Bitpanda and SOS-Kinderdorf goal achieved

It was announced today that the Bitpanda and SOS-Kinderdorf goal achieved the raising of 1 BTC. Austrian based cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda, promised to match the target of up to 1 BTC when announcing the charity initiative on Dec 8th last year. Bitpanda and SOS-Kinderdorf goal achieved […]

St. Jude XRP Project

Continuing our series highlighting the charitable causes supported by cryptocurrency investors, we highlight the St Jude XRP project. St. Jude XRP Project: Set up by crypto enthusiast, and Texas resident, KingBlue, this charity aims to raise $1million for the St Jude children’s research hospital. There […]

Wise Cryptos donations to charity (progress report)

All tips we receive on or via Twitter will be donated to charity. In the name of full transparency we will be updating this progress report whenever we make our donations, informing you how much and to which charity or social enterprise we have […]

Wandering Ware off-setting carbon emissions

Our cryptocurrency charitites section contains many donations made by companies within the industry. However, not every charity has been set up by the big players, and we are seeing individuals from within the community getting involved for good. Our first highlighted individual goes by the […]

Tron donated $3 million to Binance charity foundation

On September 25th, 2018, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance initiated the Blockchain Charity Foundation. The premise of the foundation is to raise money to put towards developing blockchain technology for social good. The exchange also announced a collaborative partnership with the United Nations Development […]

Ripple donates $4 million to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund

Ashton Kutcher made a surprise visit to the show, and shocked Ellen with one of the biggest donations to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to date. On behalf of Ripple, Mr Kutcher presented and transferred $4,000,000 from Ripple to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund live […]

Ripple donates $29 million to public schools via DonorsChoose

Ripple donates $29 million to public schools vis Donors choose Ripple is often criticised by the crypto “Purists” and mainstream crypto media, much of which because they are a company producing channels of utilization for the XRP cryptocurrency. We wonder how they will respond to waking […]