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Xeophin Pt y Ltd is a Melbourne, Australia based, Biotech Company with a focus on imunomodulating technologies, and is commit ted to the research, development and commercialisation of new and novel medical treatment s, in a number of high grow th therapeutic areas such as inflammation.

Our mission and vision are simple: “Take our core technologies and drive them through our six step process. The outcome being a transaction ready and IP protected technolog y por t folio. From this Xeophin will under take commercialisation activities to achieve a significant royalt y deal, delivering value to our XeR A-1 Token holders”.

In his position as Chief Executive Of ficer, Troy Neilson brings significant, relevant and recent Biotech experience along with extensive management skills. Travis Molloy as Executive Chairman brings 15 years experience in the development stage Biotech space and governance. Caroline Cook as Non-Executive Director brings to the organisation a wealth of project management, outsourcing and leadership experience.

Xeophin is currently a private and unlisted Australian company. Formal policies and best practice from Corporate Governance to Financial Management have been implemented from inception. Xeophin will reorganise and transition it self into the USA , this entit y is referred to NewCo at this stage. It is the NewCo entit y that will seek SEC compliance and undertake the formal ICO*.


The team and I @BBiopharm are really excited to be exploring the new landscape of #digitalexchange’s that support #STO’s. It’s a great time to be growing a company. #crypto #Blockchain #Pharmaceutical #Biotechnology #arthritis #inflammation

The @XeophinBio team are really proud that our token offering has been ranked #1 worldwide by http://coinpredictor.io We hope our drugs will help millions worldwide. #ICO #Blockchain #tokens #Pharmaceutical #Biotechnology #arthritis #inflammation

The @XeophinBio team are really proud that our token offering has been ranked #1 worldwide by http://coinpredictor.io We hope our drugs will help millions worldwide. #ICO #Blockchain #tokens #Pharmaceutical #Biotechnology #arthritis #inflammation

Gene Therapies are going to provide a bright and exciting future for those with rare and unmet conditions. #GeneTherapy #antisense #biotech #Pharmaceutical #Inflammation #Disease #dna #gene #CRISPR #GeneEditing

We’re looking forward to building a suite of Gene Therapies based on rapid screening using our PROScreen Gene Discovery Platform. Exciting times ahead! #genetherapy #biotech #Pharmaceutical

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Price0.0000 USD Sale345,450,000 Payment ModeBTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum Investment1 USD Distribution49,35% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A

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