QTUM weekly development update


    As we have previously mentioned many of the top ranked cryptos fail to deliver regular product updates. Fortunately for investors in Qtum they don’t have this problem. Below is the latest in their weekly development reports. Keep up the good work QTUM!

    QTUM 06/05/2019:

    QTUM weekly Development Updates (April 29 – May 05)

    Qtum Core

    Qtum core updates normally consist of Qtum Improvement Protocols. These QIPs are generated by both our developers and the community and in some cases requests from enterprise users. Our developers evaluate the impact of each QIP and work on high priority QIPs. All bug fixes and feature enhancements that have been issued to the core project will be listed here.

    • Testing QIP-5,6,7,9;
    • working on configurable alert mechanism of the main network.

    New version v0.17.4 release

    • Enforce PoS checks when receiving blocks/headers.
    • Fix a bug that would cause Qt wallet to become unresponsive in Windows when machine time is inaccurate.
    • Fix wrong port numbers in some RPC help messages.
    • Update nMinimumChainWork, ChainTxData and defaultAssumeValid using recent chain data.

    Qtum x86 Virtual Machine

    The Qtum X86 Virtual Machine is a smart contract operating software that is designed to enable easily deployable decentralized applications. Currently you can write smart contracts in C, there will be additional languages as we proceed with x86 development.

    Enterprise version — Unita

    The enterprise version of Qtum, featuring high TPS (Transactions Per Second) and short confirmation time for blocks. Unita also features easy end-user customization per specific business chain requirements.

    1. Unita image deployed in Docker, for the details
    2. Research the Cluster deployment scheme base on Kubernetes.

    Qtum Explorer & Wallets

    The Qtum Blockchain Explorer is our blockchain explorer that is used for viewing transaction details on the Qtum blockchain. The primary blockchain explorer site is qtum.info. Additionally, you’ll find information regarding the official Qtum electrum wallet and support/feature updates to hardware wallets or other interesting services/products

    Qtum.info Explorer

    • No update this week

    PC Wallet

    • Prototype design for the new PC wallet

    Qtum website

    • Work on official forum.

    Qtum Testing

    • Finish the new testing plan



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