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Phantasma is a new platform defining both a storage specification and a protocol for sending messages from one source to one or multiple destinations via smart contracts. With Phantasma it is possible to implement emails, chat, oracles, file transfers and other message-based systems on top of a blockchain.

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Phantasma (SOUL) current price is $0.0635 with a marketcap of $3.73 M. Its price is 14.29% up in last 24 hours.

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The tokenomics of Phantasma Energy '' $KCAL '' will be reworked to include: burning, improved token velocity, a gamified tokenomics and a lottery system for prizes. More information soon, you'll love it.

$soul #soulmasters @phantasmachain #PhantasmaChain #crypto $btc

$SOUL @phantasmachain a tease of what’s to come:
- Unlimited side chains
- POS+consensus
- Dual token+staking
- AAA standard mainstream games
- Crosschain NFT+dapps support
- Layered smart contracts
- Ghostmode–private transactions
- Cross chain wallet
(currently 4mil mcap 🤭)

Phantasma’s FIRST dApp COMPETITION ever!

The prize pool consists of 100K SOUL, 100K KCAL and 3 spots to become a Block Producer!

#blockchain #Crypto #Dapps #CompetitionTime #BTC #ETH #NEO #EOS $SOUL

It's hard for us to find more bugs, as we wrote the codes ourselves. We will challenge our dev community to find bugs with our bug bounty program to win rewards! More people helping = sooner main net launch.

dApp competition soon!

@onihunters @phantasmachain $kcal $soul $btc

Tomorrow, June 25th, there will be a live #PhantasmaChain AMA on Facebook hosted by @coin98_net. Coin98 is a Vietnamese crypto community. AMA starts 13:00 and ends 14:00 (UTC+0).

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Join the live AMA:

2K SOUL for grabs!

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