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If you want to blog about crypto but have nowhere to post your thoughts then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to share your thoughts here – be they positive, frustrated or even if you just want to rant about something. From time to time we will also be conducting interviews with friends of Wise Cryptos which will also be featured in this section.

We will accept most serious guest blogs you may want to submit (and publish them in our Wise Friends section), though we will not accept outright shilling, fake news or FUD.

Promoting scam projects will also not be tolerated.

If you are looking for other cryptocurrency blogs we have published live feeds from some of the most well know as well.

Thanks once again for all your support and welcome to all our Wise Friends, new and old.

wise friends guest crypto blogs

My partner wanted to buy some XRP

“I would like to invest some money in this new company.” – Is what he said at the end of 2016. “Oh no, here we go again.” – I thought. It wasn’t the first time he had said something like that. I must admit though,[Read More…]

“Why I left Bitcoin” – All the best answers

Recently a Twitter conversation went viral among our Crypto Twitter friends, namely the question of “Why I left Bitcoin”. The hashtag #ReasonsYouLeftBitcoin had some joy but the conversation as a whole gathered more pace. Some answers were humorous, some sarcastic while more were actually deadly[Read More…]

My first cryptocurrency transaction

Crypto Currency: My first transaction (last week) was receiving 100 Euros in Ripple (XRP). It was quick, less than one minute from end to end, maybe just a few seconds. Today the amount is 131,88 Euro (Ʀ380.000000). The transfer was initiated using a smart phone,[Read More…]

Questions about Bitcoin from a complete Noob

Is Bitcoin a legitimate currency? Are thieves the main users of Bitcoin? Can I make money using bit coin? Is Bitcoin Handled on the legitimate markets? Can I generate Bitcoins? What is the technology behind Bitcoin? Where can I cash in Bitcoins? Bitcoin a legitimate[Read More…]

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