Xo Manowar slot

Xo Manowar slot

XO Manowar Game Help

Table of Contents

  • Game Overview
  • Main Game Features
  • Bloodshot Bonus Wheel Features
  • Playing the Game
  • Game Controls
  • Autobet \ Autoplay
  • Mobile Settings Screen
  • Reality Check

Game Overview

Game Description

XO Manowar is a legendary Valiant Comic story of epic proportions. Go on a galactic wide quest with Aric of Dacia (XO Manowar) as he battles everyone, from the Romans to the brutal colonizing alien race known as the Vine. XO Manowar is a 5-reel, 25-line action slot with plenty of features including: free spins, wilds and 5 riveting bonus games that always pay. Put on your armor, pick up your weapon and fight for humanity, for the earth, and to WIN!

Game Information

Game paylines:

General information table:

Game Type Video Slot
Number of Paylines \ Ways 25 (Fixed)
Number of Reels \ Rows 5
Game  Features Five different worlds cycled through with ever changing periodic boosts based on winning progression + unique Bonus game for each world
Return to Player 95%
Hit Rate (Optional)
Default Denominations By Vendor
Full Screen Support Yes
Sound Control Yes
Mobile Support Yes

Game Features

Game Chapters:

The game take us between 5 different chapters and in each chapter you have 5 waypoints that you’ll need to reach (waypoint appears on the right side of the game).The purple liquid indicate the progressive inside the waypoint and the growing vine shows you on which waypoint you are.
When you fill a waypoint 1 – 4 you will receive one of 7 possible boost and when you reach the fifth waypoint you will switch to the next chapter.
*any change of the bet amount during the game will nullify the waypoint progression to the beginning of the current waypoint, change the bet amount will be recommended at the beginning of each waypoint.*

Game Boosts

In the game there are three types of boosts that are won when you reach waypoints 1-4 (the fifth waypoints transfer you to the next chapter):

Sticky Wilds Boosts

Any wild that appear on the reels for the next five rounds will become sticky for 3-5 rounds.

Free Spins Boosts

Gives you randomly 10, 15 or 20 free spins

Cash Prize Multiplier Boosts

Multiply your bet amount by one of the following multipliers: X6, X12, X18, X24 and X32

Bonus Games

To win the bonus game you will need to win three or more bonus symbols on the game reels.

There are five different bonus that can won randomly.
When the bonus game is won, the lobby screen will appear where you will see the relevant bonus highlighted with color, after you click the highlighted bonus, the bonus will start.

Bonus Game – “The Hara Vine”

Select up to six flowers from the “Hara Vine” and try to find the “miraculous armor” hiding inside to win the bonus multipliers. The possible multipliers you can win are between X9 to X40 from your bet.

Bonus Game – “Battle Commander Thrill”

Select 1 of three ways to attack the robot and win the multipliers under the attack.
The possible multipliers in this game are between X2 to X20.

Bonus Game – Vine or not?

Scan the humans to try and find the vine hiding inside them, found the vine? You won, it’s a human? You failed. You have up to three bust before the game is ended.
The possible multipliers you can win are between X2 to X25.

Bonus Game – Defend the earth

Defend the earth by shooting the 10 battle ships and find the diamond hiding inside them, you have up to three bust (no diamond) before the game is ended.
The possible multipliers in this game are between X4 to 18.

Bonus Game – The trial of “Shanhara”

Move on the board by choosing the arrows and defeat the enemies on the way to win the prize and the end of the trial
The possible multipliers you can win are between X4 to X32.

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