Current X Change (PRP) Initial Coin Offering - ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameCurrent X Change
Start DateDecember 21, 2018
End DateJune 21, 2019
1 Month ago

Purple is a triangular cryprovoting system that runs location-based democratic “top charts” for media and more. Purple allows anyone to vote on music, art, media, creations, ideas, and solutions to real-world problems. Content that receives many votes will go on to get more exposure on the system. If content gets to the top of a local chart, it grows up a fractal chain of locations, until the whole world sees it on top of the site.

Founder / System Designer / Chief Visionary
Full-Stack Developer
Security / Blockchain / Full Stack Developer

Nothing like flowing to great music. Whether spinning, rapping, dancing, juggling, it's all better with beautiful music!!

As an artist, what information would you prefer cXc show your listeners and fans?

We updated the share options to have a "copy link" button instead of a telegram share. I realized there was no easy way to copy the link from mobile chrome.

Think I might change the color. Open for suggestions!

We added a new menu to to help you learn all about cXc and where we are going!!

Learn more about the progress of the application in our Dev update posted this morning:

Have you posted your music y?

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Price1.0000 USD Sale17,915,904 Payment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution50% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap1,500,000 USD Hard Cap15,000,000 USD

General ICO Warning:

Due to the high number of scams associated with initial coin offerings, Wise Cryptos does not recommend investing in any ICO. There are many sources quoting anything from 80% up to 95% failure rates of Initial Coin Offerings for one reason or another. While the exact figures are difficult to accurately identify, the overall trend is worrying and investing in an ICO often feels as risky as wildly and irresponsibly gambling at a cryptocurrency casino. This is a real shame for the genuine projects with real promise and practical and useful real world application.