Lucky streak 1, 2 & 3 slots by Endorphina

Lucky streak 1: A new game by Endorphina to put reels on fire.

lucky streak 1 endorphina

It is the beginning of autumn, where the temperature and moods begin to drop, leaving everyone feeling a bit blue and lazy before the Christmas rush hits us in full force. However, this is not Endorphina’s case. Recently these guys have been dropping new games like there’s no tomorrow –
and they don’t plan to slow down or stop. Lucky Lands, Kamchatka, Dia de Los Muertos and the last game to heat things up in their portfolio is the new release called Lucky Streak 1. The slot will be available in casinos starting the 8th of November.

Lucky Streak 1 is the first game from the sequel of 3 fruit games, all of them sharing the same core name. What this slot has to offer is an easy gameplay and bright colorful fruits spinning on the reels. Because not everyone is always in the mood for something complicated all the time – or are you?

Fruit games have their solid place in Endorphina’s portfolio and are among the most favourited slots worldwide according to the provider’s statistics. It is highly expected that this hot new 4-row, 5-reel, 40-line gem will make its way to players´ hearts very quickly as well. This game is supposed to give players the feeling of that good old school slot wrapped in beautiful HD graphics with intricate animations. Especially when it comes to those animations of flames, it will make your heart race.

Those burning symbols are here to bring the juiciest and absolutely biggest wins. Are you ready to play?

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Lucky Streak 2: Endorphina strikes again with a sequel of their Lucky Streak slot!

lucky streak 2 endorphina

Not too long ago, we’ve covered the release of Endorphina’s Lucky Streak slot, the first game to be released of their planned series (out of three). And now it’s already time to unveil the second game from this fruity classic saga.
Lucky Streak 2 is a classic fruit game with 5 reels and 5 lines. From the design perspective, in comparison with Lucky Streak 1, you get much darker colors, more heat and fire and of course an endless amount of joy from playing the game. This game is absolutely perfect for those players who prefer easy game mathematics and some juicy and fruitilicous wins.
With Endorphina’s latest releases back to back, they definitely now how to keep us all on our toes. With this latest Lucky Streak 2 release, the ice and snow in these winter days can’t compete with Endorphina’s fire and hot wins!

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Lucky Streak 3: Endorphina’s next fiery slot game drops to continue their hottest saga yet.

Lucky Streak 3

Endorphina has just announced that another game of their fruity and fiery fusion game saga will make its debut in casinos today. After the successful release of Lucky Streak 1 and Lucky Streak 2, now’s the time for another fruit gem of this hot saga to land inside providers’ portfolio.

The Czech-based provider Endorphina is known for their colorful and playful games and various themes. But one thing’s for sure – fruit games keep their spot at top ranking positions worldwide. And this is why players are in for an extra flare inside of Endorphina´s Lucky Streak 3.

Nikita Gorshkov, Head of Account Operations of Endorphina:

“Lucky Streak 3 is rocking the darkest atmosphere with the highest amount of flames in the game in hopes to spark players´ interest and set theirs hearts on fire. The gameplay is pretty straightforward and the beautiful polished symbols with a rather old-school vibe will allow everyone to enjoy this 3-row and 3-reel game.”

Endorphina, known for creating extravagant and one-of-a-kind slot games such as Taboo, Twerk, Diamond Vapor and Satoshi’s secret, makes sure to add in some of those classic slot games to keep the proper balance. This way, players who enjoy a traditional style as well as those who prefer to go wild, will both be able to enjoy the gameplay.

By adding Lucky Streak 3, this provider will get pretty close to achieving 60 slot games in their portfolio offered to clients worldwide. We predict that Lucky Streak 3 has a bright future with many happy and lucky players to come.

Endorphina will be present at Prague Gaming summit 2019

Prague Gaming summit has already established its place among gaming conferences and will be taking place again this March. This year they expanded their focus not only on Czech Republic, but also Slovakia and Poland, monitoring the activity of the industry in those regions as well. The event will take place again in Prague on 12th March and it is expected that +125 delegates will attend. Delegates from Endorphina, the online slot game provider based in Prague, can´t be missing this event.

Jakub Kolomicenko, Endorphina´s Head of Legal will be representing the company as part of Compliance Panel. He will share his view of Gambling in Czech Republic. Kolomicenko is going to share his opinion on how industry shaped during last three years in this region and what we can be expecting in future.

As part of the event, a surprise musical performance of Tal Ron per the special invitation of European Gaming Media and the Gaming Industry executives will be held during the conference to relax the atmospere.

About Prague Gaming Summit

Even from its inaugural edition in 2017, Prague Gaming Summit has been considered as the leading event in the region which offers a priceless opportunity for local and international operators to get together yearly to network and learn. The conference has recorded considerable growth during the 2018 edition and will continue to bring the quality platform with which usual delegates have already gotten used to.

Endorphina will be at Enada Primavera in Rimini

Enada Primavera will be held in Rimini this week. The online gaming provider Endorphina sends one of their sales representatives all the way from Prague to the event.

The event is going to welcome delegates and professionals from around the world to discover the latest innovations and trends in industry in terms of services and products.

The exhibition will be attended by Zdeněk Ilosa, sales representative of Endorphina, who recently joined the company. He sees the importance of these smaller shows, as well as in the big ones like ICE London, and is interested in visiting trade shows in regions where Endorphina games are not yet licensed. In his opinion, it is important to have a connection with the right people in the area before entering the market, because it allows faster and smoother market penetration.

Endorphina is expected to obtain at least one more license this year to offer its portfolio including top games such as Lucky Streak, Voodoo, or Satoshi´s Secret, worldwide.

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