NEM foundation head developer speaks

One month in to his tenure as Head developer at the NEM foundation, Greg Evias speaks about his early experiences at NEM

NEM foundation lead developer speaks

Greg Evias 02/05/2019

Hey there NEMbers,

This first month in the foundation was amazing for me. I have always wished to push NEM, push Catapult, and push my Limits :rocket: One month into this, I have had quite some bread on the plate and I feel confident that we are on the good track !!!

Alongside of this more personal message, I’d like to give a small update about the work of the Technology Department of the foundation during the month of April, as a way to improve transparency of our projects within the community.

Part of our technology department focuses on #sig-api and has been working on supported SDKs (TS/JS & soon-to-be Java) with the focus on improving Catapult usability for client implementations.
With many bugfixes/feature addons in the TS/JS SDK during the month of April, the nem2-sdk NPM package is now at version 0.11.5 with only few missing features.
The Java SDK has progressed in its cow-compatibility upgrade as well and we are looking forward for more contributions and a soon-to-come version upgrade :+1:

With regards to #sig-client, we have been working on multiple NIP definitions and reference implementations, with following excerpt:

Another part of the technology department of the foundation focuses on #sig-docs, that is where our beautiful NEM Developer Center originates and David and his team have been progressing a lot in the month of April with newly written guides and integrating contributions from the community as well!

We encourage the community to take part in NIP definitions and discussions and are looking forward to any feedback about our work and our efforts about transparency. Feel free to discuss and help review our work!

NEMjoy your day dear NEMbers!


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