“Why I got into XRP” – All the best answers


XRP is by far the most popular digital asset among the general population and it is only a matter of time before it takes number 1 spot away from Bitcoin. We regularly see threads on Crypto Twitter talking about how, when and why people got into XRP over other cryptocurrencies and Bob Moneybags recently started a new thread asking this exact question to which a lot of our wise friends also responded.

“When did you get into XRP and how did you? I want to see what “sold it” to you guys. I got in a few years ago for a quick buck and didn’t know until my friend showed me ripple’s video about a frictionless and cost effective experience to send money globally. I was sold then.”

Here in this post I’ll dig out and list all the very best responses from this and other similar threads.


Max – “Since I was in banking/investing for over 20 years. I was in btc 201. Then later picked up ltc. Heard about people hating on a ‘bankers’ coin. That intrigued me since I worked at JP Morgan and some other firms and dealt with the hardships of international tranfers. Binance.
XRP bankers coin sold me. And then after going my own research it solidified my decision. I knew a “bankers coin” would succeed. Also since I am very contrarian and have made wealth off my decisions. This was in my wheelhouse and follows my philosophy of being a leader. Not follower”

Xrp jamest – “Friend of mine was in btc so back in September of 16 he got me into btc. By November I had discovered xrp, I think it was around $.27 at the time. Can’t really remember, but started reading on it’s utility and was sold from there. Bought a nice bag and have been adding ever since”

BG Iradji – “BTC to ETH to XRP. A familiar path for many. See ya on the other side elonmusk!”

Matt Midoriyama – “I heard about BTC, ignored it as a pyramid scheme. I heard about ETH, sounded cool but some things didn’t add up. I heard about XRP, sounded cool, dug deeper, sounded brilliant, dug deeper and deeper, crossed t’s, dotted i’s, quadruple checked and jumped in head first.”

XRP Australia – “I got into XRP in Nov 17 and have been buying all the ups and downs since, you know like me that was one hell of a crazy ride. Since then I have never sold a drop because it is obvious XRP WILL BE THE STANDARD”

Levi – “Evolution/natural selection of crypto”

AmillyAmillyAustralia – “It takes awhile to sink in but XRP is always the choice at the end of the day for those that are able to Evolve. Those that don’t which seem to be quite a large majority will be left behind.”

MRCee – “Looked at top 5 crypto. Saw banks cooperating with Ripple. Instantly knew, it was the one. Banks never lose.”


604 XRP Malaysia – “By mistake. Thought you had to buy a whole bitcoin so I looked at the cheapest next available coin. When I started to do my research, I realized Ripple was out to solve the problem I have every month when I send money back home.”

Matt Hamilton – “That’s how I got into XRP. A friend ran a bitcoin mining rig for a while. Then when he realised it was unsustainable long term he sold it all for XRP. He gave me some as a gift and that started me looking into it.”

Pickle Rick – “Read the white paper a couple years ago, and started to touch myself.”

John Backhouse – “2017. After hearing about moving money like information moves today. It was a no brainer that it will happen.”

Yannie North – “Central banks across the globe were testing it! When #XRP hits mainstream news the laggards will be like: ‘why didn’t I hear about this and get into it earlier’.”

RacerS – “A friend’s 16 year son old told me about it in 2017. Then I heard the bit about the fastest way to move money from NY to London was in a suitcase. All in since then.”

XRP Phoenix – “1st February 2019 is when I bought. I never had money before to Invest. I researched coins beforehand, XRP was like finding Gold.”

mikey vinarub – “Got a good job and wanted to invest my money. Looked at stocks saw that it was a 10 year bull run and at all time highs so it wasn’t a good time to get in. Looked at alternatives found crypto on YouTube originally btc and ltc looked deeper and found xrp”

CryptoVegeta – “I was casually mining btc when a friend told me about XRP I started to do research and i was sold very quickly. Started to buy from mid 2018 up to now.”

Robert – “5 second transactions for less than a penny. Been a XRP believer since spring of 2017.”

Steve Weaver – “November 2017. Thats when i first started looking into crypto. Came across xrp and is still the only crypto that makes any sense. Bought first 199 xrp in jan 18 and be buying all the way down since.”

JordanS – “Girlfriend introduced me to Revolut, which offer a crypto service including XRP. Started researching, and within 30 mins I knew what this was. 100% all in since.”

Chris Beckerle – “Was watching a talk about Crypto, and they said 99% of people in Kenya have cell phones, 13% have bank accounts. Now look at the World Bank and IMF mission statements, I really started filling my bags then, it clicked.”

XRP Hulk Smash – “Within the last few months. Galgitron’s Weekend at Bitcoins slammed all doors shut on my investment in anything else at this time.”

Terryodavis – “I got into XRP 6 months ago. What sold me was Brad Garlinghouse and the amazing Ripple team.”

jbtsr47 – “I got inoto it a couple years ago my brother told me about Bitcoin wasn’t interested. Then he told me about XRP & the company Ripple I was sold immediately! I also thought it was bigger of a deal than him but now I know it is bigger of a deal than I ever imagined!”

Jeffrey Hernandez – “Ripple donated tons of money to fulfill grants for teachers and they covered it on The Late Show. As an educator that really moved me. Colbert was like “What is Ripple?” Out of curiosity I started googling it and saw Susie Crew’s famous $333 video. That did it for me.”

Jesper – “In October last year, being invested in bitcoin and listened to maxis then wondering why is XRP so cheap and why do people hate it, glad I started listening to myself lol”

Olex – “Bought 3000 #XRP in last month or so – basically if it’s the crypto of choice for the Banks, and I can’t see Banks disappearing in near future, then it’s a no brainer to be invested”

Cerberus – “I bought #XRP in DEC 2017. After the third person who I know to be intelligent brought it up. If only I’d bought in NOV 2016 when someone first told me about it. I FOMOed so hard in DEC 2017 that my dollar cost average still has me under water as of today. Here’s to hopium”

Earth Walker – “1. Network security not tied to mining incentive
2. Tech = Fast txns, quality protocol, cheap fees
3. Bridge for crypto & fiat = currency switch unnecessary
4. Decentralized
5. Centralized leadership (Ripple) = focused execution & marketing
6. IMF, World Bank, & Central Banks”

Tom – “I found it to be the more cooperative version of bitcoin. I loved bitcoin but with bottom up approach I knew regulations would become a major factor (bitcoin has actually done well). I felt Ripple was the perfect hedge. Top down with a willingness to play by the rules. Plus tech.”

361312rigs – “I was turned on to eth and BTC early 2017. Saw the first moves in March got in in may once i understood the tech. The found XRP knowing banks and governments are not going away while I’m alive.
90% of those in xrp started with BTC and became aware if it’s flaws.”

Ripple Rick – “I got in to go long from the start when I learned how big ripple is, the beast team behind xrp. The meetings with the federal reserve and imf almost sounded like fiction until I finally checked it out for myself. No conspiracy tube. Meeting for real with these cats. I bought in”

Serge – “Few few years ego I was in Los Angeles for a meeting about ATM bitcoin machines and found out #xrp actually was the only coin that held a license. It was no brainer. Picked up some xrp below .02 cents did some research about Ripple and was blown away.
And yes I actually did buy xrp over $2 as well. xrp will be huge guys. That’s the few projects I’m not worried about. Ripple and there team have a really good plan. Be patient”

Dividend Gamer – “Research on my own for crypto currency with real use, products and potential that wasn’t a scam. Only two fit the bill: xrp and csc Everything else is shit.”

EyezUphigh – “Yup, that’s how I got into it. I was big in ETH and BTC. Now I’m almost all XRP. All my friends and family did the same after using some common sense. I still hold eth and BTC of course”

Katie Hopkins – “Look I’ll tell you how I got into this. Someone at work showed me how to get XRP after I looked into the tech and whitepaper. I bought Cardano after watching four hours of lectures on the whitepaper. No people, just the facts.”


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