Clarity (CLRTY) Initial Coin Offering - ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameClarity
Start DateFebruary 14, 2019
End DateApril 08, 2019

We are building a revolutionary platform for all small businesses that will combine the power of technology and the right advisors to make our vision a reality. One where every business owner has all their data in one place and the control over who has access to it and when. We also want to reward those who choose to share elements of their data.

In addition to ensuring the #achievement of #businessobjectives, managers are #responsible for encouraging #growth, #confidence and #ambition in #employees

Check out our latest blog - Why a Good Coach is a Good Manager - for some tips from #TeamClarity

. @SteveBriginshaw + @aynsleydamery are pro's at #remoteworking

Trains, restaurants, airports, taxis ... you name it - they've worked there ❗️

#StartUp life is busy! But we πŸ’™ what we do, and we're passionate about seeing it through - thanks for leading from the front πŸ‘Š πŸ’ͺ


Blockchain: Separating fact from fiction

#theCLRTYproject #blockchain #blockchaintechnology #tech #blog

Is Intuit launching an Uber for Bookkeeping? Thoughts on "QuickBooks with Live Bookkeeping," and more

@BlakeTOliver and @DavidLeary

#theCLRTYproject @ApplePodcasts @QuickBooksUK @Intuit

Very pleased with how #development is going on the @theCLRTYproject πŸ™Œ The #team are doing great 😎Here’s a brief update with details about how we’re working on our #dev πŸ‘‰ πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ #ClarityCommunity #SaaS #Blockchain #fintech #theCLRTYproject #teamwork

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Price1 ETH = 3,000 CLRTY SaleN/A Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution92% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap8,333 ETH Hard CapN/A

General ICO Warning:

Due to the high number of scams associated with initial coin offerings, Wise Cryptos does not recommend investing in any ICO. There are many sources quoting anything from 80% up to 95% failure rates of Initial Coin Offerings for one reason or another. While the exact figures are difficult to accurately identify, the overall trend is worrying and investing in an ICO often feels as risky as wildly and irresponsibly gambling at a cryptocurrency casino. This is a real shame for the genuine projects with real promise and practical and useful real world application.