Reel Crime 2


Reel Crime 2: Art Heist

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist is a 5 reel, 15 pay line i-Slot game. The game is comprised of five thrilling and unique rounds of slot play and a set of challenging bonus rounds.
As you progress through the game, you’ll be presented with different challenges you’ll need to complete. Failure to complete a challenge may result in a failed heist: if this happens you’ll need to start the game again from the beginning!
There are Five stages to the game, each of which offers different game play

  • Round 1: The PlanSelect the Masterpiece Remy and Raoul will try to steal
  • Round 2: The Tools – Gather all the tools they require and steal the painting
  • Round 3: The Getaway – Elude the Gendarmes’ Chariot to make your getaway
  • Round 4: The Painting – Help them Find an unscrupulous Art Collector
  • Round 5: Beach of Bastille? – Avoid being caught by a Gendarme at the point of sale

At any time you can view the GAME MAP by clicking on the button located at the top of the screen to track your progress in the game.
To progress to the next stage of the art heist you must line up at least 4 masterpiece symbols.

You are currently playing Round 1: The Plan

Scatter Symbols

There are three scatter symbols in this round. The Remy and Raoul scatter symbols trigger an immediate win, while the art heist scatter symbol will enter the “Find the Painting” bonus round.
The Scatter Icons appear on all Reels, with the exception of the Remy and Raoul scatter symbols which only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels.
If you have a Scatter win as well as a regular win, you will be paid out for both wins.
Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the Scatter symbols combination payout by the total number of credits wagered.
Winnings will be calculated according to the Reel Crime 2: Art Heist Payout Schedule.
Note: You may wager on 1 pay line or multiple pay lines (up to 15). Simply click on the SELECT LINES button to enable multiple pay lines. You will only be paid on winning combinations for enabled pay lines, except for the Scatter Icons that pay in any position.

Pick a Painting Bonus Round

The Pick a Painting bonus round is activated by three or more Art Heist symbols. A set of boxes will appear on the screen, you must eliminate boxes until you discover the one that hides one of the Masterpiece paintings. Each box you choose that does not hide a Masterpiece painting will reduce the amount you win on completion of the bonus round

Robin hood Bonus Rounds

The Robin hood bonus rounds can appear at any point during game play. They are not triggered by a symbol combination on the reels, but rather by Robin hood himself coming on screen. You must be playing max coins and lines for the Robin hood bonus rounds to occur. There is a list of Robin hood scenes and payouts available from Art Heist Pay table. These payouts are not multiplied by the number of coins or lines played – however if a free spin multiplier is in place at the time robin hood appears it will affect the robin hood payout.

Payout Schedule

All winning combinations pay Left to Right, except Scatters which pay on any of the five Reels.
The number of credits that are won is dependent on the bet amount as well as the winning combinations once the Reels have stopped spinning.
The winning combinations symbols must line up next to one another on an enabled pay line. At least one of the symbols must be displayed on the first slot reel. If a symbol is not on the first Reel then the combination is not a win and it will not payout.
The paytable shows how many credits are won for each winning combination. The amount of coins won is dependent on two factors:

  1. Number of coins that were bet per pay line.
  2. Coin bet size and how many credits were bet.

The win amount is determined by the number of coins won multiplied by the number of credits bet per pay line.
This does not include Scatters. Scatters do not need to appear on an enabled pay line for them to win. They can appear on any of the five reels and do not need to appear consecutively. Additionally, scatter wins are adjusted by the number of pay lines which are active. Wins in bonus rounds activated by scatters will also increase appropriately with the total number of coins played.

Multiple Pay Lines

Winning combinations pay out on enabled pay lines only. Scatters are the only exception. The Scatter symbols can appear in any position on the reels.
The win amount is determined by the number of coins won multiplied by the number of credits wagered per pay line.
Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the Scatter symbol combination payout by the total number of credits wagered (coins per pay line times number of pay lines which are active).
The coins that are won in the bonus rounds are directly related to the number of credits you had originally wagered when the bonus round was triggered.

Free spins

Free spins may be activated at a multiplier. In this case for the duration of the free spins, all wins are multiplied by the specified multiplier: This includes standard pay lines, scatter symbols, and robin hood bonus rounds.

General Button Descriptions

  • Spin – Begin wager using the current bet amounts.
  • Select Coins – Choose the number of coins wagered per active line.
  • Bet Max – Selects the maximum number of lines and maximum coins per line. Begins wager immediately.
  • Auto – Allows multiple spins to be played automatically. This feature is only available during Real Play.

The expected payback for this game of chance is about 97.03%.
Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

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