XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos

Ripple and their hundreds of partners have never focused on the gambling market but are instead focussing on legitimate real world use cases like cross border payments, live streaming payments and the internet of value. As such there are very few online casinos currently using XRP. XRP gambling is far cheaper, faster, and safer than many other cryptocurrencies and we fully expect the regulated online gambling industry to embrace XRP as a payment option in the near future.
In the meantime we will be adding Ripple casinos, XRP slots, crypto casino xrp and xrp online casino sites once we find some that are legitimate, trustworthy and reliable.

Advantages of XRP Ripple Casinos:

  • Virtually Instant Deposits
  • Almost Instant Withdrawals
  • Virtually Zero Transaction Fees Using XRP Compared To Bitcoin
  • Most Stable Currency (Less Volatility)
  • Price Closer to USD
  • Great XRP Casino Bonuses

The Best Ripple Casinos XRP:

Mr Bit

Mr Bit

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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USA, UK, AUS = Restricted


Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS
SlotV Casino

SlotV Casino

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS


Restricted: United States of America, Greece, United Kingdom, Jersey, Gibraltar, Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Dutch West Indies, Curacao

Drift Casino

Drift Casino

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS
Frank Casino

Frank Casino

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS
Anonym Bet

Anonym Bet

USA, UK, AUS = ok

Most countries accepted.

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Ripple Casino information (XRP gambling sites)

Ripple is one of many different cryptocurrencies that you can use to bet online with. Ripple is a rapidly growing currency. The payment method is now one of the top five that you can use to deposit and play at casinos with. In the past, the currency has made strides to become the second-largest cryptocurrency option (after Bitcoin, of course), but often falls back to be the third, fourth or fifth most frequently used.

If you want to know a bit more about Ripple before you use it online, here is our guide to the cryptocurrency payment method.

New Ripple Casinos

Ripple first started in 2012, as a San Francisco-based company. The currency code for the cryptocurrency is XRP, and its currency exchange and payment network are known as RippleNet and are run by Ripple Labs. This is a cryptocurrency which simply loves to hear its own name.

Unlike Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency is controlled and run by Ripple Labs, which some consider a strategic weakness in how it operates. However, the software and technology behind Ripple are not to be dismissed so quickly, with many leading financial organisations trusting the blockchain tech which runs the cryptocurrency. Ripple is the ideal platform for new XRP casinos.

Is Ripple Legal to Bet With?

Ripple – like most cryptocurrency options – is a complicated currency to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most Western governments don’t approve of cryptocurrency betting but don’t go out of their way to ban it. That is where we find ourselves with Ripple.

Top Ripple Casinos

The number of Ripple casinos pales in comparison to the number of Bitcoin sites out there. However, the idea is gaining traction. There are also several perks to choosing Ripple Casinos over their rivals, such as:

  • Anonymity: As most Ripple casinos work on the basis anonymity, players are not required to go through the KYC (know your customer) process at such sites, which may be a perk. This is particularly true if you’re playing in a country where gambling is illegal.
  • Speedy Cashouts: Another major plus with Ripple is speediness. Ripple argues that millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency can be transferred in mere seconds. Ripple Casinos may out their users in record time, considerably faster than even Bitcoin sites. On the same token, the rates attached to XRP transactions are cheaper and more flexible than Bitcoin or FIAT currencies.
  • Earn Bonuses by Playing: Many Ripple casinos provide players with XRP just for wagering and playing their favourite games. This is not true of all leading Bitcoin casinos out there on the net. However, most FIAT currency casinos do offer similar perks.
  • Volatility Less of an Issue: Because Ripple is centralised, it is not as volatile as we’ve seen with Bitcoin. This issue matters to some players and provides them with that extra bit of stability we talked about earlier.

There are only a handful of top Ripple casinos for you to play at right now. However, the number is slowly growing alongside the increase in cryptocurrency sites in general.

Terms and Conditions Apply 18+ Gamble Responsibly

Before you accept an online casino bonus at any online casino including Ripple casinos, please remember that Terms and Conditions will apply.
Always very carefully read the full Bonus Terms and Conditions as well as the casino General Terms and Conditions.

Ripple XRP is without doubt one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the world. With 50 central banks already on the books (including Bank of England, Bank of America, Thailand, Saudi Arabia etc), 200 global banks on board, a new bank added at least every week, Western Union, MoneyGram, Wallmart and many more companies and financial instutitions. Backed by Google, Santander, SBI, etc.

Ripple XRP crypto casinos

XRP Casino Reviews – Ripple Casino Reviews

Why is Ripple/Xpring/XRP ignoring the internets largest liquidity pool?

Ripples ODL (On Demand Liquidity) service relies on XRP liquidity which is why it is only slowly being rolled out corridor by corridor. ODL would benefit hugely from more and more retail users buying and selling XRP all around the world. So why is it that they are completely ignoring the absolute hands down number 1 source of retail online liquidity in the world?
No, I am not talking about Amazon – Ripple may or may not have something going on with them, who knows… they keep using Amazon as example in speeches and slideshows but after many years of using Amazon (and Uber) in their presentations they are starting to sound a little bit like Justin Sun.

No, I am of course talking about online gambling. Some clever people in the Bitcoin Community saw very early on that Bitcoin Casinos was a massive, massive industry waiting to happen. Bitcoin cornered the market in the early days of crypto. But once the flaws of Bitcoin were exposed to the world, the crypto casino industry needed something better, something more reliable, something faster. They needed something as a backup for all the times when Bitcoin transactions are backed up and take more than 12 or 24 hours. Who stepped in? Litecoin. Yes this pale copy of Bitcoin stepped into the breach and has picked up the slack.

Online gamblers like to gamble. And they like to gamble NOW. They don’t want to wait for a day to play (Bitcoin) and they don’t even want to wait 30-60 munutes (Litecoin). Once a gambler decides he wants to have a punt, he wants it immediately.

XRP is the answer. 3 second transaction times are a gamblers wet dream. XRP could – and very much should – dominate this industry. But it doesn’t and is therefore losing out on billions of dollars worth of potential liquidity every single day. And it is not as if it is very difficult to set this up. The XRP ledger is designed perfectly for this use case and a small handful of innovative bookies and casinos have taken it upon themselves to add XRP support. But most haven’t.

A quick phone call and meeting with white label crypto casino suppliers like Rival, RTG, SoftSwiss, etc and XRP can be integrated into ALL of their casinos in the blink of an eye. Dozens and dozens and dozens of casinos using XRP would trigger the domino effect and see the rest all firing up their jets to join the bandwagon.

I understand the “ethical” issue with gambling but nobody is putting a gun to somebodys head and forcing them to gamble. Gamblers make their own minds up before they have a flutter and adding a better payment system is not encouraging gambling. But in the world of crypto not even mighty Ripple has any guilt over the fact that people are losing money hand over fist so that is not an argument in any case.

A huge and very naive missed opportunity. If XRP wants to be number 1 then these kinds of simple oversights need to be stamped out.
Let’s just take a look at how many XRP casinos there are versus Bitcoin and Litecoin casinos:

XRP Casinos:

We have scoured the internet and only found a very small handful. There are a couple of really shonky ones as well as a small number of decent ones.

Litecoin Casinos:

There’s quite a lot of these out there.

Bitcoin Casinos:

And then there’s good old Bitcoin of which there are literally hundreds. Mostly shady clip joints but some of the better ones are included on this site.

Great news for XRP Casino fans as two new online casinos add XRP as a payment option!

USA based Ripple fans as well as Zerpers all over the world can rejoice as both Drake Casino and Gossip Slots add support for XRP for both instant deposits and for withdrawals.

Play 3D Slots, Mobile Games and More Flash Casino Games at Drake!

When it comes to game selection and variety, Drake Casino is at the top of the industry with over 160 thrilling games to choose from. And what truly separates Drake Casino from the pack is how the 160-plus games are offered across a number of specialized categories such as 3D slots, High Roller Tables, Casino Table Games, Progressive Slots and Specialty Games, just to name a few. Finding the tranditional or 3D casino games you love has never been easier!
Players can enjoy the Drake gaming selection through different platforms too including a Flash Casino and a Mobile and Tablet Optimized Casino. With so many different options available, it’s worth expanding on both the Drake games and playing platforms.

3D Casino Slots – The Ultimate Visual Experience

The 3D Slots section is by far one of the most popular areas of Drake Casino. It’s not hard to see why either because all 36 of the 3D casino games offer stunning graphics and very entertaining animations.
House of Fun is certainly a good example of this since players are treated to a riveting and spooky video introduction before seeing exciting animations unfold on the reels. Anybody who’s looking to bring the Las Vegas experience into their living room should try Mr. Vegas, which is full of glitz, glamour, and flashy cutscenes. Finally, those who’d like to unleash their inner musician while chasing big payouts and prizes should definitely try RockStar Slots.

Win Big with Progressive Slots

The quickest way to win huge payouts involves playing progressive slots, where the jackpot increases with every bet. Some of Drake’s biggest progressive jackpots can be found on Slots Angels, Tycoons slots, and The Ghouls. Of course, these are just a small sample of the progressive jackpot games that can be found at Drake Casino.

Tables Games – Bring the Casino to You

If you’re looking for the most realistic online casino experience available, Drake’s casino table games can certainly provide this. The graphical detail and realism make it seem as if you could reach out and touch the table felt on the other side of your screen. And this is certainly nice for those who want to emulate James Bond on the baccarat or single deck blackjack tables. There are a variety of other lifelike Drake table games too such as Caribbean poker, craps, European blackjack, European roulette, Pai Gow poker, pontoon and more.

No Download Flash Casino

Why waste your time and hard drive space downloading online casino software? Drake offers a way around this problem with our Flash Casino games, which allows users to play games directly through their browser. And this is great because players don’t have to wait on slow-loading software before playing. All the Flash Casino requires is the Flash program, which many people already have on their computer. But anybody who doesn’t have Flash can download it within seconds – and with little space wasted on their hard drive!

Play Anywhere through the Mobile Casino

For those who’d like to play Drake Casino games on the run, there’s both a ‘Mobile and Tablet Optimized Casino’ and an ‘Apple Optimized Casino’. These options enable Drake players to make wagers through their Android and/or Apple products. With both a Flash Casino and mobile options available, anybody can enjoy a fantastic and convenient 3D casino experience at Drake.


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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 18-03-2020

Integration of Blockchain Technology in The Music Industry

As it stands today, the music industry has gained a reputation for being in chaos when it comes to authentication and compliance. We are at an age where distributors such as SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify enable online streaming, holding a vast amount of power over the industry. Statistics show that 75% of the industry’s […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 15-03-2020

XRP Embarks On Modest Improvement After Recent Drastic Crash

The movement of XRP has improved substantially after the recent March 12 crash The crypto is struggling to recover to new all-time highs but has failed so far However, hope for a rally in the coming days is high, with investors advised to hold on to their XRP stocks On March 14, 2020, the movement […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 27-02-2020

The big Ripple XRP lawsuit update

We are not going to pass any judgement on the legal side of this lawsuit. Instead we are going to just list the latest legal update in it’s entirity. The only judgement we can make is that it is really strange that so many people in crypto wish for Ripple to lose this lawsuit. This […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 20-02-2020

Bank of America / Ripple partnership reports “accurate but released too soon”

We already know that Bank of America has been unoficially trialling and working with RippleNet for a long time, as have Santander who were one of the first VC investors in Ripple. There have also been Bank of America employees listing Ripple related job profiles on their Linkedin. Now this week a Ripple press release […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 14-02-2020

Ripple’s XRP to scale up to 65,000 tx/ps sooner than we expected

The matter of XRP transaction speed has been quite contentious. While a lot of people are saying that the platform has already scaled to 50,000 tps, it seems not to be entirely true at the moment but everything is already in place for when this scale is needed. To those on Crypto Twitter claiming XRP […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 13-02-2020

Bitmex flash crash doesn’t scare off XRP bulls

On February 13th at 3pm CET the controversial crypto exchange Bitmex flash crashed the price of XRP from over 32 dollar cents right down to 13 cents. Bitmex founder and CEO Arthur Hayes is well known for his anti-XRFP stance and shonky margin trading exchanges are well known to flash crash in order to wipe […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 12-02-2020

WALK – RippleNet and XRP adoption ready to explode

“Crawl, Walk, Run” – Brad Garlinghouse famously quoted with regards to XRP adoption. For an eternity it seemed RippleNet and XRP were stuck in the Crawl phase. Laying the tracks for what was to come might have been enough to satisfy some in the XRP Community but for others the lack of adoption remained a […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 11-02-2020

Ripple wins another lawsuit (and other good XRP news)

Game changing companies like Ripple today just like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Uber before them are constantly under attack from frivoulous lawsuits. Right now it seems we are at 2 down and only one to go! Ripple has just won their latest case (a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Cooperative Entertainment Inc). On January […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 05-02-2020

Ripple and Intermex Partnership Enhances Cross-border Remittances Between U.S and Mexico

On Feb. 4, 2020, Ripple announced that it had entered into a remarkable partnership with International Money Express, Inc. (Intermex), a company that offers remittance services in South America.  The agreement will see Intermex utilize Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) product via RippleNet, the blockchain startup’s flagship product that connects financial institutions and enables them to […]

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Bitcoin Casino Asia 01-02-2020

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation of Japan Invests to Ripple’s MoneyTap

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), the second-largest banking institution in Japan, announced that it had partnered with SBI Holdings to build a Blockchain-based financial service platform. As part of the partnership, the megabank plans to invest in the blockchain-powered payments app, MoneyTap, developed by Ripple and SBI Holdings. SMBC will invest in a related company […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 01-02-2020

XRP Among the Cryptos Projected to Outperform BTC in 2020

The dawn of the new decade will see the 3rd BTC Halving in May 2020. This, combined with accelerated regulatory efforts by numerous central banks worldwide, is expected to create perfect conditions for an increase in cryptocurrency prices. BTC has been leading in the crypto world for the longest time. After all, its underlying tech […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 31-01-2020

Mass crypto adoption tipping point is here at last

Crypto and blockchain have been searching for a real leader to drive mass public awareness and mass adoption. Where Bitcoin has failed to see much adoption over its decade long lifespan, XRP on the other hand has been signing up partners and customers at light speed. But having hundreds and hundreds of banks and financial […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 28-01-2020

Ripple’s XRP Now Available As a Payment Option for Tax Refunds on Refundo

On 28th January 2020, Refundo announced that they had added Ripple’s XRP, Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment options for federal and state tax refunds through their coinRT service in their continued effort to become champions for the low-income taxpayer. As a leading provider of tax-related financial products, Refundo now has four cryptocurrency payment […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 24-01-2020

Davos, Trump, Ripple’s Brad and the Bitcoin narrative

Because the Harry and Megan story is getting a little old, the worlds media attention once again focuses on blinding and scaring everyone with a simple case of the winter sniffles (every year in the USA alone over 50,000 people die directly or indirectly from the common influenza virus and even the humble Norovirus outshines […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 15-01-2020

FUD or Fact – Is SEC Set to Call XRP a Security?

The controversy surrounding Ripple regarding whether or not XRP can be categorized as regulated security has hit the crypto space for quite some time now. There have been mounting allegations against Ripple in regards to the XRP tokens with some alleging that Ripple used the token to increase its wealth. The rising allegations resulted in […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 14-01-2020

XRP powered MoneyGram expand throughout India!

MoneyGram and EbixCash Sign Exclusive Strategic Agreement to Expand Presence in India January 13, 2020 07:28 ET | Source: Ebix, Inc. Millions of consumers across the EbixCash network of more than 75,000 villages and 4,000 cities will access MoneyGram’s leading capabilities and global platform Strategic Partnership aims to bring inward remittance volumes of $3 Billion […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 09-01-2020

RippleNet expansion explodes as Real World Adoption takes off

So far this had been a good day for news relating to real world adoption of crypto with Ripple releasing big news updates from two of their partners whilst Bitcoins own magical money printing machine Tether steps up the expansion of their own privacy sidechain “Liquid”. Full details below: 1. Millions across Asia tap in […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 08-01-2020

Whale Alert Discovers a Billion-Worth XRP Tokens Transferred by Ripple Co-Founder

Whale Alert, a blockchain tracking and analytics provider, reported that they had been tracking Jed McCaleb’s XRP transactions. According to the post published on 6th February, the Ripple Founder had made transactions worth 1.05 billion XRP tokens between since 2014, with his latest January 2020 sale valued at 19 million XRP. Whale Alert estimates that […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 31-12-2019

New Report Indicates that BTC and XRP are the Most Traded Coins in 2019

A new report shows the popularity of cryptocurrencies on Coinbase exchange, as well as their trading activity. Details in the report suggest that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP are among the most purchased cryptocurrencies in Coinbase. The report also revealed that Ripple’s XRP had gained momentum among both financial as well as individual users. This is […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 20-12-2019

SBI Ripple end year on a high, XRP set to dominate in 2020

Today saw two massive announcements coming out of SBI and Ripple once again showing the world who is really boss in the fledgling crypto space. If anyone has any doubts about whether or not XRP is going places, whether it will “never be used by banks” or any of the endless FUD levelled against SBI, […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 13-12-2019

US Government Federal Register document mentions Ripple and XRP

The Bureau has continued to monitor the remittance transfer market since the publication of the Assessment Report and observes that most of these developments continue to progress. Examples include: The continued growth and expanding functionality of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)’s ‘‘global payment innovation’’ (gpi) tracking product, which can increase the amount […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 03-12-2019

Ripple ODL-Based FlashFX Service to Enable Instant Deposits for Australian Bitstamp Users

FlashFX announced a new Ripple On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) corridor that will enable Australian users to deposit US dollars into their Bitstamp accounts instantly. The new ODL corridor will allow FlashFX users to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are supported by the Bitstamp crypto-exchange.  New FlashFX Product Offering Leverages the Ripple ODL Service FlashFX was […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 30-11-2019

New German Money Laundering Law for Cryptocurrency

On November 29th, Kryptowahrungen reported that a new bill that was passed by the Bundestag in German would enable financial institutions to virtually offer online banking and classic securities, including bonds and cryptocurrencies as from January 1st, 2020.  The new law, which was passed by the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) and the German Federal Council, […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 14-11-2019

Coinbase Debit Card Adds XRP and Four Other Cryptos as it Expands to 10 More European Countries

On 14th November 2019, Coinbase announced the expansion of its Visa debit card, which will now support five more cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has also included ten new jurisdictions bringing it to a total of 29 European countries. New Coinbase Visa Debit Card Cryptocurrencies Additions The newly supported cryptocurrencies include Stellar (XLM), Ox (ZRX), Ripple (XRP), Augur […]

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Ethereum Casinos - The best ETH casinos 13-11-2019

RBC Exploring Crypto Trading Platform for Investments And Online Purchases

On November 12, 2019, the Canadian Royal Bank (RBC) revealed that it is looking into building a cryptocurrency trading platform to facilitate customers in buying and selling of digital currencies.  The bank is also looking into allowing clients to open bank accounts holding crypto. According to the report, the coins to be made available for […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 12-11-2019

Ripple unveils game changer: ‘RippleNet Home’

Cryptocurrency giant Ripple has unveiled a new product, “RippleNet Home,” that would allow customers to connect and partner with each other. Strangely the news has gone mostly unnoticed as XRP fans were hoping to see a massive announcement (an Amazon or Google sized partnership for example) but for those watching closely RippleNet Home is even […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 08-11-2019

You can now use XRP to pay for online porn (among other things) – NetCents platform integration today

Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – November 7, 2019) – NetCents Technology Inc. (CSE: NC) (FSE: 26N) (OTCQB: NTTCF) (“NetCents” or the “Company“). NetCents is pleased to announce the addition of Ripple (XRP) to the NetCents merchant gateway and Instant Settlement program to allow for purchases at all of our participating merchants. The integration development has […]

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Bitcoin Casino Asia 07-11-2019

Ripple partners with NUS to grow Singapore’s Fintech sector

On November 7, 2019, the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore (NUS Computing) and blockchain payments firm Ripple partnered to establish the NUS FinTech Lab. The aim of the lab, related to Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative  (UBRI), is to train talent and develop the Singapore financial and technological sector. The joint […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 21-10-2019

Pay your utilities with XRP and BTC

A huge problem for many in crypto is the lack of a possibility to pay your utilities with XRP and BTC. The legal issues surrounding payments with crypto have meant that many have been apprehensive about using some of the existing services out there. Bitpanda, the fully regulated Austrian crypto currency broker and exchange aims […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 09-10-2019

Xago launches XRP exchange in South Africa

It was announced today that Cape Ton based fintech startup Xago launches XRP exchange in South Africa. Utilizing the Xago exchange with a view to creating liquidity for XRP in South Africa, Xago aims to act as the market-making platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and businesses wishing to trade with and utilise XRP and the Ripple […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 16-09-2019

My partner wanted to buy some XRP

“I would like to invest some money in this new company.” – Is what he said at the end of 2016. “Oh no, here we go again.” – I thought. It wasn’t the first time he had said something like that. I must admit though, if we had invested all the times he said he […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 04-09-2019

Is Tokyo 2020 set to be the XRP Olympics?

With Usain Bolt retired, the Olympic Games being held in Tokyo next year will be looking for a new lightning fast hero – will it be the XRP Olympics Tokyo 2020? Instead of looking on the track, maybe we will witness something special happening elswehere, in the stands and outside the stadium altogether. XRP is […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 03-09-2019

Ripple providing a business MasterClass as MGI stocks in the green

Back in June, Ripple agreed to invest up to $50 million into money transfer giant MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI) as part of a two-year partnership to utilise the XRP digital currency for cross-border payments and foreign exchange settlements. MoneyGram was listed at $1.45 on the NASDAQ stock exchange at the time of the deal with Ripple […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 30-08-2019

Retail Investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales

Retail Investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales is not the title of an article you will see online very often. On the contrary actually, as most of the online crypto media at the moment are feeding the “retail investors feeling the pressure of Ripple sales” narrative to the masses. We examine why retail investors should […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 29-08-2019

SBI to implement XRP interim reward for shareholders

Giant of the Japanese financial services market, and Ripple partner SBI, has released news that SBI to implement XRP interim reward for shareholders. SBI to implement XRP interim reward for shareholders Our basic management philosophy is to “contribute to the accurate asset formation of each and every investor”, and we have provided a wealth of […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 15-08-2019

Xpring and Coil in massive grant to drive adoption of Coil and XRP

Aug. 15, 2019: Ripple, Coil and Xpring have announced a massive new grant and plans to accelerate the adoption of both the XRP cryptocurrency as well as the various tools and platforms Coil and the Xpring initiative are developing to modernise and improve traditional online web services. This news comes as a very welcome announcement […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 07-08-2019

Bitpanda completes IEO and launches global exchange

Austrian based cryptocurrency broker Bitpanda completes IEO and launches global exchange. The total raised of 43,6 million euros broke the records for the highest EU based IEO to date. Bitpanda completes IEO and launches global exchange The IEO had three phases with customers able to purchase the BEST tokens  at 9cts, 9,5cts, and 10 euro […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 06-08-2019

Xpring invests in equilibrium connect

Ripple blockchain investment initiative Xpring invests in Equilibrium Connect. Xpring was set up by Ripple to contribute to, invest in and partner with blockchain startups in the fields of payments, interoperability and decentralized finance. Xpring also contribute to open-source crypto protocols such as the XRP Ledger and Interledger projects. Xpring invests in Equilibrium Connect Xpring […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 29-07-2019

Time for all of crypto to get behind Ripple “Call To Arms”

On 28th of July 2019: Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse and Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Ripple, Chris Larson sent an open letter to the United States Congress regarding crypto regulations. At wisecryptos we feel it is Time for all of crypto to get behind Ripple “Call To Arms”. Time for all of crypto to get […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 22-07-2019

Bitrue questions still remain unanswered even after AMA

Bitrue is a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. Victims of a $4,5m hack of XRP and ADA cryptos back in May 2019 the exchange was able to recover some of the stolen coins and ensured that customers did not suffer a financial loss. Despite this social media contains many negative discussions, and sadly, […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 30-06-2019

Moneygram and Ripple are slashing fees

The announcement last week that Ripple had entered a strategic partnership with international money transfer giant Moneygram was just one of many significant news items in crytpo. Many are now seeing Moneygram adverts appear in their webpages and these seem to indicate that Moneygram and Ripple are slashing fees as the ads show us a […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 27-06-2019

$4.5m bitrue XRP hack raising a lot of questions

Before I start this post let me be clear that I am not accusing Bitrue of anything untoward. Hacks happen and XRP in particular is constantly under attack, Take Wise Cryptos for example, any time we post some good news about XRP, within minutes our website gets bombarded with thousands of hack attempts because some […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 31-05-2019

“Why I got into XRP” – All the best answers

XRP is by far the most popular digital asset among the general population and it is only a matter of time before it takes number 1 spot away from Bitcoin. We regularly see threads on Crypto Twitter talking about how, when and why people got into XRP over other cryptocurrencies and Bob Moneybags recently started […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 18-05-2019

While the other top cryptos are having major issues, XRP proves yet again to be the standard!

Everyone knows it: we know it, you know it and the Bitcoin Maximalists know it – though they will bribe, FUD, attack and hack to try and stop the word getting out – XRP is streets ahead of all other cryptocurrencies right now in terms of technology, adoption, partnerships, security, stability, decentralisation, use cases, development […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 14-05-2019

Is SPEDN a step backwards for Crypto

Day one of the 2019 Consensus conference saw the launch of a new Cryptocurrency payment solution SPEDN. Bitcoin maximalists, and owners of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were proudly allowing pictures of themselves to be taken Spedning at Consensus. We ask the question “Is SPEDN a step backwards for Crypto”? Flexa and Gemini […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 14-05-2019

My first cryptocurrency transaction

Crypto Currency: My first transaction (last week) was receiving 100 Euros in Ripple (XRP). It was quick, less than one minute from end to end, maybe just a few seconds. Today the amount is 131,88 Euro (Ʀ380.000000).   The transfer was initiated using a smart phone, I presume it was one using android. These days […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 09-05-2019

Voltron trial sees major development of blockchain trade application

R3 the company behind the distributed ledger technology application Corda announced completion of a major global trial. The Voltran initiative, built on Corda, ran a trial with over 50 banks and corporate institutions across 27 countries. Voltron trial sees major development of blockchain trade application R3, 08/05/2019: Blockchain enabled application simplifies end-to-end Letter of Credit […]

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Bitcoin steals the glory as XRP sparks life into Crypto

Tuesday 2nd of April 2019 may go down as the start of crypto spring with pretty much all of crypto enjoying double digit gains. And while most crypto experts scratch their heads wondering what the hell just happened, 99% of crypto Twitter traders hastily clean up their feeds and pretend they called this move (I […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 07-03-2019

Coinbase comes under constant attack after supporting XRP

At the end of February both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro finally added support for the XRP cryptocurrency. True to form the Bitcoin Army decided to try and derail XRPs good news and within a couple of days we saw the first major attack on Coinbase, the launch of the #deletecoinbase hashtag and even a dedicated […]

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XRP going live on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

Coinbase have finally announced the long awaited addition of XRP to their Coinbase Pro platform ending all FUD claims that XRP is in any way a security. XRP was of course already listed on Coinbase Custody which to date has $500m in total institutional customer crypto holdings, a large percentage thought to be made up […]

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Dutch Senate
XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 19-02-2019

EGBA welcomes Dutch online gambling approval; important step to establish functioning market

Netherlands – Today the Dutch Senate approved an online gambling law for the Netherlands, bringing the Netherlands into line with 25 other EU countries who already regulate the activity. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), representing Europe’s leading online gambling companies, welcomes the adoption of the new law as an important step to establish […]

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8 Reasons JPM Coin is fantastic news for XRP

The middle of February 2019 saw a number of high profile FUD articles pointing to the newly announced blockchain token from JP Morgan as a so called “Ripple Killer”. Bloomberg, CCN, Coindesk and of course CNBC and most other Bitcoin backed crypto “news” sites all jumped on the anti-XRP bandwagon. This attack is following on […]

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Xpring invests in XRPL Labs

In a significant announcement today the utility and adoption of the cryptocurrency XRP was given yet another boost. Ripple is often criticized by some sections of the cryptocurrency community due to XRP being seen as a “bankers coin”. The news that Xpring invests in XRPL Labs is a continuation of the desire to foster broader […]

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SWIFT partnering with R3 – What does this mean for XRP and crypto?

Wednesday 30th of January could end up being a massive milestone for the cryptocurrency industry. After a bear market lasting for more than a year, one of the most talked about, most hyped up and most hated on and FUD’ed about potential partnerships looks like it is finally going to happen – but with a […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 28-01-2019

Twobitidiot loves Ripple and XRP

If you follow crypto twitter a headline reading “Twobitidiot loves Ripple and XRP” is probably one of the last things that you would imagine reading. However, we are of the firm belief that twobitidiot, aka Ryan Selkis has a secret love affair with both. Twobitidiot background to the meltdown To the naked eye, it would […]

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Drake Casino Review

See the best crypto gambling sites Drake Casino Overview: Drake Casino is one of the finest looking USA mobile casinos out there featuring the famous Betsoft 3D slots as well as the innovative and unique Arrows Edge slots. Their reputation has strongly increased since 2018 so things are looking a lot more promising here, with […]

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RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers

Major news for the cyrptocurrency world broke today. Ripple, the US based tech company announced that RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers Worldwide. As many in the crypto environment beg for mass adoption, Ripple has quietly been going about business of making this a reality for the native cryptocurrency of Ripplenet, XRP. In early 2018 Brad Garlinghouse stated […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 24-12-2018

Binance announces XRP base pair listings

On Monday 24th of December 2018, Binance announced they have renamed their Ethereum trading pair menu to “ALTS” in order to add the long awaited XRP base pairs with quote pairs TRX and XZC being the first to be added. The move was first announced by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who Tweeted the following announcements: […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 20-12-2018

St. Jude XRP Project

Continuing our series highlighting the charitable causes supported by cryptocurrency investors, we highlight the St Jude XRP project. St. Jude XRP Project: Set up by crypto enthusiast, and Texas resident, KingBlue, this charity aims to raise $1million for the St Jude children’s research hospital. There are a number of ways to support this project and […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 10-12-2018

Ripplenet powers Coinone Transfer Remittance Service

Ripple Insights discuss Ripplenet powers Coinone Transfer Remittance Service Coinone Transfer, a subsidiary of Coinone, joined ripplenet in May of this year. Team Ripple, 10/12/2018: Ripplenet powers Coinone Transfer Remittance Service, South Korea’s First Blockchain-Powered Remittance Service This month Coinone Transfer, a payments business and a subsidiary of Coinone, introduced South Korea’s first blockchain-powered remittance mobile app and […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 06-12-2018

Wise Cryptos donations to charity (progress report)

There are more and more charities all over the world starting to accept donations in cryptocurrency as well as new charities and social enterprises opening up specifically designed around the ctyptocurrency ecosystem and even some hoping to use blockchain technology to ensure efficiency, security and transparency from start to finish. Aside from the above there […]

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Wandering Ware off-setting carbon emissions

Our cryptocurrency charitites section contains many donations made by companies within the industry. However, not every charity has been set up by the big players, and we are seeing individuals from within the community getting involved for good. Our first highlighted individual goes by the twitter handle Wandering Ware What is Wandering Ware: Based in Sydney, […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 03-12-2018

Kucoin introduces XRP base pairs

Within the cryptocurrency community there have been many calls for listing of XRP base pairs. On Twitter there is a trending hashtag specifically for this, #XRPthebase A huge step towards this has been taking by leading cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin with their annoucement today , Kucoin introduces XRP base pairs 3/12/2018 Kucoin introduces XRP base pairs Dear KuCoin […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 27-09-2018

Ripple announces $105 Million charity venture for education and financial inclusion projects

Ripple, provider of the leading enterprise blockchain solutions for payments, announced its formal social impact program, Ripple for Good. Ripple for Good will focus on projects related to education and financial inclusion. Building on the momentum of recent donations totaling more than $80 million, Ripple is committing an additional $25 million. Ripple is currently in […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 23-05-2018

Ripple donates $4 million to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund

Ashton Kutcher made a surprise visit to the show, and shocked Ellen with one of the biggest donations to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to date. On behalf of Ripple, Mr Kutcher presented and transferred $4,000,000 from Ripple to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund live on air. Visit The Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund.

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 21-05-2018

Online Casino Nederland

The Netherlands has a regulated gambling market, with several national operators providing gambling opportunities for the country’s players. The Dutch Gambling Authority is a lot less lenient when it comes to online casino gambling, though. Taking a look at the tricky Dutch online gambling laws, we will see just what Dutch players can get away […]

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Dutch court
XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 02-05-2018

PR: Dutch court rules on offline gambling licensing while online gambling reform flounders

Brussels, Today – The Council of State, the highest administrative court of the Netherlands, has questioned the granting of the country’s lotto license to the state-owned gambling operator Nederlandse Loterij after finding the existence of only one lotto license to be insufficiently justified by the national gambling regulator. The Council also ruled that the existence […]

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Roulette online NL

English Roulette spelregels (Play n Go) Afgebroken Games Wanneer uw spelronde wordt onderbroken, worden alle spelinformatie en geplaatste inzetten bewaard totdat u het spel heropent. U kunt uw onvoltooide ronde voortzetten vanaf het moment van onderbreking. Een storing annuleert alle uitbetalingen en spellen. Inzetten plaatsen Wanneer u een inzet wil plaatsen klikt u op de […]

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Fruit machine addiction
XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 04-04-2018

Fruit machine addiction in adolescence: A case study

A majority of the research on adolescent fruit machine gambling has been survey type studies concentrating on incidence, demographics and quantitative analysis of motivations, subjective feelings and negative consequences of fruit machine addiction. The data from this study are reported as a case study of an 18 year old former adolescent fruit machine addict with […]

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Ripple donates $29 million to public schools via DonorsChoose

Ripple donates $29 million to public schools vis Donors choose Ripple is often criticised by the crypto “Purists” and mainstream crypto media, much of which because they are a company producing channels of utilization for the XRP cryptocurrency. We wonder how they will respond to waking up to the headline “Ripple donates $29 million to public […]

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Deco Diamonds
XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 23-03-2018

Deco Diamonds slot JFTW Just For The Win

Deco Diamonds About Deco Diamonds Welcome to Deco Diamonds a Video Slot featuring Re-spin and Bonus Wheel. Game Rules General Deco Diamonds is a Video Slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 lines. Win on a line pays if in succession from the leftmost to the rightmost position according to the PAYTABLE. A line […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 31-01-2018

Age of the Gods – Jackpot kansspelautomaat gokkast

Het doel van Age of the Gods™ is om winnende symbool combinaties te krijgen door de rollen te spinnen. Handleiding Je kunt je lijninzet kiezen door gebruik te maken van de (-) en (+) naast Lijninzet (Line Bet) door zo het bedrag aan te passen. Je totale inzet per speelronde = lijninzet x active winlijnen. […]

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Batman - Progressieve Jackpot
XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 30-01-2018

Batman – Progressieve Jackpot Gokkast

Het doel van Batman and the Joker Jewels is om winnende symbool combinaties te krijgen door de rollen te spinnen. Handleiding Het spel wordt altijd gespeeld met 25 actieve winlijnen. Het aantal actieve winlijnen staat vast en kan niet veranderd worden door de speler. Je totale inzet per speelronde = lijninzet x actieve winlijnen. Je […]

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Gold Trophy 2 slot
XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 30-04-2016

Gold Trophy 2 slot

Gold Trophy 2 5 Reel Video Slot This 5-reel, 20-line slot game for the golf lover is right on course! With 2 bonus rounds available your high score can certainly pay off! Winning combinations that includes a wild symbol can give you 6 times the normal prize and might put you straight on the leaderboard […]

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Double Exposure MH
XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 30-04-2015

Double Exposure MH Play n Go

Double Exposure MH – Double Exposure BlackJack / Multi Hands Play this online blackjack game at See the best <online-casino-usa/”>online casinos for USA In Blackjack, your objective is to get a hand with a value closer to 21 than the dealer’s. If your hand exceeds 21, you “bust” and lose your bet. If the dealer […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 24-06-2014

What will happen when Ripple replaces ACH and SEPA?

Just this spring, I wrote a post titled “Ripple aims to destroy the ACH and SEPA systems.” Ripple Labs out-smarted me, though, when news broke earlier this month that Ripple is joining NACHA. For the uninitiated, NACHA (previously the National Automated Clearing House Association) is the very non-profit that operates the Automated Clearing House (ACH) […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 08-06-2014

Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb has begun ripple firesale

After a couple weeks of silence, Jed McCaleb, a Ripple co-founder, came forth with a public post on XRP Talk confirming the fact that he’s started to sell his nearly 9 billion XRP. By the time McCaleb’s done selling, he will have more than doubled the amount of XRP that’s on the market. I’ve argued […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 08-06-2014

Ripple price prediction (XRP)

Since this page seems to be one of the more popular pages, I’m going to update it regularly as I learn new information and change my ripple price expectations. Jed McCaleb confirms ripple sale 6/8/14: Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb has come public to confirm that he’s begun selling his nearly 9 billion XRP. “I have […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 28-05-2014

Should I sell my XRP?

I received two great questions from a reader last night: Do I believe Jed McCaleb is really going to sell his stake in ripple (9 billion XRP)? If so, should I sell my XRP before Jed does? Before I answer, let me reiterate that I can’t give financial advice. I can only give my personal […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 25-05-2014

Ripple Labs to sue Kraken CEO?

When Ripple co-founder, Jesse Powell, announced he was resigning from Ripple’s board, he made the announcement on Reddit (see my post Ripple soap opera continues with board member’s resignation). Powell, who’s also the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, probably wasn’t expecting his move to devolve into a potential lawsuit. But that looks exactly like what’s […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 23-05-2014

Analyzing Jed McCaleb’s departure and the ripple currency plunge (XRP)

KEY UPDATE, 5/27/14: Ripple Labs has responded by saying that Chris Larsen has “authorized the creation of a foundation to distribute his donation of 7 billion XRP to the underbanked and financially underserved.” Ripple’s full response can be seen here. Over the past few days, there have been a number of questions, pleas and comments […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 14-05-2014

Banks that fight cryptocurrencies could face ‘extinction’

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Robert Reyes, founder and CEO of NoFiatCoin, a math-based currency (XNF) that can be redeemed for gold or silver. It is no secret that most banking institutions do not want to collaborate with digital currencies. This is not the case with all though, we see how Fidor […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 11-05-2014

Ripple and Fidor just changed cryptocurrency forever

When I saw the headline on Coindesk claiming that a German Internet bank implemented ripple, I thought the following in this order: 1) It’s a joke. 2) Ripple really will change the world of finance. Of course, I’ve always believed No. 2, but there’s a deep cavern between concept and hard-knock life. With Fidor’s adoption […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 26-04-2014

A first impression of ripple

This is a guest post by Bjorn43 originally posted on Crypto LA. Ripple. What a name. It makes you think about throwing a rock in the pond and watching the little circles of waves rushing to shore and returning to the middle. If there was no shore, the ripples would continue around the world just […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 26-04-2014

Can I establish a bank and issue a new Ripple coin myself?

This is a guest post by Stefanlau originally posted on Crypto LA. As we all know, it’s easy for us to launch a new coin, and the cost is not very high. As demonstrated by Ripple coins like IOU, FLC and JED, we can all launch a new coin by using our ripple wallet addresses […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 09-04-2014

Ripple vs. bitcoin: Federal Reserve picks ripple currency

The Federal Reserve gives ripple a thumbs up. In a video released by the St. Louis Fed, David Andolfatto dives into his beliefs about the future of bitcoin, ripple and other cryptocurrencies. The presentation gets interesting around 52 minutes when Andolfatto poses the following question: “Does anyone use ripple?” he asks. “Wow, I think you […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 07-04-2014

Ripple is ‘Bitcoin without the libertarian agenda’

Recently, I had the good fortune of doing an interview with 30-year-old coder Luke Cyca, the founder of Ripli.ca. The interview’s stuck with me for a few reasons. First, he used the phrase ‘bitcoin libertarians,’ which just stuck like glue in my mind. Second, it’s a good reminder that the folks doing innovative things in […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 02-04-2014

EXCLUSIVE: NoFiatCoin (XNF) expands ripple universe with launch of its own gateway

In January, I wrote about the release of NoFiatCoin (XNF), a new ripple currency that can be exchanged for gold and silver bullion. When the coin launched three months ago, it was only available on the Ripple network, which meant you needed to already have own some ripples (XRP) to purchase it. Now, Reyes’s team […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 02-04-2014

‘In 5–10 years, a ripple address will be as normal as email’

In a recent interview with Ripple Singapore co-founder James Cox, I asked him where he thinks ripple will be in one, five and/or 10 years. “I think in 5–10 years time, having a ripple address will be as normal as an email address,” he said. “This will include many of the 2 billion people currently […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 01-04-2014

EXCLUSIVE: Ripple Singapore co-founder on the ‘Value Revolution,’ gold bullion and future of commerce

Ripple Singapore is one of the purest and most interesting uses of the ripple protocol to date. The service acts as a gateway for gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. That gives users the ability to transmit gold and silver ounces online. Thanks to Ripple Singapore’s gateway, users can now buy and sell the following on ripple: […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 28-03-2014

Ripple aims to destroy the ACH and SEPA systems

One of the primary advantages to Ripple and Bitcoin are speed. Where it takes up to five days for me to move U.S. dollars into my Scottrade account via ACH, I can move bitcoin into my Cryptsy account and start trading currencies in 45 minutes. Why? Because the ACH system is centralized and hog-tied by […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 17-03-2014

Top 10 most interesting Ripple (XRP/RTXP) protocol services

Ripple Labs unveiled its developer portal (see No. 5 below) earlier this month. I believe it’s the start of great things to come. Here’s a list of the Top 10 most interesting Ripple merchants, products or services that I’ve found on the web to date. 1) The Ripple Client App for iOS. Quickly and easily […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 20-02-2014

Top 5 biggest threats to Ripple

Ripple’s well-funded, progressive and growing, but it’s going to have to grow even more aggressively if it hopes to outdistance itself from competing bitcoin protocols. At the time of this writing, there are just over 65,000 ripple wallets in existence vs. 1.2 million+ bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency, so it stands to reason […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 19-02-2014

Would Malcolm Gladwell invest in ripple?

Robert Harpool’s recent post on XRPTalk got me wondering: would Malcolm Gladwell invest in ripple? Here’s Robert’s post (reprinted with permission): In 2000, Malcolm Gladwell catapulted into public consciousness with the release of his bestselling book The Tipping Point. It was a pioneering analysis of how new phenomenons are sparked, take hold and eventually become […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 17-02-2014

Ripple (XRP) is in an entirely different category than bitcoin

While doing some research on Max Keiser, I stumbled across an interesting comment on ripple by William Mook: Bitcoin was created in 2008. Litecoin was created in 2011. Peercoin was created in 2012. Bitcoin is 89% of the market, Litecoin is 5% of the market. Peercoin is 1% of the market. Everyone else is the […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 02-02-2014

Fugger & Jed-i: The secret origins of Ripple (XRP)

There is a mythology that surrounds the origins of bitcoin. An inventor named Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly toiled away in solitude and anger in the wake of the financial collapse in 2008 and created a workable decentralized currency that’s shaken the global financial system and governments around the world. Bitcoin believers have latched onto that mythology, […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 02-02-2014

Best Jed McCaleb quotes of all time

Jed McCaleb is a 32-year-old surfer / college dropout who has one of the most impressive resumes in the tech world. In 2000, he created the terribly-named peer-to-peer filesharing network eDonkey, which nonetheless replaced Napster as the world’s most popular file-sharing network. In 2010, he founded the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox. A year […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 31-01-2014

Top 20 quotes from the co-founder of Ripple Labs, Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is co-founder and CEO of Ripple Labs (formerly OpenCoin). Previously he was co-founder and CEO of E-Loan, a publicly-traded online lender, and Prosper, a p2p lending marketplace. Here are my top 20 favorite quotes from him. “The beauty of the Ripple system is that it lives inside the internet. To shut it down […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 31-01-2014

‘Eventually mining is going to be dead’ and Ripple will rule says NoFiatCoin (XNF) founder

Over the weekend, I caught up with NoFiatCoin (XNF) founder and CEO, Robert Reyes (check out the interview here). The 33 year old speaks passionately about the future of not only his own gold-backed currency, but that of the ripple protocol as well. “Most people that hold bitcoins hate ripple,” he says. “They don’t give […]

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XRP Casino and the best Ripple casinos 22-01-2014

Why Ripple Isn’t a Scam: Debunking RippleScam.org

In many ways, the bitcoin community is one of the most forward-looking communities in the world. But when it comes to ripple (XRP), bitcoiners hastily jump to conclusions and gloss over facts. In some ways, that’s fine, as I’ll continue to build up a position in XRP. But I also want to make sure I’m […]

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