Lucky Darts Fruit Machine


Update: Lucky Darts is no longer available

The third and final online darts game that we would recommend to you this week is Lucky Darts. Lucky Darts is a very appealing online darts slot game. This is more of a classical slot game, which is a preference for some slot players. This slot game is kept very basic, which is a different taste compared to the other 2 darts games, which are more complex and have other features included in them.

The layout consists of a bright red background and then the slot reels placed in the middle of the screen. There are only 3 reels, which is a common look of a classic slot game. The slot symbols include the generic classic symbols which are lemons, bars, 7s and bells etc. Then there are also other symbols like darts, relating to the theme of course.

Some of the excellent and appetising bonus features for this slot game include a multiplier with the value of 3000x your betting stake, if you successfully manage to land 3 bullseyes in 3 darts. There is also a fun gamble feature included in this slot, which will allow you to gamble your winnings in a 50/50 heads or tails coin flip.

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