Stay away from White Label Crypto Exchanges

Why you should stay away from white label crypto exchanges: In this blog we detail how your money & assets may be at risk at many white label cryptocurrency exchanges. What are white label crypto exchanges? The term “White Label” originates from the record industry […]

Launch of the Binance DEX testnet

Today saw the eagerly anticipated launch of the Binance DEX testnet. Always willing and eager to give his customers as much of what they ask for as possible, Changpeng Zhao has been busy behind the scenes with his team for a number of months. The launch […]

8 Reasons JPM Coin is fantastic news for XRP

The middle of February 2019 saw a number of high profile FUD articles pointing to the newly announced blockchain token from JP Morgan as a so called “Ripple Killer”. Bloomberg, CCN, Coindesk and of course CNBC and most other Bitcoin backed crypto “news” sites all […]

QuadrigaCX and the epic $190m exit scam

Well this story is one hell of a can of worms isn’t it… a very difficult one to blog about whilst being both sensitive and at the same time investigative. But I will try my best not to let cynicism get the better of me. […]

Wise Cryptos joins team Edgar darts

Today we are delighted to be able to announce that Wise Cryptos joins team Edgar darts for the duration of the 2019 PDC darts season. Matthew Edgar is the current PDC world number 68 and as an official shirt sponsor, Wise Cryptos will be represented […]

What does official news tell you about a cryptocurrency?

At Wisecryptos we always strive to bring you official cryptocurrency news straight from the source. When we refer to the “source” in this case we actually mean those responsible for the currency. Primarily these will be press releases. In some cases there are companies that […]

Twobitidiot loves Ripple and XRP

If you follow crypto twitter a headline reading “Twobitidiot loves Ripple and XRP” is probably one of the last things that you would imagine reading. However, we are of the firm belief that twobitidiot, aka Ryan Selkis has a secret love affair with both. Twobitidiot […]

SatoshiLite loves fireworks – Crypto Twitter explodes

To be honest we have no idea if he actually does. But perhaps Charlie Lee himself, the developer of Litecoin (LTC) and owner of the “@Satoshilite” Twitter handle, can answer the question “Does SatoshiLite love fireworks”? At the same time, perhaps he could give an […]

Bulls versus Bears 2017-2018

As 2018 winds to a close, we take a quick look back over the past 365 days. In bulls versus bears 2017-2018 we address the top-10 coins as per market cap. Bulls versus bears 2017-2018: On the 30th December 2017 the crypto market was riding […]

Wall Street Cheat Sheet (Psychology of a Market Cycle)

We have recently seen the Wall Street Cheat Sheet (Psychology of a Market Cycle) being passed around all over the place in relation to the current crypto bear market. During this bear market we have gone through a lot of phases, in fact every bull […]

Update on the progress of building Wise Cryptos

We have been working very hard (as has our technical developer) for the past few months trying to get Wise Cryptos up to an officially launchable state. While there is still plenty of work for us left to do both on the technical side and […]

Let’s never stop talking about the price – The case against clickbait

Are you not fed up with seeing nothing but price related articles on cryptocurrency websites? There are some very experienced and talented traders working within the cryptocurrency ecosystem these days. These traders however are the exception rather than the norm and certainly not the types […]

Skrill & Neteller now offering cryptocurrency “interests”

The Paysafe Group which owns and operates eWallets Skrill and Neteller have announced they are opening up cryptocurrency “interests” on both platforms. You can now buy an interest in Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (ABC), Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and 0x. Please be aware however that […]