Tron competition winner has his Tesla prize taken away by Justin Sun

Tron last night held a prize draw giving away a brand new Tesla to the winner. The competition was to celebrate the launch of the Tron version of probable scam “stablecoin” USDT.

Tron Tesla prize draw farce

The winner of the competition is XRP_UzGar -฿ TRX and we have downloaded the official live draw video for you which you can watch here:

Sadly Justin Sun seems to have decided to remove the video as well as the original Tweet he sent out congratulating rightful winner UzGar.

Here is a copy of the original Tweet:

We urge you to check out the whole chain of tweets as well as voting on the poll UzGar has posted.

We feel that Justin has lost what little credibility he had left and has only one course of action and that is to rightfully honour this winner as well as honouring the replacement winner they chose over UzGar. Without this act of faith I don’t think the Tron project has any hope left and it calls into question the BitTorrent BTT token as well as whatever other coins Justin decides to bring onto the market.

Please do the right thing Justin.

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