litecoin hasn’t fallen[Read More…]

A first impression of ripple

This is a guest post by Bjorn43 originally posted on Crypto LA. Ripple. What a name. It makes you think about throwing a rock in the pond and watching the little circles of waves rushing to shore and returning to the middle. If there was[Read More…]

How I became a BitShares believer in 917 words

Wrapping your mind around Bitshares is like taking the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Even after an hour of dedicated reading, Bitshares felt nebulous. So, I went straight to the source and phoned Brian Page, BitShares Director of Marketing. “We’re all about Decentralized Autonomous Companies,” he[Read More…]

Ripple vs. bitcoin: Federal Reserve picks ripple currency

The Federal Reserve gives ripple a thumbs up. In a video released by the St. Louis Fed, David Andolfatto dives into his beliefs about the future of bitcoin, ripple and other cryptocurrencies. The presentation gets interesting around 52 minutes when Andolfatto poses the following question:[Read More…]

Ripple is ‘Bitcoin without the libertarian agenda’

Recently, I had the good fortune of doing an interview with 30-year-old coder Luke Cyca, the founder of The interview’s stuck with me for a few reasons. First, he used the phrase ‘bitcoin libertarians,’ which just stuck like glue in my mind. Second, it’s[Read More…]

Bitcoin price prediction (BTC)

The relationship between bitcoin prices and search queries 6/6/14: New academic research shows that the volume of search queries can predict where bitcoin prices are headed in the long-run and short-term. When bitcoin price hikes outpace bitcoin Google searches, the price will likely continue to[Read More…]

Ripple aims to destroy the ACH and SEPA systems

One of the primary advantages to Ripple and Bitcoin are speed. Where it takes up to five days for me to move U.S. dollars into my Scottrade account via ACH, I can move bitcoin into my Cryptsy account and start trading currencies in 45 minutes.[Read More…]

Reddit’s CEO on Bitcoin

Reddit hosts one of the biggest Bitcoin communities, (“/r/bitcoin” to “redditors” – i.e., those familiar with the site) outside of dedicated sites like bitcointalk. Therefore, I was more than a little interested to hear that that Yishan Wong, the CEO of Reddit, went on the record to offer[Read More…]

EXCLUSIVE: Gridcoin founder talks revolution in mining

The most damning complaint against bitcoin is the wasted electricity and computational power its spawned. Globally, bitcoin miners consume more than 130,000 megawatt hours a day. That’s enough to power 13,000 U.S. homes for a year! Greenhouse gas emission from bitcoin mining alone is up[Read More…]

Top 5 biggest threats to Ripple

Ripple’s well-funded, progressive and growing, but it’s going to have to grow even more aggressively if it hopes to outdistance itself from competing bitcoin protocols. At the time of this writing, there are just over 65,000 ripple wallets in existence vs. 1.2 million+ bitcoin wallets.[Read More…]

Would Malcolm Gladwell invest in ripple?

Robert Harpool’s recent post on XRPTalk got me wondering: would Malcolm Gladwell invest in ripple? Here’s Robert’s post (reprinted with permission): In 2000, Malcolm Gladwell catapulted into public consciousness with the release of his bestselling book The Tipping Point. It was a pioneering analysis of[Read More…]

Fugger & Jed-i: The secret origins of Ripple (XRP)

There is a mythology that surrounds the origins of bitcoin. An inventor named Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly toiled away in solitude and anger in the wake of the financial collapse in 2008 and created a workable decentralized currency that’s shaken the global financial system and governments[Read More…]

Best Jed McCaleb quotes of all time

Jed McCaleb is a 32-year-old surfer / college dropout who has one of the most impressive resumes in the tech world. In 2000, he created the terribly-named peer-to-peer filesharing network eDonkey, which nonetheless replaced Napster as the world’s most popular file-sharing network. In 2010, he[Read More…]

Why Ripple Isn’t a Scam: Debunking

In many ways, the bitcoin community is one of the most forward-looking communities in the world. But when it comes to ripple (XRP), bitcoiners hastily jump to conclusions and gloss over facts. In some ways, that’s fine, as I’ll continue to build up a position[Read More…]

Why the banks will destroy bitcoin

I work in the financial services industry. I have for the past year, and if it’s taught me one thing it’s this: government regulation in the space is overwhelming. Regulation is so onerous, it’s catapulting growth in an industry called compliance. When you start a[Read More…]

Satoshi Nakamoto Quotes

We don’t know much about the alleged inventor of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto beyond the quotes he left us on the leading Bitcoin forum: BitcoinTalk. Here are my favorites of the more than 1,000 posts he made over the course of a year. The first quote[Read More…]

Houston: Bitcoin has a problem

The recent spike in network difficulty, coupled with the decline in the US Dollar to Bitcoin exchange rate is quickly changing fundamentals of operating a GPU-based mining operation. Whether it’s a single computer with a single graphics card, or multitudes of highly optimized mining rigs,[Read More…]

Interesting Things In Bitcoin Land

Butterfly Labs continues to claim progress in shipping their miners. To date, they have apparently shipped all of their orders through July 2012 and are beginning to tackle August 2012 orders. However, people receiving their Jalepeno’s will be confronted with a vastly higher network difficulty[Read More…]

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