Sharknado slot

Sharknado slot

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Table of Contents

  • Game Overview
  • Main Game Features
  • Bloodshot Bonus Wheel Features
  • Playing the Game
  • Game Controls
  • Autobet \ Autoplay
  • Mobile Settings Screen
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Game Overview

Game Description

Get swept into a tornado… we mean a Sharknado of wins in the latest slot Sharknado! This enticing slot is based on the Sharknado film series where a waterspout picks up sharks from the ocean, drops them on Los Angeles and the sharks go on a killing spree. Now, this action packed thrilling adventure is available to play in a 25-lines, 5-reel slot filled with danger and rewards. Sharknado has built a huge global following and is sure to keep you in suspense and entertained.

Game Information

Game paylines:

General information table:

Game TypeVideo Slot
Number of Paylines \ Ways25 (Fixed)
Number of Reels \Rows5 \ 3
Main Game FeaturesRandom Wilds
Bonus FeaturesFree Spins,
Sharknado Mode Mini Game
Free Spins AmountBetween x5 to x20
Return to Player95.95%
Hit Rate (Optional)
Default DenominationsBy Vendor
Full Screen SupportYes
Sound ControlYes
Mobile SupportYes

Main Game Features

Fin’s Random Wilds

Every so often, a wild Sharknado will appear in the middle of the screen and a helicopter will fly from the right-hand side of the screen and try to drop a bomb in order to destroy the wild Sharknado. In the case of a failed attempt, a shark will jump out from the water and eat the bomb. In the case that the bomb destroys the Sharkando, an explosion will occur that will throw random shark wilds on the reels that will substitute for all symbols except for free spins scatters.
The shark wilds will remain on the reels for one turn.

Bonus Games and Features

Sharknado Mode Mini Bonus Game

Once in a while, a tornado will shake the screen, destroying everything in its path, and will trigger the “Sharknado Mode” mini bonus game.
When you first enter Sharknado Mode, you will receive a random multiplier from x2 to x5 that will multiply your winnings during the Sharknado Mode. The rounds for the “Sharknado Mode” are also random and can range between 5 to 12 rounds. The possible multiplier will appear on the upper left corner and the current gained multiplier will glow in bright red the entire duration of the Sharknado Mode. The rounds counter will appear on the middle left side of the screen.

Free Spins

When three or more “Chainsaw” symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you will be awarded with a free spins bonus. When this happens, a tornado will scramble the reels and a free spins counter will appear in the middle of the screen and award you free spins based on the following:

  • Three “Chainsaw” symbols = 5-10 free spins rounds
  • Four “Chainsaw” symbols = 11-15 free spins rounds
  • Five “Chainsaw” symbols = 16-20 free spins rounds

*During the free spins rounds, additional free spins and the “Sharknado Mode” bonus cannot be triggered/

Playing the Game

To play a round, configure your bet using the ‘Bet Plus / Minus buttons, and press or ‘Spacebar’ to submit the bet and initiate the round.
A second click on the or the ‘Spacebar’ will fast-forward the round to the round results, or in the case of multiple lines winning, will skip the win animation and start the next round.
The round can also be initiated using the ‘Autobet \ Autoplay’.

Payout Rules

  • Wnning combinations are paid per line in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.
  • A line win in credits or currency is equal to the value shown in the PAYTABLE, multiplied by the line bet amount.
  • Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according to the game’s ‘Paytable’, which can be accessed through the ‘Info’ button .
  • All symbols multipliers can be found in the Symbol screen in the Info pages.
  • The prizes are calculated using the following formula: Bet amount, multiplied by the symbol multiplier, divided by the number of paylines.
  • Only the highest win per line is paid.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are added up.

Payout Rules in Free Games

  • Free Games (Free Spins features) are played at the same bet amount as the round that activated the Free Games.
  • Free Games wins are added to any initial bet line wins.
  • At the end of Free Games, the game returns to the round that activated the Free Games Spins.

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