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Cryptocurrency news

Xago launches XRP exchange in South Africa

It was announced today that Cape Ton based fintech startup Xago launches XRP exchange in South Africa. Utilizing the Xago exchange with a view to creating liquidity for XRP in South Africa, Xago aims to act as the market-making platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and businesses[Read More…]

Privacy coins begone!

In a follow up to our popular series Shitcoins begone, we start a new series called Privacy coins begone! As we have previously reported governments and law enforcement institutions worldwide have been lobbying for a more active approach to money laundering. The FATF has centered[Read More…]

Crypto operators to fall under Dutch supervision

The Dutch National Bank (DNB) has issued a press release expecting crypto operators to fall under Dutch supervision as of 10th January 2020. As we have previously reported there has been a concerted effort among regulators and legislators across the globe to streamline crypto regulations.[Read More…]

SBI to implement XRP interim reward for shareholders

Giant of the Japanese financial services market, and Ripple partner SBI, has released news that SBI to implement XRP interim reward for shareholders. SBI to implement XRP interim reward for shareholders Our basic management philosophy is to “contribute to the accurate asset formation of each[Read More…]

AGORA Vote listed on Binance DEX

Today saw Agora VOTE listed on Binance DEX with trading starting at 00:00 GMT. Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology. AGORA Vote listed on Binance DEX The timing of this launch on Binance‘s DEX could[Read More…]

Komodo nSPV next generation payment verification

The Komodo Development Team aims to solve problems in the blockchain industry that most people are not even aware of yet. The Komodo nSPV next generation payment verification is an example of this development. The release which can be found on their website describes one[Read More…]

Bitpanda letter from our CEOs

In the Bitpanda letter from our CEOs which was released yesterday, Bitpanda addressed concerns from within the community about the price of the BEST token. They also gave some clarity regarding the BitPanda Global Exchange which some seem to have overlooked. The current crypto markets[Read More…]

Play CelerX games to win BNB

Binance has announced a joint promotion with Celer, one of the blockchain projects which held it’s IEO on Binance Launchpad. Play CelerX games to win BNB. Play CelerX games to win BNB Binance blog 13/08/2019: Binance and Binance Launchpad project Celer Network have together committed[Read More…]

IGs second letter to the community

As our regular readers know we love projects that deliver news and updates about their progress. IGs second letter to the community is a continuation of their transparency we admire and have had the pleasure of covering many times already. IGs second letter to the[Read More…]

Bitpanda completes IEO and launches global exchange

Austrian based cryptocurrency broker Bitpanda completes IEO and launches global exchange. The total raised of 43,6 million euros broke the records for the highest EU based IEO to date. Bitpanda completes IEO and launches global exchange The IEO had three phases with customers able to[Read More…]

Xpring invests in equilibrium connect

Ripple blockchain investment initiative Xpring invests in Equilibrium Connect. Xpring was set up by Ripple to contribute to, invest in and partner with blockchain startups in the fields of payments, interoperability and decentralized finance. Xpring also contribute to open-source crypto protocols such as the XRP[Read More…]

Silk Road site admin sentenced

Silk Road site admin sentenced to 78 months in prison for their work on the Dark Web site. Silk Road was one of the first dark web markets where people could buy drugs weapons and more. The anonymity of the dark web, and its use[Read More…]

ARK developer roundtable event

ARK have announced the monthly ARK developer roundtable event which takes place on Thursday, July 25, 2019 4:00 PM (UTC). ARK Developer Roundtable From ARK website: We invite you to join our monthly, open attendance video call, conducted by Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Kristjan[Read More…]

ICON ICX updates yellow paper

In order to encourage true decentralization cryptocurrency ICON ICX updates yellow paper and have outlined the in an article published today. ICON ICX updates yellow paper ICON Foundation 24/07/2019: Greetings ICONists, Decentralization and staking are rapidly approaching and the ICON team has been making progress[Read More…]

Ontology Global University Workshop

The Ontology Global University Workshop to be Launched Soon according to an announcement today on their medium channel: The Ontology team 23/07/2019: Ontology Global University Workshop Ontology (crypto currency ONT)will soon hold a series of workshops at universities around the world. The workshops are aimed[Read More…]

Lisk soft fork and license change

Lisk has announced the Lisk Core 2.0.0, a cryptocurrency Lisk (LSK) soft fork and license change. The soft fork is expected to take effect on August 23rd. Lisk soft fork and license change Lisk 23/07/2019: We released Lisk Core 2.0.0 to the Mainnet. The soft[Read More…]

FIFA19 to Fortnite is a logical step

For those of us with a little knowledge of gaming, FIFA19 to Fortnite is a logical step in competitive online gaming. Ok, my knowledge of gaming is garnered from hours of not being able to watch my 55″ flatscreen TV because my kids and their[Read More…]

Binance Jersey listing Litecoin

Development and expansion is really picking up the pace with Binance Jersey listing Litecoin. Binance Jersey listing Litecoin Just days after the announcement of the addition of BNB trading pairs, more has been added with Binance Jersey listing Litecoin. With GBP and EUR fiat trading[Read More…]

Introducing the VeChain Accelerator Program

A quick glance through the VeChain news updates shows that the bear market hasn’t affected their productivity in any way. The recent announcement Introducing the VeChain Accelerator Program is just one of the many examples of this progress. Introducing the VeChain Accelerator Program VeChain Foundation[Read More…]

Bitpanda launch Bitpanda Global Exchange and BEST

Bitpanda, the Vienna based Cryptocurrency and Precious metals trading platform recently announced that Bitpanda launch Bitpanda Global Exchange and BEST. With around 1 million registered users, Bitpanda has been expanding their operations since their launch in 2014. The current Bitpanda platform offers broker like services[Read More…]

Gate io offering discounted crypto purchases

Looking for a few bargains in crypto is often harder than you would imagine. is a crypto currency exchange aiming to provide a secure and transparent exchange platform with no market manipulations. They recently announced a series of limited time discount purchase options for[Read More…]

Cryptocurrency, SPEDN, Gamestop, Barnes & Noble and more

Flexa co-founder Trevor Filter is rumoured to have leaked that their SPEDN wallet app allows cryptocurrency holders to make purchases at Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Express, Lowe’s, GameStop, Office Depot, Regal Cinemas and Jamba Juice, just to name a few. You Can Now ‘Spedn’ Bitcoin[Read More…]

Bitpanda launch Bitpanda Metals trading

Already a leading European cryptocurrency broker, Bitpanda launch Bitpanda Metals trading. Regulated under Austrian financial trading law, Bitpanda is rapidly expanding their offerings to those investors based in SEPA banking countries. Bitpanda 13/05/2019: Bitpanda Metals allows you to buy real, digitised gold and silver with ultra-low[Read More…]

EUROPOL continue clampdown on crypto laundry

EUROPOL the European law enforcement organization appears to be stepping up their efforts against illegal practices involving cryptocurrency. Yesterday’s announcement that EUROPOL continue clampdown on crypto laundry comes hot on the heels of them having shutdown Darkweb markets last week. In this case Europol assisted[Read More…]

Bitcoin self destructing after series of knockout punches

Bitcoin transactions are fully traceable Bitcoin is in dissaray after news broke that hundreds of paedophiles have been arrested in a sting operation on a global paedophile ring, using bitcoin transactions to trace the locations of those involved. Criminals the world over are now in[Read More…]

QTUM weekly development update

As we have previously mentioned many of the top ranked cryptos fail to deliver regular product updates. Fortunately for investors in Qtum they don’t have this problem. Below is the latest in their weekly development reports. Keep up the good work QTUM! QTUM 06/05/2019: QTUM[Read More…]

Dark web markets closed, Bitcoin and Monero seized

Once again the online purchase of illegal products using privacy coins has taken a significant hit. News broke on Friday that Dark web markets closed Bitcoin and Monero seized. In a concerted effort spanning numerous countries, authorities have shut down two of the largest dark[Read More…]

NEM foundation head developer speaks

One month in to his tenure as Head developer at the NEM foundation, Greg Evias speaks about his early experiences at cryptocurrency company NEM Greg Evias 02/05/2019 Hey there NEMbers, This first month in the foundation was amazing for me. I have always wished to push NEM,[Read More…]

Tron Watch Market Mainnet launch

Today saw the eagerly awaited Tron Watch Market Mainnet launch. After extensive trials on the test-net in recent months, the launch of this DEX is a significant milestone for the TRX trading community. Tron Watch Market Mainnet launch Official press release: TronWatch 01/05/2019: TronWatch Market — Mainnet[Read More…]

IGG April progress report

Many readers of our Twitter feed have been slightly angered by some of the negativity we have published with regards the Tron network. We stand by the content of those articles as we strongly believe that there are some great Dapps on the Tron platform[Read More…]

Earn as you drive with Jaguar, Land Rover and IOTA

IOTA have just announced a partnership with car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. It is great to see real crypto projects gaining real partnerships and adoption. Jaguar, Land Rover and IOTA IOTA, 29th April 2019 IOTA Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Jaguar Land[Read More…]

IG TRON Super Representative Update

Yesterday saw publication of the IG TRON Super Representative Update with a call for a community vote. In a refreshingly honest blog piece from a crypto company ( many of the top-10 cryptos rarely give any kind of update), IGG outline the struggle to stay[Read More…]

VeChain, DNV GL and Norway in a Box Collaboration

VeChain, the Singapore based non-profit blockchain solution announced a VeChain, DNV GL and Norway in a Box Collaboration VeChain 8/04/2019: VeChain, DNV GL and Norway in a Box Collaborated to Implement a Superior Norwegian Product Platform To assist superior Norwegian products, such as seafood, supplements, water,[Read More…]

IOTA Open Source Coordinator on Mainnet

IOTA introduce open source coordinator Compass on the Mainnet Jakub Cech 08/04/2019: Coordicide, the effort of removing the Coordinator from the IOTA networks, is well under way in its research phase. One step in the journey towards Coordicide is making the inner workings of the[Read More…]

Bithumb hack is an inside job

News broke this morning that Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb had been hacked. The cryptocurrencies at the center of the hack are reported to be EOS and XRP and the hack targeted the cold storage devices of Bithumb. Whenever an exchange is hacked the crypto community[Read More…]

Justin Sun honors the draw

Earlier today we reported on a twitter storm that had erupted. This twitter storm was as a result of the highly publicized Tesla giveaway lottery offered by Tron to advertise the launch of the USDT-TRON stablecoin. The storm, and our article appeared at what was[Read More…]

Rakutan to launch crypto trading in June

Rakutan, the Japanese E-Commerce giant, has announced intent to launch it’s own crypto exchange. This exchange will be known as ” Rakutan Wallet” and will launch in June, with registrations opening today, 15th April 2019. The full press release in English and Japanese can be[Read More…]

Second Japanese Crypto Exchange Opens 16th April

As of the 27th March Japanese customers will be able to register on Japan’s second cryptocurrency exchange. The official press release issued on March 25th confirms DeCurret Inc. will open it’s doors for sport trading on Wednesday 16th April. Currencies available for spot trading on[Read More…]

IG Partners with Sports Management Worldwide 

With literally thousands of “news” stories coming out on a weekly basis, it is easy to miss announcements of widespread global awareness of cryptocurrencies. One such article we missed ourselves comes from the world of e-sports. Having two young sons has given me a greater[Read More…]

SEC to discuss DLT and digital assets

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission have announced a second Fintech forum. This forum will discuss Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital assets. SEC Staff to Hold Fintech Forum to Discuss Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Assets Forum To Be Held on May 31 at SEC[Read More…]

Gatecoin cryptocurrency exchange enters liquidation

Sadly for crypto investors another crypto currency exchange has disappeared. A court in Hong Kong granted the winding up order meaning that the Gatecoin cryptocurrency exchange enters liquidation. Gatecoin cryptocurrency exchange enters liquidation The Gatecoin website was taken down yesterday and replaced with the following[Read More…]

Stellar announces re-branding with brand new logo

Stellar, the company which created and owns cryptocurrency XLM has announced a new branding campaign including a brand new logo to replace the old rocket ship logo. Announcing the New Stellar Logo Stellar Development Foundation 11/03/2019 As you know from our 2019 Roadmap, we’re hard at[Read More…]

Ambrosus Passes Second External Security Audit

Ambrosus is a blockchain company aiming to optimize supply chain visibility and quality assurance in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Pro-active in their safety and security they announced that cryptocurrency Ambrosus Passes Second External Security Audit. This is a significant proof of transparency that we[Read More…]

Bittrex Technology Update: What You Need to Know

Bittrex have announced a 24h trading pause as their platform undergoes an enormous upgrade. While a pause in trading is not ideal, the extent of the upgrade is fantastic news and another signal we are at the end of the long crypto bear market. Fingers[Read More…]

XRP going live on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

Coinbase have finally announced the long awaited addition of XRP to their Coinbase Pro platform ending all FUD claims that XRP is in any way a security. XRP was of course already listed on Coinbase Custody which to date has $500m in total institutional customer[Read More…]

More coins delisted by exchanges

Another episode of our series ” Shitcoins Begone” with more coins delisted by cryptocurrency exchanges. This edition featuring more coins delisted by exchanges of major trading volumes Binance, and Bittrex. More coins delisted by exchanges Coins delisted by Binance Fellow Binancians, At Binance, we periodically[Read More…]

Xpring invests in XRPL Labs

In a significant announcement today the utility and adoption of the cryptocurrency XRP was given yet another boost. Ripple is often criticized by some sections of the cryptocurrency community due to XRP being seen as a “bankers coin”. The news that Xpring invests in XRPL[Read More…]

Busy times for Team Aeron

With many cryptocurrencies still suffering the effects of the bear market it is always great to see companies pushing on regardless. One of the companies flying high at the moment is Aeron with it’s native cryptocurrency token ARN. These are in fact, busy times for[Read More…]

Kucoin delisting 7 cryptocurrencies

Kucoin today announced the delisting of more cyptos through their blog. Kucoin delisting 7 cryptocurrencies Kucoin, 29/01/2019: Dear KuCoin Users, According to the [Special Treatment Rule] of KuCoin, the latest phase of the ST observation has ended. The following projects have been disqualified and the tokens[Read More…]

DeepBrain Chain progress report

DeepBrain chain, the decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI products has issued #34 of the DeepBrain Chain progress report. Their native cryptocurrency DBC is traded via smart contracts based on NEO. DeepBrain Chain progress report #34 DeepBrain Chain, 16/01/2019: Dear Community, Welcome to the latest DeepBrain[Read More…]

BitTorrent airdrops for TRX holders

With the Nitron summit in the books, full details have now been released for the BitTorrent airdrops for TRX holders. BitTorrent is the worlds most popular file sharing platform, and the Tron network have introduced the BTT token, a token which will monetize BitTorrent by[Read More…]

Binance Launchpad Bittorrent token sale

Busy times over at Binance with the SAFU Hackathon on it’s final day, the Binance Blockchain week in full swing, Binance Jersey having launched. As if that wasn’t enough, we now have the official announcement of the Binance Launchpad Bittorrent token sale, and it starts[Read More…]

Cryptopia hack updates

On January 14th the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia suffered a major security breach. We will post the Cryptopia hack updates here, as and when we receive them. Cryptopia Hack updates 21-08-2019 The Cryptopia hack left a lot of people severely out of pocket but since[Read More…]

Binance listens to customers and responds

Today it was once again confirmed that Binance listens to customers and responds. Customers have long been asking for a fiat option for the world’s premier cryptocurrency exchange, and today they delivered in style! The the launch of Binance Jersey it is now possible to deposit[Read More…]

EBA crypto assets report

In a statement today, the EBA published the results of its EBA crypto assets report. On the face of it there is no real significant progress contained in the report regarding the much awaited regulation of cryptos. That being said, there is also no real[Read More…]

RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers

Major news for the cyrptocurrency world broke today. Ripple, the US based tech company announced that RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers Worldwide. As many in the crypto environment beg for mass adoption, Ripple has quietly been going about business of making this a reality for the native[Read More…]

Intergalactic End of Year Review

With 2018 having drawn to a close, we are seeing a number of press releases from companies in the blockchain world wrapping up their year. This time it’s the Intergalactic End of Year Review. Intergalactic Gaming, with their native crypto-token IGG, are a UK company on the[Read More…]

Omisego looks back on 2018

Omisego looks back on 2018, a year that has seen a bear market lasting most of the year. Investors in many of the 1900+ cryptocurrencies have been left scratching their heads. Social media is full of people asking, “what has my crypto been doing to[Read More…]

Apollo To Release Hermes Update

We learned today through their Foundation, that Apollo To Release Hermes Update By Q1 2019. This update promises to bring lightning speed transactions to it’s privacy centric native cryptocurrency, APL. Apollo Foundation, 27/12/2018: Apollo To Release Hermes Update By Q1 2019 Apollo Foundation continues to build Apollo[Read More…]

Binance announces XRP base pair listings

On Monday 24th of December 2018, Binance announced they have renamed their Ethereum trading pair menu to “ALTS” in order to add the long awaited XRP base pairs with quote pairs TRX and XZC being the first to be added. The move was first announced[Read More…]

Binance Hackathon to Address Security Concerns in Crypto

Always at the forefront in security, Binance has announced the Binance Hackathon to Address Security Concerns in Crypto. The inaugural Binance SAFU Hackathon will bring blockchain developer teams from around the world to build a safer environment for users to exchange cryptocurrencies. Winning teams stand to win[Read More…]

Horizon State announce voting platform release

In a tweet the Australian blockchain company Horizon State announce voting platform release. This is the first public release of their decision making platform. Using the blockchain technology Horizon State’s mission is to “empower communities with decision making tools that inspire trust.”    

Bitcoin platform Cubits enters Administration

Today it was announced that the bitcoin trading and storage platform Cubits entered administration. What is Cubits? Cubits is a multi-purpose Bitcoin platform for buying, exchanging, storing, and accepting Bitcoin. Cubits was founded in 2014 by Tim Rehder, Julian Mautner and Andreas Lehrbaum and launched[Read More…]

Intergalactic Gaming send letter to the Galacticans

Intergalactic Gaming, the company behind the native cryptocurrency IGG, are very active and open with full communication to their token holders. Intergalactic gaming send Letter to the Galacticans ,an extensive progress report and a good example of communication with the community. What is IGG: IGG, or[Read More…]

Ripplenet powers Coinone Transfer Remittance Service

Ripple Insights discuss Ripplenet powers Coinone Transfer Remittance Service Coinone Transfer, a subsidiary of Coinone, joined ripplenet in May of this year. Team Ripple, 10/12/2018: Ripplenet powers Coinone Transfer Remittance Service, South Korea’s First Blockchain-Powered Remittance Service This month Coinone Transfer, a payments business and a subsidiary of[Read More…]

Coinbase releases new list of 31 cryptocurrencies it is exploring

Today 7th December 2018 Coinbase has released a PR statement outlining their intention to possibly adopt more cryptocurrencies at some point in the future in some jurisdictions. Cryptocurrencies being considered include Cardano, NEO, OmiseGo, Stellar and XRP. Press Release: Coinbase continues to explore support for[Read More…]

Binance introduces sub-account support

Premier cryptocurrency exchange Binance today announced the launch of sub-account support. This is a much requested feature, and Binance have listened to their customers. Binance introduces sub-account support Fellow Binancians, We are excited to inform you about the release of our long-anticipated Sub-Account feature, which will[Read More…]

Blockchain for Europe

Four of the leading blockchain companies have announced the founding of “Blockchain for Europe”. The four are leading global blockchain companies Ripple (XRP), EMURGO/Cardano (ADA), Fetch AI (native cryptocurrency will be called FETCH), and NEM (NEM). Brussels 4-12-2018: Four leading global blockchain companies (EMURGO/Cardano), Fetch.AI,[Read More…]

Kucoin introduces XRP base pairs

Within the cryptocurrency community there have been many calls for listing of XRP base pairs. On Twitter there is a trending hashtag specifically for this, #XRPthebase A huge step towards this has been taking by leading cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin with their annoucement today , Kucoin introduces XRP[Read More…]

Binance Will Add PAX Trading Pairs

Binance Will Add PAX Quote Pairs into the USDⓈ Trading Market/Tab Binance has announced they will add PAX trading pairs on November 29th: Fellow Binancians, Binance will add the following trading pairs with PAX as a quote asset into the USDⓈ Trading Market/Tab at 2018/11/29[Read More…]

Binance Updates USDT Market

Binance Updates USDT Market to Combined Stablecoin Market (USDⓈ) Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced an update on USDT “stablecoin” trading markets: Fellow Binancians, Binance has renamed the USDT Market (USDT) to now be a combined Stablecoin Market (USDⓈ). This is to support more trading pairs[Read More…]

Ambrosus Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

During the cryptocurrency price downturn currently happening, it’s great to see companies pushing on with their roadmaps. Ambrosus is one, and announced their Anti-Counterfeiting Solution. The Ambrosus Anti-Counterfeiting Solution Angel Versetti, ceo Ambrosus 20-11-2018 Smart supply chain management typically involves a variety of different functions:[Read More…]

Exchanges supporting the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork

On the 15th November 2018, Bitcoin Cash will undergo a hard fork as per this announcement and we will update you with the sites that are supporting this hard fork, complete with the official press release confirmations. List of Exchanges supporting the bitcoin cash (bch) hard[Read More…]

Kraken Delisting ICONOMI (ICN)

Kraken, the US based worldwide cryptocurrency exchange, today emailed all account holders to inform the they were delisting Iconomi (ICN). The content of the email can be found below, and a press release will be published here as soon as it appears on the Kraken[Read More…]

OKEx Delisting of 58 Trading Pairs & 2 Tokens

OKEx, one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the delisting of 58 trading pairs due to low liquidity as well as the delisting of both READ and Bytecoin (BCN). OKEx Oct 25, 2018 – Delisting of READ READ token team has applied for[Read More…]

KPN voted in as NEO MainNet consensus node

Today NEO confirmed that KPN has been voted in as cryptocurrency NEO MainNet consensus node to speed up the decentralization process. The press release can be found in English, and Chinese. 22nd October 2018:  NEO consensus node page released recently was a major step towards[Read More…]

Ambrosus and NDS to Provide Beef Traceability for Mega Mart

Ambrosus, the company behind it’s crypto blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, today announced a significant step in the track and trace element of the beef industry. Seoul, South Korea — October, 10 2018 — Ambrosus, the globally decentralised blockchain and IoT platform, has recently announced an[Read More…]

Binance to delist 4 cryptocurrencies

It was announced today that Binance will delist 4 cryptocurrencies, namely, Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), Triggers (TRIG) The full article is listed below and can be viewed on the Binance blog: 9/10/2018: “Fellow Binancians, In order to protect our users, the Binance team[Read More…]

NOIZchain partners with NEM to create ALL NOIZ tokens

NEM today announced that NOIZchain has partnered with them to create all NOIZ tokens. 5th October 2018: NEM is an enterprise ready smart asset crypto blockchain that provides the foundation for the NOIZchain ecosystem to grow and develop. Nigel Hughes, NOIZchain’s Chief Blockchain Architect and Principal[Read More…]

Ontology Partners with AI Giant SenseTime

Ontology, the company behind the native cryptocurrency ONT, today announced a partnership with the Artificial Inteligence giant Sensetime. By Ontology 28/9/2018: Ontology has announced its cooperation with AI enterprise SenseTime, the world’s highest-valued AI startup. Based on Ontology’s underlying public chain, SenseTime will provide various[Read More…]

Introducing the Monero Malware Response Workgroup Website

Monero has today announced it has launch the Monero malware response website in order to help tackle the spread of malware used to surreptitiously mine the Monero coin. Justin Ehrenhofer, September 26, 2018: Monero is a powerful tool that prioritizes privacy, security, decentralization, and fungibility. It[Read More…]

NEO Vulnerability Bounty Program Page Officially Launched

Today NEO has officially launched it’s vulnerability bounty program page. This step is a continuation of their efforts to ensure the security and stability of the NEO crypto mainnet. The press release is available in English and Chinese. 20th September 2018: Since its first day, NEO[Read More…]

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