Wise Cryptos donations to charity (progress report)

All tips we receive on WiseCryptos.com or via Twitter will be donated to charity.

In the name of full transparency we will be updating this progress report whenever we make our donations, informing you how much and to which charity or social enterprise we have donated.

20th April 2019:

We made a 100 xrp donation to @GoodXrp

2019-04-20 @GoodXrp – 90.000000
2019-04-20 @GoodXrp – 10.000000

25th March 2019:

We have donated 300 xrp to a GoFundMe

27th February 2019:

Good Souls Group Charities‏ @xrpcharities is a new initiative which collects and distributes XRP donations to some or all of the connected charities.

We sent 8 XRP to the Good Souls Group Charities for distribution.

20th December 2018:

We came across another XRP Tipbot enabled charitable cause, namely St Jude XRP Project so we have decided to support this project by using their Uphold referral link on our site as well as making a TipBot donation.

15 xrp sent to St Jude XRP Project


12th December 2018:

Thank you everyone who has so far made a donation to Wise Cryptos. We only “launched” the website yesterday and we only added the XRPTipBot to our website today so we are delighted with all the generous donations we have already been able to give to charity.

16.25 xrp sent to Wandering Ware

Wise Cryptos donations to charity (progress report)


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