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TRX and TRC based gambling sites like Dice, TronBet and all the dozens of others are illegal unlicensed clip joints with terrible reputations and we do not recommend anyone trying them out. Particularly with such a massive dark cloud hanging over Justin Sun’s head and that of the entire Tron Foundation as well as the exit scam one was allowed to pull, only to turn up a month later under a new name and with a new cryptocurrency token on the same TRON platform.

The best Tron Casinos TRX:

Mr Bit

Mr Bit

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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USA, UK, AUS = Restricted


Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS
SlotV Casino

SlotV Casino

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS


Restricted: United States of America, Greece, United Kingdom, Jersey, Gibraltar, Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Dutch West Indies, Curacao

Drift Casino

Drift Casino

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS
Frank Casino

Frank Casino

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS

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Tron Casino

Tron is perhaps one of the lesser-known cryptocurrency options you can use to bet online. However, its popularity has improved over the last year or so. The currency option only went live in 2017, so they are one of the newcomers to the industry. The Singaporean Tron Foundation (a non-profit organisation) uses the same type of blockchain and P2P technology as others but attempts to eliminate the middleman (as it were) between creators and consumers.

Tron can be used to gamble online, although it is not as widely available at Bitcoin and other more renowned cryptocurrency methods. If you’re thinking of trying out a new banking option, and you think Tron fits the bill, read our guide to Tron casinos.

About Tron

Tron was started in 2017 as a non-profit organisation by Justin Sun. The Singaporean operation has developed its own decentralised blockchain platform and is primarily involved in the digital content and entertainment businesses. However, Tron has been used in the online gambling world of late.

The currency is formed of Tronix (TRX). TRX can be purchased at most significant cryptocurrency exchanges, but cannot be bought using FIAT currencies, which is a bit of a weakness at this moment in time. Tron is also only the fifteenth largest cryptocurrency but owing to its age; we’ll say that it is still finding its feet.

Is Tron Legal to Bet with?

Gambling online with Tron isn’t really any different than betting online with other cryptocurrencies. In the West, most cryptocurrencies are tolerated and technically legal, by not officially recognised. Tron is no different.

Top Tron Casinos

Gambling online with Tron can be advantageous for several reasons. Here are some of the perks of using this option to bet online…

  • Specialised Games: Tron online casino sites often have dedicated games which are designed to run using Tronix and not other currencies. These often include dice-based games. One of the perks of this method is that it automatically adds or deducts wins or losses in your Tron wallet.
  • D’Apps and Fairness: Tron incorporates Tron-specific betting sites into its blockchain software. It regularly checks these D’Apps (decentralised apps) to ensure that they are Provably Fair and that they are secure. To our knowledge, this is the only cryptocurrency on the net which provides such a surface. Of course, because of their age, this tech is in its infancy.
  • Ambitious and Room for Growth: Tron is rising in popularity. Sure, at the moment it seems a million miles behind Bitcoin. However, there is a lot of room for growth with this cryptocurrency, and they are doing some fascinating things. The ambitious cryptocurrency could be ideal for players right now, as token costs are low, but won’t be once it gains traction. Tron shows every sign of doing so, which makes it far a less high-risk investment than you might imagine.

Any player who knows how a cryptocurrency works is likely to be impressed with Tron’s casino offerings, small as they may be at this moment time.

Tron Casinos and TRX Casinos

Tron aka Tronix aka TRX was once touted as the next big thing in cryptocurrencies and was widely expected to be the long term number 2 (behind XRP) long after Bitcoin has bitten the preverbial dust. Sadly things have gone from bad to worse lately and Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation are now pretty much a laughing stock in the crypto world.
At the moment there are no Tron casinos offering TRX casino options. This is a concious decision on behalf of the owners and the Chinese government. But you can expect Tron casinos to pop up as they get developed in late 2018 and on since it will be completely free from the Ethereum network by then and on it’s own platform which has been designed for entertainment and that includes gambling.

Update 14/03/2019:

Tron migrated from the Ethereum platform to it’s own mainnet towards the end of 2018. As mentioned previously, this allowed developers on the tron platform more freedom as the platform is specifically designed for entertainment. As such, casino and gambling Dapps have been spouting up left right and center. In terms of game play the quality of some of these Dapps leaves a lot to be desired, and they outweigh those few which are of an excellent standard.

With the anonymity offered by blockchain technology no registration is needed and once players have purchased a crypto token, they are able to play on the casino of choice without any restrictions. This unfortunately means that there is no regulation or oversight and problem gamblers aren’t flagged and are casinos not on having a self exclusion system in place.
One of the larger cryptocurrency casinos recently took a vote amongst its players who voted for TRX to be added to the payment methods.

Terms and Conditions Apply 18+ Gamble Responsibly

Before you accept an online casino bonus at any online casino including Tron casinos, please remember that Terms and Conditions will apply.
Always very carefully read the full Bonus Terms and Conditions as well as the casino General Terms and Conditions.


TRON Will Offer Gaming, Gambling and Sports Betting for Young Audience

By: Bruce Haring Singapore-based TRON, an open-source global digital entertainment protocol plans to launch a blockchain-based betting application later this year. The blockchain platform will include betting on sports and feature online poker and other gambling games.

TRON is building a decentralized online gaming platform equipped with a top-up system open to all virtual currencies and legal tender, according to the company’s white paper. TRON will be compatible with multiple blockchain networks and smart contract systems, including bitcoin and ethereum. Developers can also create their own online gaming platforms with the tools provided.

The company is now planning an initial coin offering (ICO) for its Tronix (or TRX) tokens, which will be used for in-network settlements. The plan is to issue 100 billion tokens during the ICO, which is tentatively set for October. Funds will be used to improve the TRON technical team and bring more platforms into the universe, including some online entertainment startups.

COO By Wang talked with Block Tribune about the company’s plans.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What games will you feature?

BY WANG: In the first stage, we will begin with some kinds of games more compatible with our economic system, like SIM and online gambling.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Will the house have an edge?  Or is it strictly random?

BY WANG: The house doesn’t have an edge, but it is not random.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What will the tokens allow you to do in the ecosystem?

BY WANG: The TRX tokens will make all the games into a whole system. For example, a high-level gambling user will enjoy a high-level experience in a FPS game because the TRX is not only the payment method. TRX will make for a smooth payment between different games even countries.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What are the assurances of a fair game?
BY WANG:The features of blockchain are open, fair, transparent and immutable, which will assure a fair game.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Do you anticipate most of your audience coming from the Asia Pacific region?

BY WANG:We think most of our early users will be from the Asia Pacific region, thanks to our connection with China’s leading audio content community, the Peiwo app, with over ten million users and over one million monthly active users.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: You are focused on mobile. Does that mean you’re skewing toward a younger audience?

BY WANG:  Yes, TRON is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol for the global digital entertainment industry and young people are the main users of online game, gambling, live-streaming and social apps, so we will skew toward a younger audience.

Could This Millennial ‘Crypto’ Tech Visionary Be The Next Jack Ma?

There are not many people who are truly believed to be the ‘next Jack Ma’, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba. Enter, stage right, Justin Sun, an ingenious visionary with the determination to make his businesses global game changers. Now could he really be the next Jack Ma in the making?

Sun is the founder and CEO of TRON, a blockchain-based and open-source platform for the global digital entertainment industry, with an upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) scheduled for this September.
TRON has already transcended Bitcoin and Ethereum to become the first smart contract blockchain protocol with over 10 million (m) wallet users in the world.

As a decentralized digital entertainment protocol based on the blockchain, TRON enhances digital entertainment platforms around the world, including live shows, social networks, online casinos and games as well as mobile games, by providing functions of payment, development, storage and credit sharing.

And, there was me thinking of the 1982 sci-fi action film ‘Tron’ starring Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer, where he interacts with programs in his effort to escape.

Fast forward and now for the first time in history, TRON introduces the concept of the shared economy into the digital entertainment. It puts texts, pictures, videos and live broadcasts in distributed storage with the users on the platform being content producers.

Justin Sun CEO and Founder of Chinese blockchain-based and open-source platform TRON.

The protocol used by TRON currently enables the digital entertainment content providers to interact with ordinary users to what is touted as an unprecedented level – without having to pay a high price for Google Play, Apple Store and other distribution platforms.

Interest in TRON is running on high as it is already showing the same magnitude and growth path as Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, gaining the financial backing and seals of approval from some of the biggest business names in the world. Well, in China to be precise.

The list of protagonists include Tang Binsen, the founder of Clash of Kings; Dai Wei, the founder and CEO of OFO bike, one of the largest sharing economy companies in China; Chaoyong Wang, founder of China Equity Group, one of the largest investment groups in China with market value of over $2 billion (bn); Yin Mingshan, LiFan group founder and one of the largest motor manufacturers in China; Yang Linke, the founder of

They are joined by Xue Manzi, one of the most famous Angel Investors in China, and amongst others.

The global market for digital entertainment products has been estimated according to various sources to be worth approximately $1 trillion, split between lifestyle ($200bn), online betting ($500bn), online gaming (c.$100bn) and information sharing ($100bn).

Sun, who has appeared among the ranks of the Forbes China “30 under 30” in both 2015 and 2017 plus Forbes Asia “30 under 30” this year, was personally invited to become one of the first students of Hupan University. Located in Hangzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, the university was founded by Chinese business magnate Jack Ma who has net worth of around $36.4bn.

There were less than forty students lucky enough to be enrolled in this ‘life-changing’ course, where one of the lecturers was none other former English lecturer Mr. Ma himself.

Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma speaks during the Boao Forum For Asia Annual Conference on March 23 2016 in Qionghai, Hainan Province of China. (Photo by VCG/Getty Images).

Sun, a 26-year-old who is based in the Haidian District of Beijing and hails originally from Shandong Province on the coast by the Bohai Sea, became part of the cryptocurrency community back in 2012 with his first purchases of Bitcoin.

A year later he joined Ripple and worked as the chief representative of Greater China. He helped Ripple with the successful completion of their first-round financing, which totaled $30m and subsequently it them becoming one of the world’s top three virtual currency systems.

Peiwo App & Smart Contract Protocol

In 2015, Sun, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters Degree after studying for a Bachelor’s at Peking University, started a project called Peiwo, an app that is now one of the largest audio-based live show platforms in China, with over 10m registered users and around 1m monthly active users.

This September the Peiwo app will become the first TRON-compatible entertainment app and the first live show software in the world to support a ‘smart contract protocol’ of virtual currency, allowing those 10m registered users to benefit from the additional functions of virtual currency.

Commenting on developments, Sun said: “This is only the first move of TRON. Next, we will provide the infrastructure construction for entertainment systems around the world, including online casino and games. Additionally API access will be provided to facilitate robust settlement services. Our first move, though, is for TRON to make the Peiwo app benefit from its blockchain network.”

What TRON provides is a shared platform for the whole entertainment market to maintain user information and share it between systems, and is claiming that in so doing it is “breaking down information barriers” between apps.

It is explained that in this way users can significantly reduce information input efforts in specific apps, while developers can realize highly effective interactions in the realm of user identification, reducing duplicate identification costs, and preventing the risk of user information being stolen and leaked by intermediate agencies.


The token of the TRON platform, TRONIX, tracks users’ entertainment behaviors and shares credit data with apps within the TRON network.
TRX has additional values of information storage and identification, with records about user acquisition and TRX spending stored in the blockchain. Core information will be accessed by all TRON apps, acting as the only credential for users to play in the global entertainment system.
While TRON will support all kinds of virtual currencies, as the official currency of the platform, TRX will be used for the conversion and circulation of the entire world’s virtual currencies in TRON.

Sun boldly added: “We are very confident that TRON will reach a target of one million wallets registered within a year. The first  million registered users will be rewarded with considerable TRX tokens by registering on the TRON platform.”

Justin Sun, CEO and Founder of TRON, at work.

Information, Credit Sharing & Global Payments

Nowadays, as entertainment apps and systems have short monetization cycles and lifecycles, individual developers cannot store or maintain users’ credit information in a particular entertainment system, so every entertainment system is almost like an information silo.

Before TRON, a global digital entertainment system would be faced with various problems with respect to payments. For example, if an Iranian wants to buy digital product from Japan, it is a problem for the user to pay the Japanese company in question. The payment chain and procedure are prolonged as it is impossible for a user to open a bank account in Japan only for this purpose. Through this platform, global payments are much more simplified.

Removing Barriers & Reducing Costs

The traditional online entertainment industry features high gross profits and high transaction volumes on a global scale. However, each entertainment system has its inherent token barrier. As a result, a user of a particular system using a different sub-system or app will incur a high transaction fee, so making it more difficult for users to switch between systems and apps.

Based on the TRON network, token barriers will be removed – or at least that is the theory. In the entertainment network, a payment settlement interface between systems will be created, realizing a trustworthy transaction information flow. This way, trust between people in numerous social and gaming links will evolve into trust between humans and technology.

Deep Integration

The TRON network has built an entire set of consensus mechanisms, which uses minimum costs to solve identification and personal credit issues in online transactions. It uses ‘point-to-point’ transactions to avoid traditional centralized settlement structure.

Furthermore, the network can play the host role between users and developers, to ensure authenticity and compliance of credit information. These advantages are being held up as “significantly improving” the efficiency of the global entertainment economy.

A decentralized economy is itself a typical feature of a market economy. Reduction in transaction costs will stimulate great increases in consumer demand, ushering in a new, vibrant growth of the global entertainment economy.

Blockchain Networks & Smart Contract Systems

TRON supports various kinds of blockchain networks and smart contract systems including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Qtum, and provides developers with multi-protocol infrastructure for entertainment app development and allows users to benefit from what it is described as “smooth” multi-protocol smart networks.

The TRON protocol has brought forth the new era in autonomous and trustworthy gambling, solving the issues of trust and providing developers the best environment for gambling game development.
Gaming companies are allowed to issue any platform-specific gaming currency and trade freely with the other game publishers within the TRON protocol, which will offer an intelligent contract guarantee system for the trades of different gaming currencies.

This is trumpeted as ensuring that all transactions are complete and smooth, thereby laying the foundation for a globalized and deregulated gaming environment.

In terms of the timeline for TRON going forward between now and December 2018, there are plans for the protocol preparation, the APP release and protocol go-live. Completed development of TRON’s first betting APP is set for early next month (September 7).

Justin Sun believes the future is bright. “I believe TRON will bring some major changes to today’s online entertainment industry and will endow the entire digital entertainment industry with a sense of globalization.”
He added: “Previously, as laws and regulations vary in different countries, there is not a universal digital currency system for the digital entertainment industry. With our current and future developments, we would like to think that we are set to shake the global, digital entertainment sector to the core.”

Given that Sun is half the age of Jack Ma he has many years ahead of him to emulate the Chinese billionaire, succeed and also make a few mistakes along the way. As Ma himself has revealed he was rejected from every job he applied for after college – including KFC – and in 2015 told journalist and talk show host Charlie Rose that he was rejected by Harvard ten times. So, get used to failure and learn lessons from it.

But no doubt his protégé will have gleaned some pearls of wisdom from the tycoon during his time at Hupan University. We could all do with some of that.

The forthcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for TRON, which is being advised by Hai Liu, CEO and co-founder of Beico and partner at GSR Values, together with angel investors Weixing Chen and Charles Xue, is scheduled to commence on September 9, 2017.  

Follow Roger, an ex-FT writer who has penned various investment stories, on Twitter @AitkenRL, LinkedIn, Forbes, Google+. He won a State Street Institutional Press award in 2015.
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More hype or will Justin actually deliver

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