Where to buy Crypto

where to buy crypto

Investors large and small are often asking how to buy Ripple XRP and other cryptocurrencies. Global media attention and word of mouth is opening the world of crypto up to everyone and many are seeing cryptocurrency as a good investment over more traditional means.

By far the most attention has always gone to Bitcoin BTC as one of the very first cryptos in existence and the massive price increases it underwent in 2017. Ripple Inc. has positioned it’s native cryptocurrency XRP as a game changer for international money transactions. Lower fees and near real-time transfers are revolutionizing the global money markets, be that through banks or money exchange companies. XRP is currently by far the leader in (legal and legitimate) real world usage of cryptocurrency, dwarfing the rest including even Bitcoin.

Where to buy crypto including Ripple XRP, Bitcoin BTC other cryptocurrencies:


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The current price of XRP and some other cryptos is seen by many as a good investment to bolster their portfolios, but where is the best place to buy Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin BTC and any other cryptocurrency for you? The table below contains a selection of some of the best places to buy crypto.

Ripple Tip: Many places still note the product as Ripple but what you will buy will be XRP. Ripple is the company name and if you were to wish to trade on an exchange you wouldn’t find that name, so look for the ticker identifier XRP.

The world of payments and currencies is changing with Crypto

There can be no doubt that the world of payments and currencies is changing. Twenty five years ago I would have been walking around with a wallet full of bank notes and a trouser ruining pocket full of assorted coins.

Now I rarely have any more than 1 banknote in my wallet, and any coins go in a box to tip the pizza delivery person with having paid for it online already.

Paying for my rent, electricity, water etc I would receive a letter in the post  once a month and would be required to sign the attached payment notice. Next step would be to drop it off in a sealed envelope at my local branch of the bank.

Nowadays my bills are paid automatically and on the rare occasion that I receive one through the letterbox I simply jump onto the pc, or open my banking app on my phone and pay it in seconds.

Cryptocurrencies have the power to change the world

Quite apart from my personal benefits mentioned above, recent times have seen many companies and institutions benefit from these changes.

With everyone paying for their groceries and petrol with plastic, the amount of armed robberies on supermarkets and petrol stations has almost disappeared. Indeed the cumbersome visits to the supermarket and clothes stores has for many become a thing of the past as you can now order and pay for everything from the comfort of your couch (remember the time spent in the line waiting for the cashier to count out the change for every single shopper).

While these benefits to the general public are huge, these “newer” systems also carry some disadvantages for the points of sale. More often than not, shops have an agreement with a payments company that makes a collective payment to each of their clients on a bi-weekly, or sometimes monthly basis. For the smaller retailer this can be a huge disadvantage as they often have to wait a long period of time, but also need to pay their suppliers for the goods they need to replenish their stocks, often with a week to bridge the financial gap.

With the XRP cryptocurrency for example the shop keeper receives the money within 3 seconds which can be of huge benefit to smaller retailers, particularly as the fees are a fraction of a cent. With Bitcoin the store owner receives the funds within 1 hour to 3 days depending on network load but even this slowest of all cryptos far improves on any point of sale system using fiat currencies. The high average fees with Bitcoin however make it unfeasible for any real world application.

Top Crypto Casinos

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18+ Gamble Responsibly

Always read the General Terms & Conditions before registering to a crypto casino. Before accepting a crypto casino bonus, remember that Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.

Gambling addiction help resources:

Gamblers Anonymous USA = www.gamblersanonymous.org

BeGambleAware UK = www.begambleaware.org

Self exclusion for UK players at Gamstop (For non Gamstop sites you will need to self exclude manually):

Gamstop UK =  www.gamstop.co.uk

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Gamban = www.gamban.com

Cryptocurrency Disclaimer

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