Wietse Wind is a prolific developer, programmer, webmaster, ceo and more. Most xrp holders past and present should have heard of him or one of his many products like the xrptipbot, FudBingo or countless others which can be found on his official website Wietse.com. He is of course also the webmaster behind the XRPCommunity.blog website, the leading light for xrp fans across the world to share their news or opinions on everything xrp, Coil, Ripple, etc related. It is now also the new home for the king of xrp bloggers, Hodor.

On this blog feed page we will be bringing you all the latest posts from XRPCommunity.blog as well as the lesser known XRP World blog.

Disclaimer: As with any form of media, some degree of journalistic license and potential bias should always be taken into account when reading blogs and news articles, and wise cryptos advises against investing based on information garnered from one source only.

XRP Community Blog Feed:

  • XRP Community Blog - 18 February 2019, 12:36 pm

    We want to believe.   And it seems that, in the case of at least some of the promises made about decentralized cryptocurrency, there may be reason to believe after all.   The potential of decentralized, no-counter-party digital assets to transform personal finances and international business is something that was predicted yearsRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 16 February 2019, 1:54 am

    Ripple and XRP are now being attacked and hit with false claims and lies more than ever, mostly by bitcoin maximalists, paid authors and bank lovers that are against crypto assets. This time, the FUD and misinformation that is being spread, is not only about XRP being centralized or "Read More

  • XRP Community Blog - 14 February 2019, 12:02 pm

    XRPL Labs is the name of the new company formed by Wietse, Tristan, and Ali, three prominent XRP Community developers. To describe me as excited when I learned that the three joined forces in October of last year would be an understatement.   Each one had already developed components or full-scaleRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 13 February 2019, 4:47 pm

    3D printing and XRP are two state-of-the-art technologies that share common denominators like speed, scalability and the potential to change the world by disrupting traditional methods in home-building and cross-border payments respectively.Read More

  • XRP Community Blog - 11 February 2019, 12:09 pm

    The term "Muggle" is from a fictional series of books centering around a young wizard named Harry Potter. Some younger readers have probably read these J. K. Rowling books as children.   In her fictional universe, there are two types of people in the world:  Muggles and Wizards.   Unsurprisingly,Read More

  • XRP Community Blog - 7 February 2019, 12:39 pm

    Using your intuition is almost as important as using data-driven decision making in the cryptomarket.   You’ve seen the latest financial statistics on Forbes;  you know the current state of the cryptomarket and its compressed value at the beginning of 2019.   The entire market exited 2018 at the tail end ofRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 3 February 2019, 10:14 pm

    Globalization is increasing but we still haven’t an actual international payment network for international transfers. We can send messages, emails and move information in seconds but we still can’t move value and money fast, cheap and securely enough. And actually no money is ever moved with the current system, justRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 3 February 2019, 12:36 pm

    You may be thinking:  How is that even a sporting competition? Without trying to justify whether it’s a ‘fair game’ to compare XRP’s Consensus algorithm with Proof-of-Work, you may agree that it was appropriate to use a sports metaphor for today’s blog.   Today is the day that almost everybody inRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 2 February 2019, 8:04 pm

    “In terms of power and influence, you can forget the church, forget politics. There is no more powerful institution in society than business, which is why I believe it is now more important than ever for business to assume a moral leadership. The business of business should not be aboutRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 30 January 2019, 2:41 pm

    A comment on social media recently got under my skin.   Like a sharp burr caught in a sock, it demanded attention with its raw, poking irritation.   Here’s what happened:   On a social media forum (I won’t reveal which one), an author decided to share his own findings about how toRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 27 January 2019, 1:42 pm

    People are slaves to the system. Government and taxation is nothing but theft. The political elite have condemned society to a life of servitude. We are but worker ants in a hive where the queen actually doesnt really give a shit. Owning our own money will free everyone!Read More

  • XRP Community Blog - 26 January 2019, 11:23 am

    We knew that the journey would not be easy.   Those that stand to lose on their proof-of-work investments are well-financed, and some of them are terrified of what they’re seeing in the market.   The trend is inescapable, and has been echoed from various market leaders – not just from XRPRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 21 January 2019, 11:57 am

    We’ve seen how change works once an initial innovation gets some measure of attention;  it proceeds in sudden bursts, followed by periods of time where customers or other stakeholders become acclimated to its new concepts and ways of working.   Think about smartphones.   I remember a time not so long agoRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 17 January 2019, 12:21 pm

    Sports fans love statistics.   It’s how they differentiate and brag about their favorite stars – whether they are in cricket, soccer, basketball, or any sport, for that matter.   Can you rattle off how many runs Sachin Tendulkar scored in his best test match?   Or perhaps you’re able to pridefully rememberRead More

  • XRP Community Blog - 13 January 2019, 12:08 pm

    Nobody wants to lose money.   And I don’t want to see people lose money;   However, the cryptomarket is still very much a wild west, where competing financial interests are motivated to obscure inconvenient facts.   I feel frustrated for some of the new entrants to the market who do not understandRead More

  • XRPworld - 2 July 2018, 7:00 am

    XRP World Podcast Ep. 18: What will happen if the US govt. implements Ripple Tech & XRP into the back-end infrastructure of the US economy? July 1st 2018 News Of The Week Japan chairman thinks Ripple can be a global standard SBI 8.5 millions users – XRP launching late July 2018 What will happen if […] The post XRP World Podcast Ep. 18: What will happen if the US govt. implements Ripple tech & XRP? appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 25 June 2018, 3:35 am

    The crypto space is relatively young and the XRP Rich List confirms it. If you’re new to XRP you likely haven’t heard of the XRP Rich List, a nifty website that allows you to explore the XRP ledger in different ways. The XRP Rich List was created by Wietse Wind a.k.a. pepperew, one of the XRP […] The post XRP Rich List: A few interesting facts appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 19 June 2018, 7:43 pm

    It’s the question that’s sparking hot debates in social media these days ever since SEC (un)officially declared that ”Ethereum, in its present state is not a security”. The structuring of this sentence gives me the feeling that the SEC still considers presale of Ethereum a securities sale but that’s another story. There has been no mention of XRP by […] The post The Burning Question: Is XRP a security? appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 15 June 2018, 10:14 pm

    Ripple’s blockchain technology is ruling the banking and financial world with its partnerships with the top in the industry. The partnership between Ripple and American Express also includes Santander Bank and promises a solution which will be of high speed and cheap cross-border transactions. American Express (also known as AMEX or Amex) is an American multinational […] The post American Express goes with Ripple appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 6 June 2018, 6:21 pm

    Santander Bank is loving every bit of Ripple. Their latest product is a mobile payment service called OnePay FX (also spelled One Pay) which uses Ripple’s payment technology. OnePay FX will be the gateway for live transactions through Europe which is a huge step not just for Ripple and Santander but also for the payments […] The post Santander’s OnePay FX payments app uses Ripple software appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 6 June 2018, 3:56 am

    Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was recently interviewed by CNBC at Money20/20 where he revealed his vision for the future of xRapid in 2018 and 2019. As is always necessary Brad highlighted the company’s focus on the utility of XRP as a digital asset. During the interview, Brad gave valuable insight into the use of xRapid by major […] The post Ripple CEO: Major banks will use xRapid by Q4 2018 appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 4 June 2018, 4:35 am

    Brad Garlinghouse is one of the most publicly active members at Ripple. He is constantly appearing in major conferences, panels and interviews to fight the good fight for XRP and Ripple. Garlinghouse is a great speaker and his guest appearances are one of the major FUD fighters right now. This time around Brad was a […] The post Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse interviewed at Code Conference 2018 appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 1 June 2018, 1:21 am

    Ripple’s xRapid has been breaking barriers for traditional finance in the last month. xRapid was barely paid notice till May 10th 2018 when Ripple Labs mentioned the results of the successful xRapid pilot project. Ripple Labs said: ”For payments in the critical remittance corridor between the U.S. and Mexico, financial institutions using xRapid saw a […] The post Currencies Direct praises xRapid after successful pilot results appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 29 May 2018, 4:06 am

    Bearableguy123 is one of the most recent controversial characters in crypto. His XRP price predictions are astronomical and his speculation on several Ripple-related matters has been spot on at times. His latest controversy comes after closing down one of the popular Ripple and XRP-related subreddits.   Bearableguy sets r/Rippled subreddit to private Bearableguy is the […] The post Bearableguy closes r/Rippled subreddit until further notice appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

  • XRPworld - 26 May 2018, 4:34 pm

    SBI Ripple Asia, the partnership between Ripple and SBI Holdings, will be speaking at the 2018 Spring Meeting Program at the Japan Society of Monetary Economics (JSME). The topic will be ”Next-Gen Payment Network Powered by Blockchain Technology” presented by Takashi Okita, current CEO of SBI Ripple Asia. Mr. Okita has vast experience with digital […] The post SBI Ripple Asia to speak at Japan Society of Monetary Economics appeared first on XRPworld.Read More

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