D1 (PreICO) (D1C) Initial Coin Offering - ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameD1 (PreICO)
Start DateOctober 15, 2018
End DateMarch 01, 2019
4 Months ago
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D1 is named after M1, a term from economics, which refers to the base monetary supply, i.e. all the cash and equivalent circulating in the economy. D1 represents the diamonds circulating in the economy, which have an estimated market value of USD 1 trillion. In one US Dollar you own a small fraction of the total M1 of USD 3.62 trillion; in the D1 Coin you own a fraction of institutionally-certified, securely vaulted stock of high-grade diamonds. The D1 Coin is a diamond-backed token, with each D1 Coin pegged to the value of a fraction of an authentic, natural diamond, a proxy for ownership of a share of the world’s diamond reserve that has proven to be 100x more resilient to devaluation than US Dollar.

D1 Founder & Director
D1 Technical Director
D1 Operations Director

We sat down with Danny Deng, Chairman of the Tai Cloud Corp. & GM of the Beijing Blockchain Ecosystem Investment Fund to discuss D1 Coin projects and its potential @ a new and still nearly empty market of asset based tokens. https://t.co/aPdMiyfIB1

What happens if the D1 token price “goes south” after the token getting listed on crypto exchanges? That’s the question that bothers every investor in tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies. Let’s have a closer look on D1 Coin case in this respect.

D1 Coin was featured in Bitcoinist. Don't hesitate to look into the story on D1 token and its potential use in savings and money management.


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Price8.5000 USD SaleN/A Payment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/A DistributionN/A RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A

General ICO Warning:

Due to the high number of scams associated with initial coin offerings, Wise Cryptos does not recommend investing in any ICO. There are many sources quoting anything from 80% up to 95% failure rates of Initial Coin Offerings for one reason or another. While the exact figures are difficult to accurately identify, the overall trend is worrying and investing in an ICO often feels as risky as wildly and irresponsibly gambling at a cryptocurrency casino. This is a real shame for the genuine projects with real promise and practical and useful real world application.