Plair Unveils Up to 2.4 Billion PLA Buyback Program


    Plair (PLA), a decentralized gaming platform built on the VeChain (VET) blockchain, plans to initiate a PLA Buyback Program worth around 2.4 billion PLA, to fund a reward reserve pool in advance. 

    The funded reserve pool will be used as a reward incentive to support the growth of the Plair gaming platform further.

    According to their official post, the total buyback amount that is set to be a minimum of 1 Billion and up to 2.4 Billion PLA will be acquired on the OceanEx exchange platform over the coming 12 months, which will then be moved directly into their reserve pool.

    Plair Foundation has so far crafted an efficient marketing strategy to attract users, and their objective with this program is to create value for the community, support long-term development, and boost their ambitious marketing plans.

    The gaming platform further revealed that they would conduct a buyback from the market starting from December 2019, with a maximum buying price of 0.03 PLA/VET.

    In order to provide transparency and real-time insights, the acquired PLA from the buyback program will be located at this VeChainThor address: 0x486d2Caa38641c2eB4b294b9FDd7610442c6Fe0E.

    The Prefund Reserve Pool Will Create Proficient Marketing Initiatives

    Plair revealed that they would host various sponsored platform-based challenges and invite celebrities & professional players on the Plair platform. 

    The goal of this move is to draw more valuable users and build a stronger blockchain-based eSports ecosystem & community.

    In this regard, the gaming startup believes that the PLA Buyback prefund reserve pool will boost their marketing initiatives as they release upcoming versions of the PLAIR.GG platform.

    Additionally, Plair revealed that it is planning to launch a ‘membership Program’ for users to get exclusive benefits based on PLA holding and activities on the platform. 

    The following program will reward loyal fans and attract more quality users onto the gaming platform. 

    Plair promised to update the community frequently throughout the buyback process and announce details of the Membership Program in 2020.

    Plair Pioneers eSport Gaming & Streaming

    The platform has continued with its ambitious development. The foundation now aims to be the first blockchain-based platform combining eSport Gaming & Streaming, tackling a $7 billion total accessible market while owning 100% of the source code.

    To build a solid gaming base, Plair developers are reportedly prioritizing critical technical bug fixes over rolling out new features. 

    Regarding streaming, Plair said that they had finalized a ‘Proof of Concept’ demo, which is designed to expand Streaming PLA use-cases by 2020.

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