Saisho (ST) Initial Coin Offering - ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO NameSaisho
Start DateJuly 23, 2018
End DateMarch 23, 2019
1 Month ago
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Saisho is an online art marketplace whose selling prices are governed by transparent and objective market criteria, giving the buyers the chance to acquire original artworks with a clear understanding of its value and facilitating access for every artist to the market under equal conditions. Through Saisho ICO, a parallel platform to Saisho, we are launching a completely new democratized art patronage system worldwide giving the investors the opportunity to discover within Saisho the most talented and valuable artists of the XXI century.

¿Sigue siendo hoy más difícil para una mujer artista acceder al sistema del #arte? Hemos charlado sobre éste y otros temas con las organizadoras de We don't care anymore, una plataforma que impulsa el arte y la creación de #mujeresartistas:

¿Conoces el trabajo de la #artista Rut Aguirre? Si quieres saber más sobre su obra no te pierdas hoy el directo que hará desde nuestra cuenta de Instagram (@saishoart) en el marco de nuestra #onlineexhibition More Painting, please! #artcollector #curatedsellingexhibition

¡Ya está aquí nuestra nueva #curatedsellingexhibition! En ella reflexionamos en torno a la #pintura a través del trabajo de 8 artistas que pertenecen a una misma generación pero que abordan su práctica pictórica desde enfoques diferentes. ¡Acompáñanos!

Hablamos con los fotógrafos Leafhooper sobre su carrera artística y de la situación actual del arte contemporáneo en España. Have a look!!! #artecontemporaneo #fotografia #arteemergente

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Price1 ST = 1 EUR SaleN/A Payment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/A DistributionN/A RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A

General ICO Warning:

Due to the high number of scams associated with initial coin offerings, Wise Cryptos does not recommend investing in any ICO. There are many sources quoting anything from 80% up to 95% failure rates of Initial Coin Offerings for one reason or another. While the exact figures are difficult to accurately identify, the overall trend is worrying and investing in an ICO often feels as risky as wildly and irresponsibly gambling at a cryptocurrency casino. This is a real shame for the genuine projects with real promise and practical and useful real world application.