Darts Players to watch out for; Dave Coyne

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As part of my campaign to bring  new and exciting players to the darts fans at home, I would like to introduce another exciting talent, and someone who you may well see making inroads within the PDC; Dave Coyne

Dave Coyne is a bright young Irish player who has tasted success at the recent PDC pro tour event in Dublin – reaching the last 64 (then knocked out by the world class Paul Nicholson 6-2, which is no embarrasment!).  Back in 2007 he was also reached the SEMI FINALS of the BDO Winmau World Masters – no mean feat at all (that’s the oldest and most respected tournament around in any form of darts!).   He has also started posting on ‘The Stars of Darts’ forum – which bodes well for the lad – if only how to pick up banter and how to drink a pint or three *only joking… ish*, and if what a darts insider tells me is true, young Mr Coyne could have an exciting time in darts ahead of him!

Please enjoy his mini interview below – what I like is his hungry attitude – he wins £600 across three pro tour events, but is disappointed he didn’t take the ‘big pro’ scalps – that’s the sort of thing we want, forget just being happy to be there!  Dave Coyne really does seem to be one of the bright stars of Irish darts – and I hope that he gets the support (and sponsorship) someone of his talent deserves!

Q.  How did you set out in darts?

It was just through my dad, he played for county and country so I guess i just played from a young age and when I got older and more interested I practiced harder and was lucky enough to get good.  I then started to progress in tournaments and wanted to follow in his footsteps..

Q. Who are your darting heroes?

There is alot of players that i like in the game and would count as heroes.  I think the main ones would have to be Andy Smith, Terry Jenkins, and Steve Brown,  because i think they are all great players with great attitudes.  I think these players make the sport more popular everyday.

Q. What would you like to achieve in the game, near future and further down the line?

Well I have alot of ambitions as im sure everyone in darts has.. I think my main ambition at the moment is to win the under 21 world championship which is being held in Barnsly in November, and after that I’d like to get my PDC pro tour card for next year and try to qualify for the UK Open finals in Bolton.. it has always be my ambition to make at least one televised tournament and I think these a realistic goals.  Thats what drives me everyday to practice and work hard at my game.

Q. What teams do you play for, and your achievments to date?  How has the pro tour events gone for you that youve played in recently?

I play for my county team whick is Kilkenny which is one of the top teams in Ireland, which is always nice to be a part of; top class set up and top class players, can’t ask for much more really. I think my main achievments are; semi finalist in Winmau World Masters 2007, silver and bronze medalist in Europe cup 2008 in Wales, All Ireland inter counties winners Dublin open winner 2010 and qualifying for PDC under 21 world championship.  I’ve played in 3 PDC tour events one last November and two this October and I reached the last 64 each time earning £600 between the three events. In these events I lost out to 3 professionals, Tony Eccles 6-3, Co. Stompe 6-4 and Paul Nicolson 6-2.  I was quite happy winning some money but I would have liked to beat one of the professional i think it would have gave me a lot more confidence..

Q. If you were to make a TV tournament – what walk on music should be expect to hear?

I’ve always said if I needed walk on music it would be dearg doom by the horselips because it is a good Irish song and it gets me pumped up. (found it here, Krispy)

Q.  How much time are you able to practice – and do you have a set practice routine and location?

I’ve just finished school so i have a lot of time on my hands so I try to do between 3-4 hours a day.  I practice in my house in the spare room.. most of the time I set myself a practice routine; like practice on my doubles and finishing a lot because I think finishes decide a lot of games.  If you can be sharp on your doubles you will be tough to beat so I try my best on that, and I do the 121 game alot too.

Thanks to Dave Coyne for taking the time to answer my questions, and hopefully you’ll be hearing a lot more about this young man in the coming years – not many players can win money at each of their first 3 PDC pro tour events!!   If you are interested in helping him with sponsorship or in any other way please contact me and I will be happy to pass your e-mail on.

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