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The internet is full of bloggers, and, with their public awareness growing rapidly, cryptocurrencies are becoming ever more popular. Welcome then to the Wise Cryptos – Crypto Blog.

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Wise Words – Cryptocurrency Blog:

From time to time we will be writing our own blogs and opinion pieces – Wise Words, if you will. As this website aims to be unbiased and independent, via our Cryptocurrency News section we will not be sharing our opinions on any specific crypto project no matter how strong (positively or negatively) our personal feelings toward that project may be. This is what blogs are for and blogs should never be confused with news.

In our crypto blog we may let our guard down and sometimes slip in some personal opinions or speculation. It should be noted that these are our opinions only and should be taken with a grain of salt. The opinions expressed in our blogs are ours alone and not intended as investment advice.

We cannot state enough how important it is for every investor to do their own extensive research and due dilligence before making any financial investment.

With that all having been said we do hope that we can still bring all of you some intersting, entertaining and occasionally insighful articles on the state of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We do not expect everyone to agree with everything we write – in fact we will probably be way off the mark with a lot of our musings.

Wise Friends – Cryptocurrency Blog:

If you want to blog about crypto but have nowhere to post your thoughts then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to share your thoughts here – be they positive, frustrated or even if you just want to rant about something. From time to time we will also be conducting interviews with friends of Wise Cryptos which will also be featured in this section.

We will accept most serious guest blogs you may want to submit (and publish them in our Wise Friends section), though we will not accept outright shilling, fake news or FUD.

Promoting scam projects will also not be tolerated.

Thanks once again for all your support and welcome to all our Wise Friends, new and old.

Crypto Blog Feeds:

Due to the huge number of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, most good (ie, those that fully research what they are writing about) bloggers centre their musings on one cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

On Wise Cryptos we offer you a selection of those bloggers we find interesting, and those that in our opinion do research before writing, and those that we feel offer insights which might not be clearly visible on the surface of the subject.

What we have recently noticed however is that a great deal of crypto blog sites sometimes use “pay per word” writers whose quality and research ranges from average to very poor. Even the very biggest names in the industry occasionally use these services to churn out posts (probably for SEO purposes). Indeed, we have even seen one of the very largest names come out with a weak copy of one of our crypto blogs just a few hours after we posted ours.

Disclaimer: As with any form of journalism, blogs are subject to a certain degree of bias, and, are the opinion of the writer. Wise cryptos does not reccomend investing in any product, be it blockchain, cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds etc based solely on information found in one source.

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Cryptocurrency Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed on Wise Cryptos are solely those of the author(s) and are not intended to be taken as investment advice.

Trading of any form (be that stocks and shares, forex or cryptocurrencies) involves high risk so please do your due diligence before making any trading decision.