Update on the progress of building Wise Cryptos

We have been working very hard (as has our technical developer) for the past few months trying to get Wise Cryptos up to an officially launchable state. While there is still plenty of work for us left to do both on the technical side and the content, we do feel that we have achieved a lot already and are excited to bring you what we have already produced.

Moving forward we have a lot of great ideas for the future of Wise Cryptos and really aim to be a one stop shop for all your cryptocurrency needs. There will be new website functionality, whole new crypto resources as well as more official news, interviews, blogs and more. But in the meantime we are also hard at work expanding the information pages for the individual cryptocurrencies which is a painstaking job but hopefully well worth all the effort.

Do you want to contribute?

We are keen to hear from you if you wish to contribute to this website in some shape or form. We do have a few guidelines though for any blogs you wish to submit:

  1. No shilling of a particular coin or project
  2. No FUD or attacking of any individual crypto project
  3. Nothing offensive or illegal
  4. Good command of the English language
  5. If the blog is making statements there must always be an official source quoted
  6. Blogs and articles are not to be used for “backlinking” to your own website

Do you wish to be interviewed?

We are on the look out for various influential members of the crypto community to interview. Feel free to contact us if you so desire!

Have we missed resources?

Feel free to contact us in case we have missed some key links or persons in our resource pages.

A note to the hackers trying to gain access to Wise Cryptos

It is very flattering that you have decided to try and gain access to our website even before we have properly launched. We must be doing something right in order to attract this attention. But please be aware you can carry on trying 100 times per day but you are not getting in.

If you want to talk, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you out. Our email address is info (at, you can figure the rest out… sadly we cannot list the email addy exactly or we’ll end up being spammed by internet bots).

18+ Gamble Responsibly

Always read the General Terms & Conditions before registering to a crypto casino. Before accepting a crypto casino bonus, remember that Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.

Gambling addiction help resources:

Gamblers Anonymous USA = www.gamblersanonymous.org

BeGambleAware UK = www.begambleaware.org

Self exclusion for UK players at Gamstop (For non Gamstop sites you will need to self exclude manually):

Gamstop UK =  www.gamstop.co.uk

Bet blocking software for non UK residents and for casinos not on Gamstop:

Gamban = www.gamban.com

Cryptocurrency Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed on Wise Cryptos are solely those of the author(s) and are not intended to be taken as investment advice.

Trading of any form (be that stocks and shares, forex or cryptocurrencies) involves high risk so please do your due diligence before making any trading decision.