Fire vs Ice The Eternal Battle slot

Fire vs Ice The Eternal Battle slot

Fire vs Ice Game Help

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  • Game Overview
  • Main Game Features
  • Playing the Game
  • Game Controls
  • Autobet \ Autoplay
  • Mobile Settings Screen
  • Reality Check

Game Overview

Game Description

Fire vs Ice depicts the ancient feud between the elements, as they battle against each other in an everlasting struggle for dominance. Fire vs Ice is a 5-reel, 25-line action slot packed with features including: Fiery free spins, always paying Icy bonus game, expanding and sticky wilds, feature triggering progression and more! So choose a side pit yourself into the incredible and eternal fight: Fire vs Ice

Game Information

Game paylines:

General information table:

Game Type Video Slot
Number of Paylines \ Ways 25 (Fixed)
Number of Reels \ Rows 5
Game Features Fiery free spins that can be retriggered within the feature, Icy Bonus Game that can be retriggered on completion, Hot 7 expanding wild, Cold 7 expanding and sticky wild, Fire and Ice guns that can trigger Fiery free spins or Icy bonus game respectively, once they manage to destroy the opposing gun.
Return to Player 93.87%
Hit Rate (Optional)
Default Denominations By Vendor
Full Screen Support Yes
Sound Control Yes
Mobile Support Yes

Game Features

Fire vs Ice guns

Two guns oppose each other at the top section of the game, above the reels, and perpetually fire beams of fire and ice at each other. Every winning round is considered either a hot or cold win, as a result of the sum of hot symbols vs the cold symbols lines participating in the win. A hot win powers the fire gun, while a cold win powers the ice gun. Once enough hot or cold wins occur in succession, the relevant gun will prevail and defeat the other gun, resulting in triggering the element’s respective feature (fiery free spins for Fire, and Icy bonus game for Ice)
*Any change of the bet amount after the balance between the guns has progressed beyond the mid-point will restore the balance between the guns to the mid-point. It is recommended to only change the bet amount while the guns are balanced at the mid-point.*

Icy Bonus game

The Icy bonus game can be triggered by 3 or more bonus symbols appearing anywhere over the reels.

The feature can also be triggered by the Ice gun once it defeates the fire gun.
Winning the round with 4 or 5 bonus symbols will win the player 1 or 2 more chances (retriggers) to complete the bonus game, respectively.
If the Ice cannon wins while bonus symbols appear, it will contribute another retrigger to the triggering combination.
Inside the bonus game the player is required to choose ice bricks in an ice pyramid. Select the right ones and reach the crown to retrigger the game.
Choose the wrong one, and the remaining blocks will explode, and the game will end.

Fiery Free spins

To win the fiery free spins, 3 or more Free Games symbols will need to appear anywhere on the game reels.

The feature can also be triggered by the fire gun defeating the ice gun.
Winning the round with 4 or 5 bonus symbols will win the player 5 or 10 more free spins (retriggers), respectively.
The game can also win more free spins by winning scatter symbols during a free spin or the appearance of a natural hot 7 wild over reel 5.
If any of the above occurs, the player will be awarded with 5-20 additional free spins depending on triggering combination.

Hot 7 Wild

Aside from substituting for any symbol, except free games and bonus symbols, the Hot 7 Wild will expand more hot 7 wilds over 1-3 additional spots around it, in random.

Cold 7 Wild

The Cold 7 Wild, aside from substituting for any symbol, except free games and bonus symbols, will expand 1 more cold 7 wild over a random spot around it. Both symbols will then become sticky over their spots for 1 more round.

Playing the Game

To play a round, configure your bet using the ‘Bet Plus / Minus buttons, and press or ‘Spacebar’ to submit the bet and initiate the round.
A second click on the or the ‘Spacebar’ will fast-forward the round to the round results, or in the case of multiple lines winning, will skip the win animation and start the next round.
The round can also be initiated using the ‘Autobet \ Autoplay’.

Payout Rules

  • Winning combinations are paid per line in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.
  • A line win in credits or currency is equal to the value shown in the PAYTABLE, multiplied by the line bet amount.
  • Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according to the game’s ‘Paytable’, which can be accessed through the ‘Info’ button .
  • All symbols multipliers can be found in the Symbol screen in the Info pages.
  • The prizes are calculated using the following formula: Bet amount, multiplied by the symbol multiplier, divided by the number of paylines (25).
  • Only the highest win per line is paid.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are added up.
  • All wins occur on the selected paylines, excluding bonus wins.
  • Changing the bet amount will nullify the waypoint progression to the beginning of the current waypoint.

Payout Rules in Features

  • Free Games (Free Spins features) are played at the same bet amount as the round that activated the Free Games.
  • Free Games wins are added to any initial bet line wins.
  • At the end of Free Games, the game returns to the round that activated the Free Games Spins.
  • Change in the bet amount during sticky wilds boost will cause the losing of the boosts.
  • All Bonuses and boosts multipliers are calculated on the current bet X the feature multiplier

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