Sugar Glider slot from Endorphina

Meet Endorphina’s new and sweetest hero – Sugar Glider!

Sugar Glider slot from Endorphina

Endorphina, the online slot game provider from the Czech Republic, has put a handful of games out this Autumn and now they’re already adding yet another one!
The company started teasing the audience about this new game release just a few weeks ago and it was unclear when the game would be ready and available for players. It all started to become more clear during the Sigma exhibition, currently taking place in Malta. Endorphina is exhibiting there for the first time and at their stand (being in the centre of attention), it seems they were hiding all the secrets about their newest game all along.
Visitors of the exhibition are able to see the first sneak peek from the game at Endorphina’s stand in their specially designed and secret room.
On the second day of the expo (29 th of November), Endorphina’s stand was loud and proud as they presented the new game to their visitors. Sugar Glider is a bright and colorful game featuring the company’s new hero, a furry Sugar Glider. The game is built around the idea of a tropical forest being the source of exotic delicious fruits and a home to unusual animals. The main hero – Sugar Glider – protects the forest from the evil creature, Praying Mantis, and brings the ol’ good wins to players who stand by his side.
The gameplay is easy and smooth so that nothing can disturb you from enjoying the HD graphics and intricate animations.

Sugar Glider RTP = 96.00%

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